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    Here is the playlist that belongs to my first complete project within Cinema 4D. This is a set of videos that show a time-lapse of the whole process, and is not intended to teach. I do have all the original real time video footage, so if I had enough request it can be made into a Tutorial.
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    Hey Kalugin -- you made this 'select similar geometry' script that had 'replace with render instance' as an option, first off -- I love it, and thank you SO much for creating this! It is really great for consolidating & simplifying scenes converted from other 3D engines, and stock models of rooms and architectural environments. (hundred of identical chairs, tables, lamps etc all scattered across a space) The 'replace with instance' feature seems to no longer work with R20, would you be willing to update it for R20?
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    fascinating projects keep up the good work
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    A Cloud of Hair Been helping another member with cloud like hair, and recommended a method I had come across a few months ago. In short the method is to use the sketch spine tool to produce a cloud like wave in which gets cloned. This clone is then converted to hair, then styled. The results are quite nice, even in a short amount of time creating a very basic mock up. It sounds easier than it is, one of the things that I found limiting a few months ago was having to use the spine to be the guide tag, this meant there is no hair guides as such, so no styling was possible with the grooming tools. After converting spines to guides I found that if I tried to root guides to an object the guides would move away from the object as soon as I apply a polygon selection tag. This is dealt with by storing its position in the hair object then restoring its position afterwards. The guides would still move, but as soon as I moved the geometry the guides pop back into place and remain there. In either case there was a workflow that dealt with all limitations, and from this workflow I will make a short tutorial on in the week. Dan
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