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    Don’t we all love the guy who pops out of nowhere to ask a question and then doesn’t even take the time or courtesy to reply back after he’s received a thoughtful answer. I say some sort of acknowledgment or maybe even a ‘thank you’ is required operating procedure for anyone seeking help. People providing help are getting nothing out of it 98% of the time. At least honor a fellow human’s generosity for helping you. I think we sometimes are morally obliged to *not* help certain people. We owe it to ourselves to not be abused by the laziness, greed and opportunism of others.
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    Sorry for the late reply guys, just seen this and it appears you have sorted everything out :)
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    I get you I'm trying my luck a bit more with Bodypaint then, I think it's not too bad BFF, have you tried this? https://github.com/GeometryCollective/boundary-first-flattening
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    The C4D exporter to Unfold3D https://gumroad.com/discover?query=unfold3d
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    That's a great shame dude, but I totally understand, and thank you for all the effort you put into developing what you did... CBR
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    Thanks a lot for the kind words, Cerbera! And for buying the tutorial back then. :-) It's really nice to still get positive feedback for these videos after all these years... Thanks again!
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    It's so easy with the thumbs up. One click is all that is needed.
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    We should also mention posting in the right category. I have to move 98% of the threads from new users in the cafe every time they post ! CBR
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    This was one of the very first tutorials I ever bought, and it was a large part of what got me interested in Arch-viz modelling in the first place. Good to see it here - although some of our tools may have changed there's still a ton of useful techniques in there, and a level of precision in modelling that you don't often see... CBR
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