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    Nah it seems like you got it spot on, I will do that, thank you very much!
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    Well, V-Ray in C4D is kind of a half baked thing unfortunately, at least the ones that were not done by ChaosGroup. I don't know when those will be available or if they are already. What you can do is either look into the overall V-Ray documentation (because they are the same render engine just in a different host software) or just use the V-Ray4C4D documentation. Maybe such a list exists, but I don't know of any. Different render engine means learning stuff again, no render engine is the same and just because C4D has stuff doesn't mean that other renders have the same
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    In the Power Shader you will find all kinds of different options for shaders in a dropdown menu. The Power Shader is basically a single shader that contains a lot of different shaders. If you just want to load a texture use the "V-Ray AdvBitmap" at the very top. The Layer equivalent to the C4D Layer Shader is called V-Ray layered shader
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    When Cinema 4D recommends a new driver you should update. This only happens if a severe driver problem exists with older, installed, drivers. Game ready driver are not optimized for DCCs like Cinema 4D. If no other use takes precedence you should go for the Studio drivers.
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    We can't say until we know what is causing them, and we can't know that until you upload your scene file ! CBR
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    What is important to achieve this look is more the lighting than the materials, I think the main factor is having a very large point light that draws supersoft shadows and. The material of the walls seem to be quite simple, maybe the first and last use a bit of sheen - what render engine are you using?
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