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    I'm loving the new theme @Igor! I haven't experienced a forum that allowed such control over the appearance before so this is really new to me. I've been sticking to night mode 99% of the time. The darker font is ok to view on a screen outdoors here because Ireland is cloudy most of the time The toolbar on the bottom of the screen is different. Is that something you think is customizable to choose have it on top or just one setting for that? Just sometimes when move cursor down (on Windows) it'll move down a bit too far and my taskbar will pop up. Not a complaint as it'll just mean adjusting to new experience. Just one thing I notice when click the Day Mode is some boxes stay in the default style. I'll post screenshot below of what I mean there Awesome changes though! Really looking forward to all the new features you and the cafe team are bringing
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    Or you could cut with knife with your puzzle spline directly into surface...
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    I'd have to agree. Although I have seen it mentioned on the cafe before (in another context) I wasn't sure it had been reported officially, so did so myself today. CBR

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