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    Arrimus demonstrates the quad remesher workflow. Very cool stuff.
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    Here is a link to a short film I completed recently. It took a few months as it was a passion project produced between normal freelance jobs. There's a project description on vimeo. Below are some WIP stills that show the early development.
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    A comping prog within C4D? Basic things like putting a lens flair on a light or object would be good. I think people like their compositors NUKE/Aftereffects too much for it to be a total compositing replacement. Or changing 2d text on the fly, rather than visiting after effects. The c4d integration is pretty good anyway.
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    Hi everyone, Today, I'm releasing my free jigsaw puzzle library for Cinema 4D (R12 or newer). The library contains 150 different jigsaw puzzles, sorted according to their shape. All puzzles are based on photo references and 2D graphics images I found on Shutterstock, Printerest, etc. You can download the library here: Jigsaw Puzzle Library File There's a short video on the library you can watch on Vimeo: I hope you'll enjoy the jigsaw puzzles! Cheers, contrafibbularities Some examples from the library:
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    Bit of downtime to play with, so I'm making myself a Great White Shark, surely a landmark build in any modelling career. It's easy enough to build a rubbish shark, stop at the outline, whack a wind deformer on it and call that done, but I hope it's a rather a more interesting and rewarding process to really nail the forms and to progress to the inside, the UVing, sculpting, texturing and animation for what I hope will end up a near-as-dammit photo real model. And what better of all the sharks we could make than the good old classic the Great White. Thought about doing Megalodon, but for a small gain in size it's a much less attractive shark . I'll be doing a 5m long young adult female. Rather than making a whole tutorial I thought I'd post the main stages, so having gathered a sh**-ton of reference, here's the first one... Modelling the base mesh 1. Establishing Primary Loops Started with sliced 9 segment cylinders and symmetry, a 12 sided eye disc and some poly pen action for the start to the mouth loops. Each ring is a separate (editable) model at this point for easy isolation and tweaking. 2. Forming the body, expanding the head... Bridged the primary body loops together and tweaked to define the main hull, and extended jaw flow up above the eye and toward the nose. 3. Completing the (outer) head... Completed the primary head topology (minus the nostril) making sure I had 18 segments at the neck to bridge to the body... Also starting to define the characteristic upper jaw overhang / crease that will start to make this look like a proper Great White, as opposed to a more 'general' shark with unrealistic pacman-style jaws, like those really basic models you see around in tutorials here and there... At this point the eye rim discs went down to just 6 segs, giving me the 12 I want when later subdivided to L1. 4. Adding Fins and refining base mesh. Adding the fins and tail (the former of which were all started from circular edge flows), together with 3 additional loops for the gills and adding nostrils to the head completes the outer shell. I am leaving the jaws, movable gums and teeth for the inside at the next stage. At the density I modelled it we are at 716 polys (all the quads) so far (not including symmetry or SDS). We will need 1 level of subdivision to take it to base target base mesh density, as this isn't quite enough to hold the inner detail, and secondary forms. Above is that mesh awaiting that additional tweaking and an inside... Next post will be when I've modelled the inside, which is a bit more challenging... CBR
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    Ha! just logged on to update with that...Igor is spot on as confirmed from MAXON As workaround, open the AEC file inside a noteeditor and edit the very first line from "Cinema 4D COMPOSITION" to "CINEMA 4D COMPOSITION". This should help until the bug has been fixed.
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    Interesting....they finally bottled Cerbera into a plugin. ...and some said it couldn't be done. ;-) Dave

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