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    Wow, thanks guys! this is really helped the problem, Im gonna quote this as the current answer to my problem, you guys explained it perfectly, my fuselage of bad geomatry's faceting is gone!
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    Some new fantastic tools in last update... More here: https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-news/cycles-4d-build-500-is-out-now/ btw, Insydium reduce price of all of their products, release every week video from Maintenance Trainings for free on youtube, extend trials from 2 week to 3 months etc... More here: https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-news/covid-19-news/ Thanks Insydium Team
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    With that much flexibility, do you ever find yourself in "analysis paralysis"? I mean, once you are deep into a project, the non-destructive nature is wonderful, but how do you get started? With standard modeling, you start with a spline or a primitive and then cut, push, pull and/or sculpt to get where you want to be (or what is in your minds eye). It is almost tactile. How do you get there with procedural nodes? You blew my mind when you said "anything" can have as many attributes as you want. Yes...I would be paralyzed. I would imagine that is the bulk of the learning curve....developing the methodology and approach to standard modeling tasks. What I love about C4D + XP is that they are both powerful and intuitive. Together (especially with fields) they are like "Houdini for Dummies"...which is not meant to insult C4D or XP but rather compliment the fact that both programs walk the line between ease-of-use and power so effortlessly. I don't know....I guess this says it all
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    Understood, thank you so much!!!
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    No, you can't move the axis of a deformer. You'd have to get that right while it was still a child of the dummy object. that's why you need the cloner method to do this, otherwise you can only rotate them by hand individually... CBR
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    Because that is not how deformers work in Cinema. They work as children of geometry objects or in a group null with other geo objects, and in only a few other specialist circumstances, of which the cloner is not one.. You can't use a Cloner or an Array alone for this purpose because when you go to make it editable (as you must for it to be able to affect the geo) there will be nothing in it. So to do that we need to insert some dummy geometry roughly the same size as the falloff / bounds as your deformers, and with the deformer as a child of that object. Now you can array or clone that instead, make the cloner editable, select the parent objects that creates and Delete Without children to leave just the deformers in their correct positions, but now you can drag them all directly under the torus and they will all affect it. CBR
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    Hey everybody! Recently I found this little but very helpful tool called PureRef. You can pay for it if you want, but it's generally free. It allows you display multiple reference pictures in a small standalone window as well as move, rotate and scale them freely. You can even set up a transparency and have them always on top of C4D for example. You can also just drag and drop images out of your webbrowser into the software! No more fiddly saving first!
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    I found the modifier keys and non intuitive/loosely created by committee interface of Blender a put off too. There are a lot of bad tutorials out there for Blender, but if you go through BlenderGuru's YouTube beginner (doughnut) series, the keys are not hard to learn. It is definitely a faster modeler than C4D but less intuitive. It has some features that are a lot better than C4D and some that are worse. If you like clicking, you should definitely love Modo. The main issue is that one should not decide to change 3D programs lightly. Most popular programs will do 95% of what one needs, and it is often cheaper to contract for the additional 5% rather than learning a new program. The learning curve isn't that bad for any (unless you are trying to learn substance painter, Zbrush, 3d coat, etc. simultaneously). But it will take many months to recreate what you have done in C4D if you have any mograph, animation, rigging, particles etc. Even with the various export options, there isn't really any good way to move all the software specific features from one program to another. The export/import options will often leave you with files that are difficult to change in your new software. The same goes for users of Maya, 3Ds Max, Modo, etc.
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    Correct, and it makes even the simplest C4D operation seem incredibly complicated in Houdini. By comparison, MOPs is incredibly simple and intuitive.
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    Cairyn & Jed helped me convert some old COFFEE code into python to breath new life into this rig for an analogue wrist watch with chronometer (stopwatch) & I thought to share it here. I can't really take credit for it, it was hacked it together from another free setup downloaded years ago - unable to credit them with the details unfortunately. Hope it's useful for someone! Watch_XpressoRig_200404.rar
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    Ohh for cartoon either would do, but PSD is more simple to be honest. You can use two morphs that are antagonistic to each other like Bicep and Tricep, that works well. Dan
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    Did you set cycles to cpu or gpu? It isn't as fast as evee but is about the same as c4d's physical render. I use Blender a lot less than Houdini (so I am no expert), but I thought the rendering options were pretty good (especially as you can use lower quality settings and then add denoise to reduce render times in some scenarios).
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    Apply soon. Some of the programs are first-come, first serve, and the money is finite... I never thought I, as a Canadian, would be giving unemployment advice to a US neighbour...
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    I work full time for a studio outside London which is (semi) stable, although they have cut everyone's wages by 20%. Although if they do go under, which is always a possibility, pity me as I'll be going into the marketplace against Cerbera who lives basically next door!
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    The reduction in work while all this is ongoing is quite disturbing and more than a little stressy for those of us who make most of our living from 3D. My workload isn't quite at zero, but it's has definitely dropped off. I also had a job that disappeared on me half way through doing it... I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to have spaffed quite a lot of my savings on a new PC just before all this kicked off. With hindsight, as nice as it is to have a shiny new toy to be stuck at home with, I can't help the feeling that I might have needed those savings for other things... There will be additional knock-on effects too. I tried to order a new ipad for my mother yesterday only to find they were out of stock everywhere (UK), with no expected stock date for the foreseeable future, so that could be an issue for people trying to get new hardware for months after this is over... Challenging times ahead by the looks of it, and best of luck to all of us in it CBR
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    I figured out a makeshift way. I created a spline path along the text curves and simply cut segments of the spline out so that the overlap doesn't exist. Now it's just a matter of resizing the stroke to mimic the width of the text. Thank you for your time!
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    Unfortunately, because of the inherrent unreliability of boolean operations, there are some fonts it just won't work with. We can't see yours, and you didn't upload the file, so we can't comment further until we have more info ! CBR
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    Hello everyone, this is my first try Rocket launch using Xpresso / Pyrocluster / reflector any advise to do better? Thanks.
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    Considering the old-school-ness and correspondingly rather limited capabilities of Pyrocluster, the last 3 seconds of that are actually getting pretty passable, but the preceding seconds could definitely benefit from some extra love... I would increase PC quality settings a bit in addition to the advice above, at the expense of longer render times, and then get some lens-flarey, glowy post action going to obfuscate the flames, which I'd say are the weakest part of this at the moment... and I would try and remove the darker bits from the edge of the flames because they are making it looking 'pre-composited.' which is something we should avoid if we can... Also I think you want an orange light (visible / volumetric or otherwise) up the back there so the light on the craft itself can approximate what is happening below it. CBR
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    When we look at your base mesh, with its horrible overlapping / intersecting polys, it is no wonder we get this sort of result even despite the mitigation provided by Subdivision... That tells us that MoExtrude is not the correct tool to make this with - instead you should do it with individual stepped Extrude commands, using Normal Scale (as different from regular scale tool) to change all the polys at once as needed. Using this method you can avoid having to use a step effector, and also any mesh intersection. Doing that, in conjunction with @bezo's suggestions, and also turning off Edge Breaks in the Phong tag will all play a part in eradicating your material problem... CBR
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    I agree. AutoDesk announced 2 days ago that Max Indie is now available world-wide for $250 (per year rent) for any indie with an income lower than $100.000. Allow me to quote the following opinion from https://blenderartists.org/t/3ds-max-gets-a-slap-in-the-face/1154106/177: For MAXON to survive in the long run, just like AutoDesk, they will have to adjust to the changes ahead. The way I see it, is that C4d is in desperate need of a better built-in render solution. Standard/Physical is terribly outdated, slow, and can't match the quality nor the speed of modern competitors. Redshift should be included by default in C4d. This WILL happen in a few years. As far as I can tell, the only reason MAXON hasn't included it yet is because they a) milking the cash cow, and 2) management might not completely realize what is happening in the 3D DCC market. I just checked: renting C4d with Redshift would cost me ~can$ 1300. PER YEAR. While major parts of C4d lag behind the competition, including the free Blender. And C4d development trundles at a glacial pace compared to Blender - not to mention the ever-increasing ecosystem of plugins and support. Heck, I noticed that *.blend files have become one of the standard offered file formats on many 3d model asset sites in the past two years. MAXON will not be able to maintain their current business model for very long. Not with AutoDesk, Houdini, and Blender offering indies a far more viable cost model. And it's going to get worse for 3D DCC companies. With the economy's down-turn, C4d's yearly rental model has become quite repulsive - insulting even, when compared to its competitors. Anyway, back on topic. To survive, C4d ought to: - include Redshift as a replacement for the decrepit Standard/Physical at no extra cost. It is quite telling that many (if not most) C4d users rely on third-party / Redshift renderers. - improve the overall performance. Viewport, dealing with large number of objects. - reduce the rental price to compete with AutoDesk (at the very least). - vastly improve and modernize components such as BodyPaint, Hair, physics, UV tool set, particle system, ... - Focus on improving tools and performance of MoGraph. Know you niche. - overall less reliance on expensive plugins to patch holes in base feature sets All open doors, of course. Some have been open for years and years.
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    I'll move this to Dynamics for you, as that's what this question primarily involves. I'm not sure what was wrong with your current dynamics tags (I couldn't immediately see anything drastically bad) but when I deleted them both and added new ones, everything just started working for me... I did have to put the objects comprising the cup into a connect so it didn't fall apart. Ideally that would be a single object. cup fixed CBR.c4d CBR
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    def main(): global out if cframe <= int(initframe) : out = 0.0 else : out = varitime def main(): global ntime if ctime == ltime : ntime = stime else : ntime = runtime ...that is, if I interpret your ports and types correctly...
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    I am. I don't have the current version of XP, but back in the day when I had it there were loads of rendering vids, and as I recall it didn't really matter which renderer you used because it was all about the materials that come with XP primarily... but I'd wait for some 'XPerts' to come along - it's been too long since I used it for me to remember much useful to you CBR
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    I switched from C4D to Houdini about 3 years ago and I have to say that the "steep learning curve" and "very difficult to learn" fame that precedes it has been greatly exaggerated (I am finding learning Blender or Unreal Engine at least as equally challenging if not more). All in all it took me about 1 week to wrap my head around the basics of how to do things with nodes, and most importantly which nodes one tends to use 99% of the time. 3 years later I'm definitely much more knowledgeable with more advanced features, and even started a YouTube Channel with some tips and tricks that I enjoy sharing as I learn them: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqQzy1kAB5HXRLeZ5h_BKRA Going back to the OP's question, I thought I would touch on something that I rarely see mentioned, but which IMHO is one of the biggest plusses of Houdini -- the ability to not only easily repurpose very complex set ups, but also to very easily re-purpose someone else's set up, as well as easily diagnose issues throughout the community. Let me elaborate a bit, particularly on the very last part of my previous sentence. C4D has a thriving community of users who help each other out as needed, typically with posts such as "how to I do this?" and "I followed the tutorial but it's not working for me." The Houdini community however is unique in the way it can easily share Houdini (.hip) files freely and without necessarily having to part with non-shareable geometry, in order to get very specific answers. Let's say I'm working on a spaceship breaking up, and for some reason I can't get the effect that I want, or it's not working as I thought it would. I want someone else to take a look at my file, but I can't share my spaceship model which I bought on TurboSquid. No problem, simply change the spaceship to any primitive, hook it up in the node tree, save as... and send the .hip file to see where I might be going wrong in one or more of my nodes. Even better, because of the nodal nature of Houdini, I can examine someone else's .hip file, and understand exactly how to achieve a desired effect because I can see step-by-step exactly what they did. Think of nodes as a "work history" embedded in the actual Houdini file, a very detailed peek into what's behind the curtain! This is simply not possible with any other DCC as far as I can tell.
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    I think you are going to see R22 focus more on VFX work. All the elements are there with field forces and OpenVDB support. I would like to see improvements to AR or PR that help support native integration of a fluid simulation system built into C4D rather than rely on Redshift for volumetric rendering of VDB data sets. Hopefully some of that RedGiant code for Trapcode Particular makes its way into a native C4D fluid simulation package. I would also like to see AR or PR updated with better glows, volumetric lights, etc....again pulling on Red Giant. In essence, if you are not going to make Redshift native to C4D, then please improve its existing render engines...I mean, we are paying high-end prices so we should expect those improvements in C4D core without having to pay more for Redshift. Next up would be a complete admission of defeat when it comes to Bodypaint and admit that Substance Painter is the ONLY way to go. Therefore, focus on complete integration with all Allegorithmic products. Finally, please do something with the monthly billing. I know that the whole license server implementation was a big thing for MAXON in 2019, but you really need to step up the billing side of it. Also, now that you have more products than just C4D, start to compare yourself to Adobe Cloud. Honestly (while I would never thought these words would ever be typed by me), I would prefer Adobe Cloud's subscription program over what MAXON offers in their subscription program (yes...it's that bad and the fact that you only get 1 product from MAXON rather than a full suite of Adobe products, then by comparison MAXON's subscription program is far more expensive).
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    You probably need a Rail. This should be helpful. CBR
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    1 - Maintaining Perpetual licensing - Real monthly subscription where pay per month 2 - I'm looking forward to the UV announcement. Well that's me guessing there'll be some announcement about that given Dave's cryptic tweet a while ago. 3 - Some early indications of workflow integration between Red Giant & MAXON 4 - Further integration of RedShift - even though i mainly use team render / octane I'm interested to see how RedShift progresses 5 - Mind meld between user and C4D where if I think it in my brain it will just appear in the viewport... with perfect geometry. If this can't be done then the obvious ones of performance improvements, feature improvements, bodypaint update, etc.
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    Yep, that basic plan seems to work very well at stage 1... ...but what will happen when it all starts to move ?! I need to stare at that movement for a few minutes more, but I think I see a plan forming... CBR
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    No, Smith, what ARE you doing !??? (...other than once again taking my yearly award for 'best explained post' !) What we could do instead is spline wrap the spring coil along a length of secondary spline that makes it assume the right shape ! Hang on, I will do some tests, and see if that is feasible, or if something we need it to do later might compromise that approach... CBR
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    ICE came relatively late to XSI/Softimage, but was awesome. FaceRobot was also amazing, since prior technology for this was ridiculously expensive. But the user interface and menu system was a lot more unified and coherent than Maya. When MR was king as a rendering engine, XSI worked better than Maya as well. Softimage was my first 3D program and I think it was undoubtedly the best at the time. But even back then, C4D was easier. But back then C4D had a pretty limited standard rendering engine as the only option.
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    So, perhaps we should split out the bit you are using displacement with into a new object, and solve it that way ? After all , those things won't be contiguous in the real world, which is how we should be building these things in 3D (generally speaking)... CBR
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    You are right, but I fail to see how the displacement would help with realizing the car paint? As far as I know you can't stack "volumetric" layers of materials with displacement, it just deforms the actual geometry... I think the SPD is just wreaking havoc on the topology somehow and that's what's causing it, even though it's not all over the model. I just tested this; if you have a single model and you apply a material with SDS only on a certain amount of polygons the main effect will be there yes, but it destroys the topology of the rest as well. Looks like this: However, with "round geometry" active it looks like this: So yeah. Either enable "round geometry" on your SPD material or get rid of the SPD entirely if possible. That's definitely where the facetting is coming from. EDIT: Another way would be just to seperate the model that needs the SPD material entirely from the rest of the model.
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    Lols - yes, SDS and curved surfaces is exactly the situation where you should be allowing none of the above other than 100% regular quads We could also talk about the wiseness (or not) of using SDS weighting here, but all that aside... Here is your model, no materials (clay render), phong angle increased to 60 degrees, edge breaks turned off in phong tag. Do you agree we are not seeing the faceting problem here ? CBR
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    That mesh is not free of problems of course; (as well as the normals being wrong), in that you are tolerating both triangles and ngons on curves under Subdivision, which is breaking some golden modelling rules, and what is causing your unattractive creasing and deformation around the various openings. But that is not what is causing the faceting. I am still thinking about why that might be happening.. CBR
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    Iv gone through the process on my own character and it works fine so I think maybe its to do with that mixamo character. I tried the Mixamo character and I can confirm it is that character which is the issue. Dan
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    Are the bones one single mesh, or do you have separate meshes for each bone? I interpret your text as the latter... If the bones are one mesh, you can simply skin it (C4D skin object), use the same joints that you use for the epidermis (sorry, don't want to call it skin as it is ambiguous), and weight the bones 100% to a single joint each so they move like hardbody objects. Note that joints can influence more than one skin object. If the bones are separate meshes, you can just sub-group them to the joint objects themselves so they move together with the joints; no need for skins or weights in this case as the movement is "robotic". There are probably even more ways to solve the issue...
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    I have updated the plugin to provide an option (via cog wheel) to ignore the outer edges of am open-ended mesh as being detected as UV boundaries. In general you would want to turn all UV seams into edge selections. In case of open-ended mesh objects, the mesh boundaries would be detected as UV boundaries ... while these aren't actually UV seams. The new option will (by default) allow to ignore these boundaries. On the other hand you might want to turn all UV island boundaries into edges, no matter the if these are UV seams or not. You can do so by unchecking the new option. This is the behaviour of the original version 1.0
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    Howdy folks! Hi @Havealot @AlexJerome! I'm not sure if anyone on this thread will see this but if so, I'm trying to do the same thing - a plain effector to change size and one material to another as well. I'm kinda a noob with fields and I'm not sure how to apply your solution. I've attached a sample file. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Color_Change.c4d
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    That's some nice design on your Instagram, like it a lot! Welcome!
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    "Isometric" Industry City Cinema 4D Test Film Hello everyone, Here is another scene, this time its a Industrie City Szene, with a little flip animation. I have been inspired by a Pruduct video for a network router or something. Im not sure. I cant find it anymore.. Didnt do much lighting. "Isometric" Industry City Cinema 4D Test Film.
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    Now I see there´s a new update of plugin. With this update you can create thumbnails of every single material in your library, so materials can be searched "visually" instead of reading/searching names... https://www.thegreatsummit.com/product/tgs-texture-manager/
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    I´m under Eset, for me working without any issues, no reports, no warnings...
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    Bob, You are the better man. If it was between me and someone younger, I would give it to someone younger. But if it was between my wife and someone younger......well....as I said, I can imagine many hellish situations and that would be one of them because my wife would give it to the younger person and I would just die inside. Dave
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    Hi. here is a very lovely place. you will like it. welcome
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    Octane has a default environment color (all solid). That default is active as soon as no other HDRI is active in the scene. You can disable it in this menu by setting the color to 100% black:
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    Oh I see. Thought you were joking about the essential oil pyramid scheme snakeoil stuff. Guess I've been too much on the AntiMLM Subreddit
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