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    -create a C4D indie license. All functionalities of a full license for 250€/year, targeting freelancers and hobbyists. -Make redshift the default renderer once the program is ported to metal, free of charge -overhaul of the modeling toolkit -Fluid/particle sim tool -Faster viewport -New UV tool -Harmonisation of the material system (the reflectance channel is highly confusing)
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    You should probably try with a cube, then put it under subdivision. Then you can use the knife loop tool to cut into the cube, this will give you a rounded shape. In fact you dont even need loops, if you make a SDS with 3 levels of subdivision on a cuboid, you get this.
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    We are building out a new support system internally that will handle feature suggestions and reports as well. I would tune into to the Sept Motion Show for updates on some of these for sure. https://www.3dmotionshow.com
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    Hi! @DMcGavran , @Igor,@srek, & @RBarrett Besides better responses to bug reports labeled as 'Suggestions and Ideas for MAXON,' is there any progress on the collection of user Feature Requests for future versions of Cinema 4D? I've been talking to different animators who participated in the #MovingColin contest who have some really good ideas on ways to make character animation in the Timeline better after the experience. I suggested the Bug Report route to them to get these ideas to you, but I still feel like this is a poor, black box way to submit user feedback. A dedicated web site would be great, but something as simple as a Feature Request forum on C4DCafe with polls & discussions would be a better temporary solution than the bug report model: more formal than a Wishlist thread that gets outdated & forgotten with every release, more effective as market research, more user-friendly in the presentation of an idea, and of little-to-no cost to MAXON in the meantime. It sounds like you're aware of the need & benefits, I just was curious if something is being implemented as it has come up again. With much gratitude, thank you!
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    More and more users are switching to Blender not because of pricing, but because of what other users are accomplishing with it. In studios it's become quite normal to see Maya and Max users adopt Blender in their workflow. The community is thriving, and this is very attractive to new users as well. The attractive pricing (free) only serves to help adoption, but I think it also has to do with the simple licensing: Blender doesn't even need to be installed to run. Compare with the C4D trial: in a move to make it even more hostile to potential new users, MAXON decided to time-limit the demo/trial and put it behind a registration. Personally, I have way more fun modeling and working in Blender now than I ever had/have in Cinema4d. And I am not alone in this... It's a very robust and quite user friendly 3d app. The tabs I really love: quick switching to sculpting or UV'ing with one click. Tabs were something I also loved in Lightwave. The viewport is an absolute joy to work in. C4D feels very clunky to me compared. Yes, there are rough edges, as there are in any software. C4D is no exception either. The main difference at this point is that Blender is actively being improved making great strides, while C4D seems to move along at a snail's pace. But perhaps with C4D 23 a break-through will finally happen? We can but wait and see. I believe Cinema4d is losing and/or will lose ground because of its abysmal licensing and pricing, unless MAXON changes it. Compare with Max and Maya Indie (even though it can only be used on projects worth less than 100K) for $250 a year, or Houdini, Blender: all have much more attractive pricing schemes. AutoDesk is feeling the heat, and their response to the Blender upheaval in the market is probably too little and too late. Heck, even LightWave seems to attract one or two new users that would have picked Cinema4D instead, but were rebuked by MAXON's licensing/rental plans. Especially in tough economic times like these MAXON's licensing is akin to a kick in the face when you're already down on the ground. And exacerbating the situation is that Cinema4D users, while paying a premium upkeep, need to invest in an external particle plugin, external render engine, and other plugins and apps to keep up with the competition. Something needs to give.
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    @VECTOR Thanks! I was certainly inspired, one way or another, from your frequent character post. @lgor Sorry about that. Will upload in the gallery in the future wip/final images.
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    Here are the top 5 things I really hope the newer version of C4D implements - An improved character animation module, better auto weights, etc... (I heard they will talk something about it on IBC! Fingers Crossed) - Realtime viewport preview when working with some of the sketch and toon modules, right now, these non-photorealistic projects relies on Interactive render region, which is quite slow and unrensponsive... - A better sketch and toon, something that allows us to control the overall scene shadows/gradients, etc, like you can already do inside the cel shader, but in a global/scene level. - A proper symmetry mode... something that allows you to make adjustments to a model, even if it is not under a symmetry object no longer (ie: a character already rigged, etc) - Something like... bendy bones from Blender? I know we have spline IK, but it would be awesome to have something that could be easily integrated into a facial rig for instance.. And of course, an indie license! That would be the icing on the cake!
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    This officially took too long, but it's done now: https://ace5studios.com/mia Rigged stylized character for Cinema 4D Let me know if there is any weirdness with the page. my brain is dead from putting this all together..
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    You appear to be missing the main point of what nodes are for... it is nothing to do with quality of final result, but simply that a nodal system is leagues more helpful in a complex material setup because you only have to change a node in a single place for that change to be propagated everywhere else that node appears or is referenced in the material setup. Say for example that you have a stone material made of many complex layers, and one map is used in 20 different places within that material, across lots of different material channels. Now you want to change something about the scale of it let's say, or some other property. With Standard materials you would have to change that texture map by altering its controls / parameters in every single place it appeared, whereas with nodes you'd only have to change it once, in a single place. Also nodes often provide additional functionality that may not be available via the old approach, and that older way does not allow you to view the entire hierarchy of a setup at once. Before we had a nodal material system in Cinema that was the number one request on the wish-list of nearly everyone that used the program ! However it is also true that in some cases a Nodal material is sometimes more work to set up than a standard material, certainly initially, and especially with simpler surfaces where not much map-sharing occurs, but the result is always infinitely more easily extensible than any non-nodal approach. It's about picking your battles - if you are making a very complex material with heavily entwined map inter-dependencies, or you need to make a heavily custom material that would be very difficult to achieve with Standard type then nodes are the best thing since sliced bread. But if you just want to throw a colour channel and a bump map on something, then Standard mats will probably serve you better and take less time to set up initially. The quality will be identical, or close to it in both methods. Nodal systems are clearly the future in terms of building ever better and more flexible materials, and indeed Objects and other parameters in 3D more generally. With the recent announcement of Neutron that nodal approach is applied, for the first time in Cinema to more than just materials, and the power and flexibility of Cinema increases exponentially as a result. With that, models, and almost anything else you can think of can be infinitely procedural and extensible too ! The take-home message here is that you don't HAVE to learn nodes today, and nothing about the quality of your renders will change if you do or don't. But Nodes are the future, and you will need to know them eventually, so you might as well start now regardless, so that by the time they are de facto standard everywhere (and it could be argued they are already) you will know how to work with them !! CBR
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    Hey, We are looking for an experienced C4D Artist to work on effects and graphics for our upcoming Games. There are multiple potential ways / positions: - Full time Motion-Graphics / VFX at Location in Berlin (Freelance is an option) - A Senior Generalist, Character Artist or Art Director is always being searched as well - (Freelance C4D scripting would also be needed) We are a small Studio in Berlin working on 2 new upcoming core games (No Mobile / Browser) using Unity and C4D (amongst others) - www.flowfiregames.com Our Studio is small, agile, with a relaxed atmosphere, top hardware, good pay and our first game was reviewed at 95% on Steam. Please write us at: jobs@flowfiregames.com Best - S
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    That is what I thought when MAXON announced the "3D for the World!" but actually it's more like "3D rental for the 1st World", as it's still very expensive for other countries not on USD/EUR/GBP. As for Blender, it is a very powerful software. It still lacks the simplicity and refininment of C4D, but it's superior in direct modelling and sculpting and GPU render (for example).
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    Thanks - MAXON is aware of that one. However, you can delete User Presets via the content browser. CBR
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    I agree. AutoDesk announced 2 days ago that Max Indie is now available world-wide for $250 (per year rent) for any indie with an income lower than $100.000. Allow me to quote the following opinion from https://blenderartists.org/t/3ds-max-gets-a-slap-in-the-face/1154106/177: For MAXON to survive in the long run, just like AutoDesk, they will have to adjust to the changes ahead. The way I see it, is that C4d is in desperate need of a better built-in render solution. Standard/Physical is terribly outdated, slow, and can't match the quality nor the speed of modern competitors. Redshift should be included by default in C4d. This WILL happen in a few years. As far as I can tell, the only reason MAXON hasn't included it yet is because they a) milking the cash cow, and 2) management might not completely realize what is happening in the 3D DCC market. I just checked: renting C4d with Redshift would cost me ~can$ 1300. PER YEAR. While major parts of C4d lag behind the competition, including the free Blender. And C4d development trundles at a glacial pace compared to Blender - not to mention the ever-increasing ecosystem of plugins and support. Heck, I noticed that *.blend files have become one of the standard offered file formats on many 3d model asset sites in the past two years. MAXON will not be able to maintain their current business model for very long. Not with AutoDesk, Houdini, and Blender offering indies a far more viable cost model. And it's going to get worse for 3D DCC companies. With the economy's down-turn, C4d's yearly rental model has become quite repulsive - insulting even, when compared to its competitors. Anyway, back on topic. To survive, C4d ought to: - include Redshift as a replacement for the decrepit Standard/Physical at no extra cost. It is quite telling that many (if not most) C4d users rely on third-party / Redshift renderers. - improve the overall performance. Viewport, dealing with large number of objects. - reduce the rental price to compete with AutoDesk (at the very least). - vastly improve and modernize components such as BodyPaint, Hair, physics, UV tool set, particle system, ... - Focus on improving tools and performance of MoGraph. Know you niche. - overall less reliance on expensive plugins to patch holes in base feature sets All open doors, of course. Some have been open for years and years.
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    No one wants speed improvements? Part of the reason for the core rewrite was to make C4D handle more complex scenes and be a lot quicker. As far as I know you're all still waiting. So for me, not that it really matters since I no longer use C4D my top 5 would be: Faster / handle more objects Bodypaint / UV tools replaced. Unbelieveable that the UV tools still haven't been replaced Modelling tool enhancements e.g. proper symmetry modelling, Bridge tool enhancements, modelling fall offs. Thinking Particles replaced. Alternatively admit defeat and remove TP and make X-Particles the default particle system. Do some sort of deal where users can buy X-Particles at a reduced price Lower the price of monthly subscriptions. Given the world we currently find ourselves in with Covid-19 things are going to be tough financially for a few years. Unless the price comes down those charging hefty subscriptions could struggle. Blender is starting to look mighty attractive at the moment.
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    I am surprised that MAXON dont have more direct involvement with the Cafe. A community centre where you can come and get direct help with a problem, get the news, maybe a giveaway, a competition, a route to speak to the bigwigs would surely be worth its weight in gold to a product like C4D. Literally the only reason I am a C4D user is because of the Cafe, and because you could get help from Nigel (sometimes pretty acerbic help, but you learned to enjoy that pretty quickly). Now you can pretty much rely on Cafe mods and regulars to help with problems in a way you simply can't with any other software. I wish Substance had a place like this, or Octane, or any Adobe product, you name it. Maybe I have missed something and there is already an arrangement? We are so close - I am posting just below Rick and Dave themselves and this kind of engagement is great, long may it continue.
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    Uh, a little more effort maybe? You don't seriously expect us to help you if all you could do was put up a title that doesn't tell us anything, in the wrong forum, and a file attached?
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    Hi Adrian, Deck & Cerbera. Thank you for all your replies and tips. Carbera I'll go back to the drawing board and try tackle it using your technique with the plane as I started that way but as you said I thought it was too high resolution to be manageable. Will post an update with how I go. Wish me luck Cheers, Chris
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    You don´t do anything with power when your sticks are all over the place. Very powerful as it was read in the Blender marketing text. Blender has potential if it is developed into user friendly some day. User base ignore the horrible interface and are happy because it´s free. It was bad in 2.7 but it´s ok with current and almost useful if they remove all tabs from the top menu and change all into graphical interface. No TABS ! One has TABS in Spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel.
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    We can't mix textures effectively when the road and the landscape are separate objects. You should make the road part of the landscape texture. You are also going to need extremely large resolution texture maps. But we need more info first. What is the final look of this meant to be (ie how photo-real or stylised etc), and how close is the camera getting ? What is the overall scale of the scene - have you got any reference that shows the sort of look you are aiming for ? CBR
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    If it is, I can't find the way, and the manual doesn't mention it at all as a possibility. So unless someone like @Rectrowants to come along and correct me, I'm gonna guess that's a no... CBR
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    Hey @Cerbera, this is super helpful. You've provided a great foundation for me to explore! I will tinker and if I have any questions again I will post - or suggestions! Now we just need to find some search terms for this look ;). Have a good one and thanks again. J
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    Welcome to the Cafe! You will find this to be a friendly community of extremely knowledgeable and talented people with the same creative desires and goals as yourself. As an aside, I spent a good portion of my early career (almost 30 years ago) in The Netherlands and absolutely loved it. Just a great country, great food, great people, beautiful countryside. The summers were outstanding (the winters....not so much). So the Cafe is like the Netherlands....in the summer!!! Now I am a hobbyist so I have never worked in the industry so I have no first hand knowledge of what life is like in the industry. What I do know is only through what I have read. With that said, if you have any desire to work in the film industry then I would strongly recommend you read "Inside VFX: An Insider's View into the Visual Effects and Film Business" by Pierre Grage. In short, not a pretty picture....it's a tough business. With that said, I have NOT heard as many horror stories about life in the games industry (IMHO: the work being done at Epic is driving the industry forward). If you have not already done so, make the same post at the C4D forum at the CG Society (found here) as that site is more frequented by CG professionals working at the larger studios than you would find here. Now, not to discourage you, but every industry has good and bad. So listen to what people say but don't take it that everything you hear will apply to you. It won't. Your path will be unique. But you know that otherwise you would not be asking for insight...and that is a very good first step!!! Good luck and welcome! Dave BTW: Not sure if you ever heard of Gimpville (a really outstanding VFX company in Oslo, Norway). I have kept in touch with the founder ever since he was 18 years old (yes...I met him in a forum). He took a chance and started out on his own at a young age. Now this guy had talent....you could just see it in his early work. We all hated him because he was so young with so much talent! So talent will always get you where you want to go!
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    Nice, I get it. This is one I will go back to, thanks for the help!
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    Hi Len and welcome to the cafe ! May your learnings here be long and enjoyable... CBR
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    I think that second look is more this sort of thing... Here's the scene files for both of them, which you can pick apart and see what I am doing differently to you... So Look 1 was this one... Funko_Test CBR.c4d ..and the more matte one is this scene... Funko_Test matte CBR.c4d In both I have gone for the simplest setup possible, eliminated all reflections, drastically reduced shadows, and a fresnel added to the luminance colour, which gives the glowy look you mention. In both these looks, which don't use SSS this time, then just a secondary colour in Luminance (partially masked / layered with fresnel) will do, subtly enhancing the pale colour in the color channel with a stronger variant for a richer material nearer the centre. Additionally, all colour channels have their mode set to Oren Nayer with Roughness upped to around 120%. AO has had its gradient adjusted, and range expanded, and samples upped. Hope that helps... CBR
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    You can also do this using the 4D Paint tools as well (they are all free). Just open the Material View->Tools->Select Edges. When in point mode it selects edge points, edge mode it selects the edges and poly mode it selects all the edge polygons. It is also a command so you can dock it anywhere you want in your layouts. https://www.plugins4d.com/4dpaint https://www.plugins4d.com/material-view-2
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    Thank you for taking the time to write all this up for me. It was extremely helpful and enlightening.
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    No worries! Because of you I was able to read the necessary information to catch that in the first place. So thank you, I feel more confident now with Redshift/PBR workflow. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm on the right track! Best, Budda
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    THANKS A LOT GUYS!!!! If I was not a Satan worshiper, I'd say "god bless you"
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    You are correct, I got that mixed around. If you have a roughness map, just connect it. If you have a glossiness map, you have to tick that box Just corrected the post above so that others don't get confused.
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    I guess you mean this one: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/42-uvisland-outliner/
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    Houdini Indie is $269 USD a year or $399 for two years rental. if you let if lapse it reverts to Apprentice which is fully functional except you can't export/import FBX and use 3rd party render
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    Well, don't wanna speak too soon, but I think you may have found a bug there - I cannot find any rational explanation for that behaviour at all ! Investigations continue... there is nothing wrong with your setup that would produce this result... CBR
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    So tiling it will be. Ty for the help
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    shortcuttable... a hotkey is a specific kind of keyboard shortcut that remains active while pressed. (sorry... too hot today...)
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    I can confirm it's not the ads. But it may be related to google analytics (or such). When using Firefox (latest 79.0) the bottom left corner of the page shows (Transferring data from www.google...). During this time the web browser's tab shows loading activity. And after a while the browser shows the yellow bar. I have tried with Microsoft Edge, and while I don't get the yellow bar (as this is probably a Firefox thing) I do see the same loading activity in the tab ... which also takes quite a while before coming to a rest. The difference with Microsoft Edge is that you don't get any info on what is actually loading/connecting/transferring, and that this browser does not seem to complain. Tried on my wife's computer with Google Chrome (84.0.4147.105). After pages are loaded the browser's tab still shows loading activity, similar to Edge and Firefox. So, my understanding is that the same happens on all browsers, except with most you don't notice something wrong. Edit: @Igor As a side note: I can't seem to be able to locate the Theme selection anymore. With the legacy 2.5 theme it was available at the bottom of each page. With 3.0 all I see is the "Contact us" at the left bottom and a copyright notice at the right bottom, which is halfway overwritten by the bottom menu.
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    well, my HELP menu was not showing up at first because my UI scaling was not at 100% but after i changed that, it worked fine. Thnks for your help. Mike
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    Same thing here in Win 10 using Chrome or Firefox. I see the attached image and not the yellow bar. Brave is the only browser that is usable for me on this site.
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    As mentioned earlier: It's not really about the yellow bar, it's more about the entire experience. The yellow bar is just a consequence. Everything seems to be loading slowly with the new theme/version.
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    If you force a low poly plane down on to shapes below, and don't have enough topology in that plane to support the deformation, this behaviour is expected and unavoidable. You need about 2-3 times the resolution on the cloth plane. Additionally Cloth Surface and regular SDS will both increase polycounts to an acceptable level, but without those your cloth is going to do that until you increase subdivision within it. CBR
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    Might be related to the webbrowser you're using. I noticed this too (on Firefox). Had to switch back to the legacy 2.5 theme in order to be able to use the forums again.
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    Nice one bro, characters have really come along over the years
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    They definitely need. My friend used to teach Cinema 4D and After Effects online and he switched to Blender and have now like a huge amount of students taking his classes, helping spread the word, etc. Specially here with the taxes that we face, low currency conversion and late payment by clients, free or cheaper software is a must. This Friday Max/Maya Indie will also be available. Full software for $250/year. I just let my Modo maintanence lapse and will probably follow with a combo of Blender and Max. Do I prefer Cinema? Yes ... I always had a love for Cinema, but it's just too expensive.
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    There could be more reasons why search can not find what is in OM. Few of them... https://www.dropbox.com/s/9hy3yacjdrnwcmn/WhyCann´tFind.mp4?dl=0
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    direct copy and paste I think is posible (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V), but create new guide directly at place of old one and the same shape which make almost imposible to select just one/newly created. In this case need to switch to root mode and with move hair tool adjust position. But in this case root is not restricted to surface and can "fly" over/thru surface... ...but you can clone selected guide with mirror tool and delete source guide. This way guide keep all setings from "mirrored" guide and can be adjusted with M/S/R hair tools... or you can simply add new guide... https://www.dropbox.com/s/4frqum35ty62wjh/AG.mp4?dl=0
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    1. Viewport improvements. From speed of simulations to having a better sense of how materials will render. 2. An actual monthly subscription rather than an annual subscription, this would be so much easier to sell to management as they love a monthly cost and dread an annual cost. 3. I used to wish for UV tools but I got fed up with waiting and bought Rizom instead, but if they can come up with something of its calibre, so much the better. Frankly, R22 is going to have to be pretty damn dazzling to keep people on board. I love C4D and want it to flourish but... well, we all know.
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    Modify the node system to the production level. At the moment, huge functionality is hidden there, but its capabilities are almost useless. The physical render is too slow, AR gives a bad result and often not faster than the physical. Other production renders cannot use the full power of nodes. Now it looks like a piece of another program inside C4D. This system needs to be improved so that the data from it can be used in deformers. Add the ability to read tags directly into the material nodes, as implemented in Xpresso. I like that this system makes full use of all the threads of my processor, which indicates its multithreading. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly long with updates in the viewport. If you change one value in a node, then the whole graph is updated even where it is unnecessary. In Blender Eevee, this happens instantly. For example, the Bifrost system in Autodesk products updates only the necessary parameters, and not the entire hierarchy of nodes. They have achieved impressive results in the latest releases of their programs. 300 million polygons per window with acceptable FPS. Another problem is that the shader in the editor window looks completely different than when rendering. I hope that Vulkan API, USD, UDIM, Pitex, Adaptiv Dispalacemend, a modern particle system (water, fire, smoke) will come to us The simulation system is also stuck and cannot solve old problems. There are no tools for working with normals, it is very important to set up the correct shading for game models. Why not add Fields for phong tag, for Atom Array, Polygon Reduction? In any case, it all depends on MAXON, they have a good example of BodyPaint - to be a leader and become backward.
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    Hey everyone - I think many of you know me - I've been part of MAXON and around this and other C4D communities for 20 years. For the past year or so I've been part of the Product team helping to communicate what you as users need and prioritize development for Cinema 4D. First - you're absolutely right that we can improve in the way we collect ideas and the feedback we provide when ideas come in. I try sometimes to reply to ideas that come in via the support form, but that system isn't well designed to avoid duplicate ideas, discuss ideas and communicate status. It's a top priority for us to implement an improved system. Second - thanks to the folks that mentioned the difficulty of the task and timing involved. It's important to keep in mind that there's two types of ideas - major new features and smaller workflow tweaks. Major new features are especially tricky to fit into the roadmap, and typically we've got those mapped out a couple of years in advance. It's always great to hear your priorities, but typically we've got a pretty good idea of what we need here - it's a matter of piecing the puzzle together in the proper order to ensure you always have the best C4D possible. It's especially great when you point out the workflow tweaks - like @Intenditore. We're often able to fit these into the road map a bit quicker, and these can have a huge difference in improving your efficiency and enjoyment of Cinema 4D. @Intenditore - thanks for your specific suggestions. I'm very familiar with your suggestions, and sorry we haven't directly responded to your feedback. You've got some great ideas for improving the animation workflow. BTW - some color coding is already possible though a bit hidden. In the Timeline prefs, you can change Track Color from "No Color" to either "Pos/Scale/Rot" or "Track Color". The last option will allow you to set the color in the AM when selecting a track. Cheers, Rick
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