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    So far, someone from MAXON will gladly chime in to explain some aspect of the subscription plan. They will also chime in to defend the position that Prime MSA holders can get a Studio R21 license via their last MSA purchase for about 1/3 of what Studio users have to pay ($250 vs. $720). Their defense though again gravitates towards subscriptions: "that is why Studio users can get two years of subscriptions for a 20% discount". But what took literally a ton of emails to sort out was that if you should ever take that offer in the future, they will deactivate your perpetual licenses - in essence locking you into subscriptions. They were very shady in divulging that information and it took some robust dialogue and painfully direct questions to get them to finally answer it. Now, where MAXON is COMPLETELY silent is defending why we should accept a 50% increase in renewing their annual perpetual license over what they paid for via the MSA program. Not one word of explanation or spin as to how this is in our best interests. Maybe they can say "well we canceled the MSA program" and that is the price of an upgrade without the MSA program. So we really didn't raise prices, we just cancelled a program. But then defend this: WHY DID YOU CANCEL THE MSA PROGRAM? Well, there is no defense. The MSA program was cancelled because they want people dependent on paying annual subscriptions for the simple reason that a companies "appearance" of value increases with a re-occurring revenue stream. It is a great selling point during quarterly earnings reports to say that subscription revenue growth is increasing and makes up a large portion of their total revenue. So in Nemetsheck's and MAXON's eyes, their thinking is "hey, we will make the annual cost of a subscription the same as the old MSA price so users will eagerly switch over of a subscription model. While it won't increase revenue (this year), changing the source of that revenue to re-occurring revenue is a great message to our shareholders." So again, the benefit is all MAXON and there is no way anyone from MAXON can defend this position on a community forum in any way that users will accept. Shareholders love it, but we don't because it provides us no value -- so why defend it. They tried to put lipstick on this pig by selling it as "3D for the whole world". No. It is "higher stock price for Nemetschek" and don't ever forget that. Again, the only thing they will listen to is a drop in revenue beyond what they forecasted. Right now, we are all exercising our last MSA purchases. The true test will come with what we do with R22. Do we convert to subscription? Do we pay the higher perpetual costs? Do we go somewhere else? That is why R22 will be a critical for both MAXON and for us as well. And don't think for a second that subscription prices will remain the same over time. Trust me, once they have coerced a large portion of their user base to subscriptions, those prices will rise. Maybe not in huge jumps, but they will steadily go up. And now you are really stuck. There are no alternatives but to pay at that point. While I love the fact that we have this great participation from Mr. McGarvan in this discussion, our complaints will make no difference and will generate no discussion from MAXON. Sitting on our wallets is the only voice we have. Dave
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    This is really fun. And shows that the dynamics in C4D is precise and accurate. Here is the video on YouTube that inspired me to test it in C4D: My project is attached. Have fun! -Ingvar The Dzhanibekov Effect.c4d
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    The first part goes well beyond expressions, but is certainly interesting. The second part is an own topic but something i personally would like to see, just like an at least basic compositing node system. Both not really Xpresso features though.
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    If you wish the apply the SDS tag permanently you just set the SDS tag Subdivision Render level to what you want then hit the C key or the Top left button (Make editable). Its always a good job to keep a copy of the low sub d version. There is also a Subdivide tool in the Mesh/Commands menu with a smooth setting. PS: If you export as a FBX then it makes the SDS Tag for you and makes your object a child of it. Dan
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    OK scene rendered Tutorial coming soon
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    Yes and no. The following tips below will all help, but at the end of the day there are not many serious modelling projects where you don't spend the majority of your time vertex tweaking ! So the ultimate solution is to grow to love doing that But that is not to say it can't be minimized... 1. Always use Isoline editing, so you are looking at the useful base mesh rather than all the thousands of polys generated by SDS. Same applies when uploading images, so we too have an easier time seeing the edge flow. 2. Create each new part you can by splitting away sections of the existing mesh, which will of course already match its curvature. Split and occasionally Disconnect are the tools you need for that. 3. HB Modelling bundle (which you should have if you are serious about modelling) contains an awesome retopo setup that can be pressed into a secondary service and used to build new part topology directly on the surface of existing objects where you have the massive advantage of being able to re-project / align it to the surface of the source mesh at any time with a single click. 4. Simple snapping modes like Poly snap can help polys stick to the surface of others as you model. 5. Avoid Soft Selection, on the whole, which is very difficult to precisely setup so that it affects the areas you need without also breaking areas you don't want to alter. 6. Instead of Magnet Tool use the Sculpt Grab brush, but with 25-50% smoothing added in via the FX modifier button in the tool. That way your polys will 'auto-regularise' as you tweak them, which tends to lead to clean, even, non intersecting geo more than when not doing so... 7. If there are hundreds of base mesh vertices to move / align, consider doing it with an FFD instead, so you have to wrangle many less points. 8. If using poly pen for vertex tweaking, turn off auto-weld, which will stop it doing that annoying thing where it welds points unintentionally. Additionally, always work with a new mesh object, so the new part you are adding cannot be accidentally welded to the underlying mesh. 9. If you have the base mesh for an existing new part, you can project it to the surface of the underlying model using the oft-overlooked Project mesh Command. This ONLY works if the object you have doesn't have vertical depth, so is best used when you have the 'flat version' before any thickness is added. 10. The Surface Deformer has UV modes which can be useful in repositioning elements while they continue to match underlying curvature. Think that's the main ones, but doubtless there are many more that will come back to me over time Hope that's enough to be getting on with... CBR
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    There's got to be a big release coming at some point. We know they are redoing the UV tools and I don't think we've yet seen all of the new core since the UV tools / Bodypaint are built into the core. So I'm predicting R22 is the big one with new UV tool set, faster object handling, multi-threaded Xpresso, updated Xpresso with more nodes. Has to be otherwise I think there will be a mass exodus to XYZ 3D application.
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    Hi everyone, I am working on a fluid simulation system called Jet Fluids. It is based on the open source Jet Framework by Doyub Kim. This is a very early Alpha plugin and I work on it every now and then to add new features and workflows. But it will keep changing and being updated. It is available for R20 and R21 for both OSX and Windows only for Patreon Alpha Tier subscribers: https://www.patreon.com/plugins4d This was free for about a year but I just recently moved it to the Patreon to track who really uses it and who is interested in funding it. If you use it and create anything cool, or find any bugs then just post it up here and let me know. You can also visit: https://www.plugins4d.com/jet-fluids for more information as well.
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    Here's Part 2, in which we make the base using a nice easy lathe... If this post gets more than 5 likes I will make Part 3 - the difficult scroll top ! ;) CBR
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    Hi, wow thank you. That is pretty much exactly what I need... missing some important options, like flipping z-axis and exporting single MTL file... but they get the job done. Edit: Updated my profile to reflect R20 Thanks again, Davide
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    You can find the object visibility under the basic tab of every object. see the file best regards Jops visibility bool.c4d
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    1, if disabled option "UV Component Highlighting" (UV-Edit layout/Texture view /View/UV Component Highlighting) and in UV polygon mode activate new UV Transform Tool, C4D crash immediatelly. In UV point mode works fine 2, if used quick selections with 0,8,9 on numeric keyboard when activated UV Transform Tool, any FIRST action with UI transform tool is not related to selection. Only second click/action revive normal behaviour of UV Transform Tool. 3, UV Transform Tool don´t support deformed editing (temporarilly turn off deformed editing option) 4, if applied some deformer on polygonal object and option deformed editing is on, UV selections points/polygons remain visible (are overlapped) in perspective view (UV Edit layout). At the same time are visible UV points and polygons... If disabled applied deformer or disabled deformed editing option, selections are as expected (in UV point mode visible just point selection and in UV polygon mode is visible only UV polygon selection) 5, selecting few UV polygons in texture/UV view and applying MaxUV option makes texture/UV view unreadable. This happend because vith every overlapped UV polygon is added highlighting when is mouse pointer over polygon area. with every other polygon is highlighting multiplied and around 5-6 overlapped polygons user not able to make any selection because of pure white color over UV space when mouse moved over UV space area
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    Being that Backface Culling checks the direction of each normal facing away from the camera I would ask if this only applies to actual polygons in the viewport rather than those generated by a SDS such as the Sud D levels for sculpting. Maybe try applying a high sub d level to a cube to the same as whats applied for sculpting and enable Backface culling and see if sculpting on the non SDS cube is faster than the sculpting SDS object. Dan
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    Oh I see what you're aiming for ! Well, the sharpness of that logo is defined by 2 factors - the amount of subdivisions in the object (or its parent generator) before you take a copy for sculpting, and the resolution of that logo file. I did notice the latter of those was a bit low-fi, but if you were happy with it in your original, presumably the problem must be the former ! In that original file you had 4 levels of Subdivision in the SPD of the displacement channel added to the 3 in the SDS object, giving 7 total, so make sure the render value in your SDS is also 7 if you want to match that, which you could to do either with 2 SDS objects, as the maximum level in each is 6 I think, or you could smooth subdivide the base geo 1 time, then just use a single SDS. I would have to say that (like horcruxes!) 7 is a hell of a lot so if you can do it with less I would. It's displacing less distance than your original because I had to change the displacement mode to inner / outer to avoid some render artefacts, so you can compensate by doubling the displacer depth to 10. As for how you get the flat bit I think I would try adding that to the logo psd by making a new layer behind it filled with a square of blurry 30% grey, and then using folders back in Cinema to make a compound mask. CBR
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    Hi, If you need to move the spheres and the spline as a one solid object just select the objects and parent them to a null (Group objects) . If you need the spline to flex and move dynamically with the spheres then you need to add the spline under a sweep with circle, make it Editadle , Line the joints to the spline using Ik-spline tag. bind it to a dynamic joints chine, and parent the spheres to the corresponding joints.
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    Oops faceplam, thank you! Works perfect now, super happy
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    Here's one of hopefully many. Thanks to @ABMotion who suggested this sort of thing might be worth doing... well now we're doing it :) This time we're looking at the oft-overlooked Spin Edge. Redirect your polyflow at will ! CBR
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    Hey Dan, Thanks for your instructions! it worked perfectly!
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    I thought all MSA's ended on September 1st OR with R21. That is, if your MSA expires after September 1st you will only get R21 and that is it. I never heard that in any situation your MSA would allow you to get R22. But what you are saying is that people with an existing MSA which expired after September 1st will get R21 under that old MSA and by renewing their MSA one last time will get R22 at the $720 price. Wow....if that is true, then for those whose MSA expired before September 1st have just one more reason to feel mistreated by MAXON as they only get MSA pricing for R21 while everyone else gets it for R21 and R22. That just can't be true, but then again nothing surprises me anymore about the new MAXON. EDIT: I just read the well-written and very clear explanation from Cairyn and now understand that there are circumstances for some on the auto-renew plan who have an MSA expiring after 9/1/2019 to renew and get R22. So as I understand it, for mostly everyone (especially those in the US who do not have the auto-renew plan), that ANY MSA expiring after 9/1/2019 would NOT be able to be renewed. But for those on automatic renewal, the contract stipulates that cancellation must occur 3 months before the renewal date. Now this creates a window of opportunity because MAXON would have had to inform auto-renewal MSA participants in June that their auto-renewal is canceled if they wanted to follow the same rules for everyone else with MSA's ending on 9/1/2019. This would have raised questions prior to the roll-out of the subscription policy on R21 which MAXON may have wanted to avoid. So they kept quiet and accepted the fact that people with auto-renewal date BEFORE (9/1/2019 plus 3 months) December 1st would be able to get both R21 and R22 at MSA pricing. I am pretty sure that for everyone else with auto-renewal dates after 12/1/2019 got their cancellation notices on 9/1/2019. Okay...so is there anything that MAXON is doing that makes ALL customers feel like they are being treated fairly? This whole transition is complex, confusing, legally entangled, and therefore poorly communicated because the implications of the transition are not well understood by anyone. However you want to coach it, it still feels the same: It does not put the customer first. Dave
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    Thanks for the response, I'm really arguing here in the name of MAXON. I find it problematic that a university that wants to try out whether a cinema 4d course makes sense for it has to pay. That's a scare off. I think it would be important for all commercial 3D software producers to reach people before they get used to blender. But since they're working on it anyway, we'll see
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    I'd say it probably doesn't support Thin Film. Prorender does not support a lot of things even in R21. Even if it did support everything it will still be 18x slower than Cycles without the so to come out 2x RTX speedup. To fake it make it transparent with some different colors in the reflection. Might have to play around with the settings to make it look good.
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    Straight away. Houdini has a much steeper learning curve, but that doesn't mean wait longer to do it, it means get started now and give yourself the maximum time with it ! CBR
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    Yes !!! Found a way to clone onto each original leaf ! The key there is to add 7 nulls into the cloner to make it only do a leaf clone every 8 polys - that way, cloning onto polygon centres we get 1 clone per 8 poly leaf. Update: And now with restored bend modifiers, axes placements and whatnot. This is pretty close... alpha_working.c4d CBR
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    You don't have a UVW tag assigned to the object, and your leaves are projected as flat. If you set the length to 0.01 on the U and V you'll start to see the issue. he model is really really small too.
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    rebus is one of the most expensive render farms out there. there's others that support redshift as well (pixelplow for instance), only costing you half the money (or even less) if you bring a little bit of time. pixelplow for instance has a priority slider, so if you don't need your files within an hour or so and you can wait a couple of hours for your files the price gets cheaper, because the farm then queues your jobs after jobs from others with higher priority....
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    I can confirm this idea has been submitted a number of times already, and by me again today. CBR
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    That's a blast from the past - I remember buying and using a few Espona models myself a long time ago. At the time the aircraft models were some of the best you could buy. I'd have to disagree with Hrvoje on this - just because a company closes does not mean it's assets become public domain. It's more than likely those models (company assets) would have been sold before Espona ceased trading - so they are very likely still under copyright, just with a new owner. ZChristian's suggestion of Digimation looks likely - I think I can see an ex Espona model in that video review that I once used! It may still be in my model collection somewhere!
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    Humble Bundle has a Painter bundle that includes Corel Painter 2019 a $430 program with a lot of brushes worth $160 and some other cool programs all for $25. PhotoMirage looks interesting with the way it's able to give movement to photos. I've been using Krita because it's free, but Painter has some really cool brushes that Krita does not have. Thick paint in Corel looks almost like real thick paint in real life. It can be blended between different colors, spread, and piled on in a 2.5D manner.
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    Thanks so much Dan! I've been watching your you tube video and it's really helpful. Although I'm not new to 3D, I'm reasonably new to c4d, and I appreciate the way your video goes over some foundation stuff stuff too. Subscribed to your YT channel, many thanks for your contributions to the community This forum has got to be one of the most helpful and friendly software forums I've come across, it really is appreciated.
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    I was defending the people that dislike r21. Saying they do think about the positive and weigh them against the negatives. I said nothing about you. I don't know what department you work for at MAXON. I didn't even say anything bad about anyone that works at MAXON except maybe whoever it is that made the specific bad decisions I mentioned in my previous comment. I also don't track you down every time you say something positive. I'm informed of new posts here because I posted answering the original question.
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    It is moved to the Rigging/Animation Section. Along with the PSR tags.
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    Here is promised simple example... https://www.dropbox.com/s/cpr8ap4z7dt5gei/wifi_logo.c4d?dl=0 (vibrate tag is cherry on a cake only )
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    Here's how I'd do it.... Pose Morph and Morph Deformer with linear falloff. Let me know if you need any more detail on that... CBR
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    You can't. You need a different setup altogether Something like this... If we look at what needs to change in order to do what you want, it is the following (presuming you are using 2 bend deformers per arc like I am). Capsule object properties (not transforms) - height Bend bounding box and position on either side Capsule Height segmentation value (if you want them even) But I'm still unclear on exactly how you want them animating, so whilst the proportions may now be correct, this still may not be the ideal setup for your plan ! CBR
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    Maybe try cloner in blend mode, use 2 arcs, one small-first second large-last set clones to 3. Put everything under Connect and use it as path for sweep...
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    Thank you, you are right.
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    Cerbera, Thank you for the advice. and oh I love HB Modelling bundle, It helps in so many ways. I want to start playing with Project mesh command, and see if I can apply it to selected points Also, I think I need to practice point no. 2 , I usually start a new polygon from scratch for each element. I edited the post. uploaded the same model without SDS. Thanks again, have a nice weekend.
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    Or maybe formula deformer ? Should be easy enough to get that texture with a bump channel (low delta)... CBR
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    So how come Adobe bills me every month for the CC suite? Is it just a problem of book keeping?
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    ..I will upload videos to Dropbox later
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    That is at least how it feels at the moment (which makes me sad). Although the upgrade prices to R22 are not known yet, the majority of users is assuming that it will be similar to previous non-MSA upgrades, which would (if you financially take the now-missing Cineversity into account) mean a doubling of the 2017 prices (2018 already saw a price hike, and now this...). The best way for MAXON to say "We are still committed to Perpetuals" would be to announce that the upgrading of a Perpetual will be equal to the cost of the corresponding timeframe's subscription. As easy as that. It would certainly not solve the issues of oldtime Prime/Visualize/Broadcast users, and it would still phone home, and it is still more expensive than last year's MSA, but it would feel a lot more fair than the current pricing expectations. Yes, fairness is the word here. Perpetual users are already saddled with an upfront cost (which they have paid already and cannot fully retrieve), and they suffer from getting updates later than subscribers. There is no reason to punish them with much higher yearly cost on top of that - except to intentionally make that choice unattractive. Since the "R22" would be virtually identical with what subscribers receive at the same time, there would be no "separate version issue" either*. If a customer feels treated unfairly, there will be resentment. Resentment leads to angry threads (lots of them, not just on this forum but on those of other software too), and to customers leaving the fold. That cannot be part of the strategy, no?** * Only exception to that would be if MAXON wants to release a pure bugfix version for Perpetual users, which necessitates keeping the bugfix branch separate from the feature branches. But as we don't have seen any new inbetween versions yet, this might very well be the 21.1 anyway. Plus, retaining customers may be worth the additional cost. ** "The only bad publicity is no publicity"?
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    Thank you for your feedback. I have been on here and other forums reading all the responses. I am someone who loves talking to customers. I will be at IBC and very happy to chat to anyone who comes by. I will also be at many of the European stops on our roadshow. I am not ever going to write long responses on forums, never seems to go well. I am here, I am reading and the team is as focused on working with our customers as ever. Hope we get to meet in person. Cheers Dave
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    me too. I made my decision, I did not renew MSA and won't pay subscription so I am out. edit: an ignominious ending or beginning to a once leading 3D software.
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    Hello, you all! ... Noises are not easy to understand at first sight. Al least, no for me. I needed to train that. I've done hundreds of exercices and now I think I can speak maybe a little of this noisy language, voices of an infinite world. After some work, nothing was the same, again. Noises are 3D artists best friends for modeling, for texture, for animating, for every level, even for pleasure - I can watch them for hours. I've learned for free and for hours, for years, in this chair. Watching videos in youtube, in cineversity, in vimeo. Now I want to share my workbook with you all. More than 600 pages - I could not believe it!! - with CINEMA 4D renderings, about possibilities, about learning how to see, to understand all of them. ... Just follow this link that will redirect you to a simple site I've done in sites. The file is on Google Drive, no email required. ... Hope you like it! ... If so, please let me know. Thanks a lot. ... João Marco
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    Hey everyone. I made a py script that does this same thing but this is compatible with R20. Have fun! - Shawn Toggle Grid SA Studios.zip
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    Hello, I'm one of the Product Managers here at MAXON, and the one who managed the new deployment system's creation, so I felt I should reply. The whole Cinema4D experience is moving into the modern online world. Online connectivity is something people assume nowadays. Having the help online greatly increases our flexibility and speed of deployment, especially for the numerous languages we support. It’s the modern agile approach and we are embracing it. We’ve had a few isolated requests to have the Help made available in an offline form and we’ll investigate now the R21 is out. I'm sorry you feel this release is below par, that's certainly not how we view it, nor how I testers have felt. Kind Regards, Ralph

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