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    My agent asked me to make a simple, fun animation. 'Something with an astronaut' was the complete and very detailed briefing.. =D So I made him this: Agent very happy now! ^^
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    Thank you @Igor for contacting us - honestly, the sponsoring idea is really awesome and we are happy to join and be part of this community as well - much appreciated. I am going to introduce myself in the proper thread and I also will upload some of the renders our community and we did using Cinema4D, Octane and World Creator in combination. Since we are currently developing World Creator 3 and pushing things where we can, I hope it is also OK and welcome that we keep you up-to-date with the development progress. Also of interest might be our upcoming shortfilm (mid March 2020) that we rendered in C4D / Octance. Since we are addicted to terrains and landscapes you can expect a lot of content, like renders and animations from us Stefan Kraus - BiteTheBytes GmBH
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    Hi, everyone! This is Ru voice tutorial, but ENG and other captions included. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how: → to create Ornatrix Hair from a preset in Cinema 4D → to create realistic wool. → to enable the display of real-time wool with shadows and AO in Viewport using special material and the MeshFromStrands modifier. → to render the first WIP in Redshift IPR. Video Content: 0:00 - Greetings. The theme of the lesson. 0:27 - What is Ornatrix for Cinema4D? 1:07 - What to do while waiting for the next parts? What to watch? Recommendations. 1:49 - What is the difference between Ornatrix for Cinema 4D? 2:18 - About the new principle of Ornatrix tutorial series creation. 3:04 - First steps. How to create an Ornatrix object from a preset? 4:16 - Getting started to creating wool. Creating a basic mesh. 6:18 - How to enable a Real-time display of wool or hair in Viewport? 7:05 - Management of the number of hairs in HairFromGuides. 7:52 - How to remove incomprehensible bugs in the normals of the Ornatrix object. 8:04 - Creating a light source for viewport lighting. 8:44 - If you have a weak video card. What to do? 8:56 - How to remove visible spaces in some parts of the wool using Barycentric Interpolation - Manual Interpolation? 9:45 - Using Surface Comb modifier. Add Sink Tool. Editing Slope Ramp. How to make a sharper transition between points? 11:46 - Edit Sinks button. 12:49 - Strand Detail modifier. 13:00 - Curl modifier. 13:36 - Clump and Sub-Clump. Add Clump Index Channel. Region Channel. Clump Count and Clump Creation method. 15:56 - Length modifier. 16:08 - Frizz Modifier. Preserve Strand Length. Length Dependent. Outliner Fraction and Amount. Group Channel or how to apply this modifier to a specific Clump group? 18:47 - Redshift Light. 19:21 - Redshift Hair Material 19:50 - Test render in Redshift IPR. 20:19 - What will the next lessons be about? 20:29 - Forrender Renderfarm 20:36 - The promotional code for using the 15% lifetime discount on our render farm. 20:40 - Info partners 20:42 - The ending and previews of other lessons. Enjoy watching! Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.
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    Hopefully everyone will appreciate what amazing news this is for cafe peoples ! Massive thanks to Igor for sorting it out ! World Creator is properly amazing btw - can't recommend enough. CBR
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    Your profile says you're a generalist, but all I see on the portfolio is hair! Anyways, welcome!
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    Righty - it was about time I did another one of these, so this time, let's make ourselves a 4-Way Gothic Fan Vault in just 30-odd easy steps ! Of all the various vault types this is perhaps the most challenging to model so hopefully I can help to show how best to get started with your under-structures... You can use these techniques as the basis for this sort of thing... This is all-quads but no SDS, and medium poly density so stands up to some fairly close camera-work and with a few small modifications is suitable for turning into a MoGraph maze of them if needed... anyway - enjoy. Ref Image Here. If you'd like Part 2 where, where we could make some fan struts, and a plinth centrepiece and sort out the UVs, let me know below ! CBR
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    Great idea! Congrats to the winners and thumbs up to the sponsors!
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    02.26.SEARCHING FOR FATHER. The machine didn't give us answers, it just connected points in space to make the picture clearer. Where are you? _________________ I've been chipping away at this one for a few weeks in my spare time - time to move on. Based on architecture by Buro511. Modeled in Vectorworks and rendered with Corona for Cinema 4d.
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    Excellent idea @Igor Well done to the recipients and we'll deserved for sure. I must actually post some WIP
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    I think this is a great idea and congrats to the first beneficiaries!
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    Hi, everyone! This is RU voice + Eng and other captions tutorial. In this video we will talk: - about creating a rocky landscape in World Creator using different settings and filters, - about its texturing using procedural textures, - About exporting color and displacement map, - About importing this landscape into Cinema4D and rendering into Arnold Render 6 GPU. I also: - will teach you to imitate a light haze or fog, - will show how to do easy post-processing in Photoshop to get a more voluminous and atmospheric image. Video content: 0:00 - Greetings. The theme of the lesson. 0:32 - Creating a basic landscape in World Creator 2. 1:31 - Using filters to create rocky terrain. Rocky Plateaus. Angled Erosion. Talus Simulation. Rugged. Sediment complex. 5:31 - Procedural landscape texturing in World Creator 2. 12:57 - Export the desired texture in Cinema4D 14:22 - Basic Arnold Render 6 GPU Settings 16:11 - Creating Plane and setting up Arnold Sky 16:41 - Arnold Parameters Tag 17:19 - Adding a Displacement Map to Arnold Standard Surface 18:40 - Creating a preview-mesh in order to see displacement in the viewport. 20:16 - Arnold Render Fog 22:02 - Procedural Fog with Cinema 4D Noise. 24:22 - Changing the FOG color and setting the Bounds Padding parameter. 26:18 - Post-processing in Photoshop. Checking the composition using a Threshold. 29:04 - Forrender Renderfarm 29:12 - The promotional code for using the 15% lifetime discount on our render farm. 29:15 - Info partners 29:18 - The ending and previews of other lessons. Enjoy watching! Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.
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    I wasn't aware of that. As someone who has worked in design / advertising for nigh on 22 years, I recall the switch from Silicon Graphics to Macs, and the horror at these little toy machines being introduced to take the industry forward in place of the revered SGI's. So here we are 20 years later waiting for Apple to show us what's next... I only ever see custom PC's in niche areas of design, such as events where the 3d operative is making an exhibition stand visual in Max, but the interior visuals, and experiential items are done in Cinema. I have a couple of friends work at MPC and the Mill, and they've not seen a Mac for years, and use Maya / Houdini / Modo and Nuke and tailored pipelines. Generalising sure, but you get the idea. I guess the real impactful features from the last few versions – Volumes / Fields / and er, can't think of another – focus on super creative motion graphics and speed of iteration, and there's outstanding tutorials all over the internet showing how these can be utilised to create awesome work. But the real fundamentals of modelling, texturing, uv'ing for example, there's a conspicuous absence compared to similar for Blender. It seems Blender is almost at a feature set comparable to Cinema, all this for free, so there is a genuine appeal to Blender should MAXON continue to be expensive and quite niche, and especially if yet again they completely overlook the modelling and UV tools in future. For what it's worth, I have tried twice now to switch fully to Blender but I hate the UI and the approach to a lot of the modelling procedures – that management stack on the right is light years behind Cinema's arrangement, and things like the material manager is hideous compared to Cinema. I can use Cinema on autopilot for the most part.
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    Hi all! My name is Andrew Krivulya and I'm 3D Generalist I'm 29 years old. My working XP - 9 years (6 years outsourcing). In my spare time - I create 3d tutorials for my Youtube Channel -> https://www.youtube.com/AndrewKrivulya and started to create C4D tutorials recently. You can check my portfolio here -> https://www.artstation.com/artofcharly Here are some articles with me: - Interview for ChaosGroup blog(2019) - https://goo.gl/SNtN21 - 3D Total interview(2019) - https://bit.ly/2L8fvDD - 80lv interview (2019) - https://goo.gl/DqqW9t - Interview for Corona Renderer blog - http://bit.ly/2oKiB6v - 80lv interview (2017) - http://bit.ly/2H7kvor - 80lv guide - https://goo.gl/Npec4o - CGTrader Interview: Charly And His Freelance Road To Success - http://bit.ly/2FwjXv4 - Render.ru interview - https://bit.ly/2GJQivR - Wacom Ukraine coupons 2018 - http://bit.ly/2FxgKLY - 3D Artist Magazine. Issue 96 - 3D Artist Magazine. Issue 114 - Render.ru magazine. February Issue 2018 - Render.ru magazine. September Issue 2018. - Render.ru magazine. December Issue 2018 - Render.ru magazine. March 2019 - Render.ru magazine. August 2019 Thank you. Best regards, Andrew.
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    First of all, you don't have C4D 16 studio There are technical limitations on why you can't "just" make them editable, and the most important one, is that the objects are being generated while the animation is playing. You can't do that with plain objects. An object can't just be generated while the scene is evaluating. With the cloner, you're not generating any objects, as the object count in your Object Manager is not changing. Let me take a look at the GSG video, and I'll see if there's an alternative...
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    Thanks. Fyi i had 600k polys so, yea. The very moment i added the tag it only worked as intended! Have a good night
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    sorry for not providing pricing information I'll let you know asap here
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    thank you for your thoughts we are working on both operating systems, and hope first release will be for mac and windows in the same day
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    I'm looking forward to R22, when the main feature will be that you can subscript to the plugins of Red Giant also (for about 49 bucks). Sigh.
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    My question was generated from his website where wasn´t any screenshot from win version (or other "win" similar comment)
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    Just figured it out. For reference, if anyone is interested (which I doubt), XParticles is necessary. Using the xpDataImporter field mapping tab, set the values for positions X,Y and Z using the CSV file. Then field map the particle radius to the CSV column which has the scaling values ("accuracy" in my case). Finally, the crucial step is to adjust the xpGenerator under Object >> Scale, Rotation and Offset and set "Scale Using" to "Particle Radius"; this enables the generated object to scale.
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    I meant to post this link in my reply, but this is one way of making it work...but starting on the reduction at this point is almost like starting over from scratch considering the huge number of objects. https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/rendertime-object-swap-and-the-variation-map-in-r17/
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    Like all art, it's open to interpretation.
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    If you want roughness variation (which is what the roughness map is for) you need to use it as roughness texture, not as a mask. Otherwise all you're doing is masking the roughness which is a constant value. Also, don't use the Color Channel when working with PBR. Basecolor Textures go into the Layer Color in the reflectance channel. This is how it should look like: Or at least that's how I always do it and the result seems to be correct.
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    You seem to be after the sort of functionality that is normally only found inside game engines. R19 or 20 introduced the Level of Detail object which does allow you to specify what is shown into the viewport based on how far away from camera it is, but even that isn't a render thing - it is only designed to speed up your work in the viewport in massive scenes like this. Difficult to know what to suggest here, so I will watch with interest to see what anyone else says... CBR
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    Hi everyone, I'm a french fine art student and I'm currently learning 3D modeling. I've previously used sketchup and used it mainly for 3D mechanical models but now as I work on a project involving some details and anatomic human organs, I need to go further; I decided to use C4D, advised by a friend of mine, but the logics and workflows are really different from my previous experiences. As I try to learn by myself and to get the informations through the existing forums, I regularly found this forum and got useful informations. But, now it is time to enter in the arena because I'm too much struggling with my models. Here is a short description of my current state. I'm looking to mastering more this software and being able to be skilled enough to finalize my own designs. Have a great day!
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    Worked flawlessly! Thank you so very much! Sometimes...when you're up to your butt in deadlines, you forget how the simpler stuff works! You're appreciated!
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    Inside info? Hmmm...I think that is hoping for too much. Glad to see Paul Babb getting the bump up to Global Head of Community and Customer Service (or he was there already....not sure as the last I recall he was President of MAXON American). I met him at the Adobe/MAXON Power Integration tour through Boston many years ago. Very humble and unassuming individual who simple introduced himself with a handshake and a simple "Hi. I'm Paul". I had no idea who he was but he certainly knew his stuff. From what I hear, those who report to him also hold him in high regard. So (IMHO) he is a great fit for a role that involves the community and customer service. Just my 2 cents. Dave
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    Early development work for BLISS, a new musical at the 5th Ave. Theater in Seattle. Just massing studies to see about lighting the set as a paper model. Modeled in Vectorworks and rendered with Corona for Cinema.
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    Oh good - the first one of these has arrived. Things may have gone a bit plot-mental, but the force remained strong with the VFX department My favourite bit was when they said... CBR
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    Here's one of hopefully many. Thanks to @ABMotion who suggested this sort of thing might be worth doing... well now we're doing it :) This time we're looking at the oft-overlooked Spin Edge. Redirect your polyflow at will ! CBR
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    That's what its all about plus I have to reconize dope content when I see it
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    This is not so hard to sort out - I had hoped you could adapt the technique from the 4-way vault to make your 8-way, but I can show you if you're still struggling.. Just not today - my 3D PC is being replaced, so is down for now... but I do have this I made earlier - a 6-way vault like in your idea above... Hopefully you can see how this was made, but the principal stages are: Build the end of 1 arch, 1 polygon wide Extrude that (with caps) all the way back to the opposite arch end. Knife tool (line cut with angle snap) to cut through entire mesh at suitable angle from half way point to edge Delete half the mesh and put under array to get remaining sections Put that under a connect object, and group that with a bevel deformer in chamfer mode to get the nice edges. CBR
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    Good stuff man I've seen you loops all over Twitter and Facebook these past few months
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    Using Cinema 4D I show you how to take an moving character from C4D into Unreal Engine 4.24 and Dynamicly add grooming hair to our character to run in realtime.
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    The issue will be fixed in the next service release, which is coming soon. Cheers, Rick
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    Thanks for posting. I agree, and have reported that for you... hopefully we will get that sorted. CBR
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    HI, just wanted to point out to anyone trying to learn the new blender 2.8+ modelling tools, this short and to the point tutorials by this guy; https://www.youtube.com/user/BlenderDiplom/videos
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    In this tutorial I breakdown how I created a LoFi Star Wars themed loopable animation using Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects, After Effects, Mixamo, and Boris FX.
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    One more from this series.
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    Still very much on a Gothic theme, this time we're making an SDS Polygon Quatrefoil you can use with your Gothic Archways etc... We'll UV it nicely while we're at it, so enjoy that... CBR
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    Been using Blender for almost a year and Cinema for 7 Years, and Blender is becoming a really impressive app, it's also a reallity that blender does not have a mograph module, but they are working on it and i most say that i like Cycles more than Cinema's Render Engine. On the other hand, there are some things in which Cinema excels . I've been using both and it's great, but if Blender grows more, probably will be my main option. If you wanna start Blender and you have any doubts, i'll be very happy to help, because i know how difficult is to start a different application (Blender) when you have your mind around another one (Cinema).
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    Not many to be honest. I would say Cinema 4D is ahead in terms of UI, UI customization, Mograph tools, Object Manager (it seems a small thing, but C4D has the best OM of all 3D apps), Artist friendliness (yeah, that's a thing) and that's about it. Meanwhile Blender 2.8 is on par with Maya. Cinema4D, not so much. As I said in the other thread, Cinema4D NEEDS plugins to do stuff that Blender does out of the box. Particles? You need X-Particles. Fire? TurbulanceFD. Fluids? Realflow. Proper UVs? Seamilar II or an external app (3D Coat, etc...). GPU Render? Octane or Redshift. Blender has all of these out of the box. Cinema4D is by far my favorite 3D app, but I'm frankly having a hard time explaining to other users (and new students) why they should learn or keep using C4D. with the current prices. With the current feature set lacking in so many fronts, a C4D subscription should be around $250 (like Maya indie) and a perpetual license around $1.000. But Adobe-guy made MAXON greedy and now I fear for their future.
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    Alright Union I went through your file, so let's start from scratch here: 1. Draw a linear spline parallel to the floor. Just 2 points, start and end. Make your spline Bezier. Name this "Control Spline" 2. Duplicate that spline, choose the 2 vertices, right click subdivide.Choose again the new vertices and subdivide again and then one more time. 3. Choose all the vertices, go to Character/Convert/Spline to joints. 4. Name the root of this Chain Spline IK. 5. Take the first joint and apply a Spline IK. Use the end joint as the end and the CONTROL SPLINE with the 2 points, as your reference spline. 6. Now go inside the Spline IK tag and press Add & Create twice. No you have 2 handles that will control the curve of that spine. Essentially what they're controlling is the tangents of the bezier curve, 7. Zero out/Freeze the two nulls you created. Inside the tag of each null color them and shape them to taste. 8. Use protection tag on Translation/Scale and all rotation axis apart from P. 9. Now try out that spline curving, and go back inside the IK Spline menu to play with the distances. See my previous picture to pick on the ratio: Head to Tail controlling distance is almost 1/5. 10. Now it's time to create the head and tail joints. I think you know how to do that. Just parent them accordingly (use the image above) 11. Zero out everything 12. Don't bind your mesh until your joints are working as they should . Best VH
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    Here's Part 2, in which we make the base using a nice easy lathe... If this post gets more than 5 likes I will make Part 3 - the difficult scroll top ! ;) CBR
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    My Gif Tips are like buses. nothing for ages, then 2 rock up at once. Today, we're modelling Corinthian Columns in this 2 part extravaganza, and we're doing it properly. First we'll do the main columns with lovely SDS poly modelling... So enjoy that... part 2 next. CBR
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    Time for another one I think. This time let's make a diamond-cut whiskey glass in just 23 easy steps :) CBR
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    You can make a list of objects under a parent null using list1 = parent.GetChildren(), a bit like this - list.c4d
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