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    This package consists of a single high-res (2048 x 2048px) Displacement bitmap, a greyscale and perfectly seamless PNG file, whose purpose is to simulate the look of swirled buttercream frosting as seen on a cake, cupcake or pastry, or as the characteristic undulations seen on a chocolate-robed candy bar. No Noise algorithm or Procedural shader was giving me the effect I wanted, so I made this one. Simply load it into your texture's Displacement channel--- with the Diffuse and Reflection colors of your choice, suggesting a "flavor"--- and you will get the effect of a pastry frosting applied with a swirling motion. It is recommended to switch Subpolygon Displacement active: the thumbnail sample here uses a setting of 4. Adjust your UV settings to make the swirls broad or fine; adjust the Displacement settings to get a subtle or highly-raised effect. As it is greyscale, this bitmap could also conceivably be used as a mask, say, in your Reflection channel, or even used as an AO map.



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