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  1. Version 0.4


    RingLoop is a small Python plugin which allows to extend selected edges into ring or loop. An optional "skip" option can be provided, which will skip the number of edges during creation of a ring or loop from the original selected edge(s) Original thread: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/102983-select-every-other-edge New version 0.4 (see changelog) Does probably work with R16 - R21, not sure about S22, will definitely not work with R23.
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  2. Version 1.0.0


    I have been using "Set Selection" on many occasions. Be it to create selection tags to apply different materials to an object. Or simply as kind of a clipboard to temporarily hold a set of selected polygons during modeling. However, in most cases I do not have enough with a single selection tag. It can happen that during a modeling session I need a few temporary selections, to be picked up later in the process when I need to work here and there on a model. As such, in the past I had a love-hate relationship with the "Set Selection" command. It was a very useful tool, except that
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  3. Version 2.5


    Tools for painting, texturing, sculpting and UV mapping. Paint with a sculpting style workflow to paint stamps, stencils and symmetry. Lets you work in a UDIM style fashion. Has new views to work with materials and bodypaint layers in a Photoshop style fashion. Use the content browser with all sculpt based brushes to easily let you set your working stamp and stencil. Includes a faster vertex painting brush to let you paint smoothly over millions of polygons with no delays, as well as project stencil and stamps directly onto your vertex maps. T
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  4. Version 1.1.0


    Curvature Map for Cinema 4D Free Shader Effect Hello Everyone, Curvature Map (Shader Effect) 1.1 - Cinema 4D Is Available Now! With New Features Channels & Texture Mask Up to 4 color channels Curved Reflections Subsurface Scattering Bump and Displacement channels (are now separated)
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  5. Version 1.0


    I don't think this one needs much explanation, the title says it all. The script repositions selected points into a circle. original topic: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/104197-alternative-to-points-to-circle/ Does probably work with R16 - R21, not sure about S22, will definitely not work with R23.
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  6. Version 1.0.0


    There's a link to C4D file of a mountain created by following the talk Eric Smit gave here. At the time I was looking to create nice landscape without the need of 3rd party plugins. So please watch that presentation if want to see what parts of the noise, materials affect the shape and look of the mountain. Create instances and convert to object to lighten the load on C4D. It gets pretty sluggish. I think this link expires in a week so let me know if need it re-uploaded. You might get some use for it.
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  7. Version 1.60


    InstanceMan is a plugin for Cinema 4D that helps to make life with instance objects a little easier. Before R20, there was another plugin around - InstanceVault, that used worked well in prior versions of Cinema 4D. Unfortunately, that plugin wasn't of much use in R20, so I decided to write a similar plugin - InstanceMan. Besides having all that functionality in R20 again, I managed to extend and improve the overall functionality and stability. All functions are explained below. Happy instancing. SELECT Select all instances of the same reference object. Ctrl
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  8. Version 1.1


    This script will hide polygons that have no selected points. Can be useful if you have an high polycount object which you want to edit, but there is just too many polygons to see what you're doing. Select some points you want to work on, execute the script ... and all polygons not sharing those selected points get hidden. original topic: <to be continued> Does probably work with R16 - R21, not sure about S22, will definitely not work with R23.
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  9. Version 1.1


    TINA (Texture Importer 'n' Assigner) is a Python plugin to automate importing multiple textures into appropriate material channels. The plugin was originally created to import the different texture sets created in Substance Painter, into Cinema4D's native materials before the node-based materials where introduced in R20. Plugin is compatible with R17 - R21. Hasn't been tested on S22, nor with node-based materials. Will definitely not work with R23. original topic: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/92673-speti-and-tina
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  10. Version 1.2


    UVisland Outliner is a Python plugin which does detect the UV island boundaries and turns them into edge selection. The plugin will process all selected polygon objects. A new option introduced in version 1.1 (available via cog wheel) provides a way to ignore the outer edges of an open-ended mesh. In general you would want to turn all UV seams into edge selections. In case of open-ended mesh objects, the mesh boundaries would be detected as UV boundaries ... while these aren't actually UV seams. The new option will (by default) allow to ignore these boundaries. On the oth
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  11. Version 1.0.0


    Hello ABC Loop is a very simple Xpresso tool that allow us to loop an abc file inside Cinema4d. Sometimes we need to loop only a certain portion of the abc sequence. With this simple tool we can create that sequence by selecting the starting frame in the alembic and a loop time span. The Xpresso does the rest. I've tested the tool and so far is working fine. Instructions: The scene file contains two null with additional controls. A simple and a more complex version. Each ABC file needs one of command null to generate a loop. Hope it helps
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  12. 30 downloads

    no plugins needed no third party render engine needed no scripts no code executions no support given explore the scene and material settings at your own pace you will figure how it works as always PATIENCE use at your own risk no warranties whatsoever data-loss is always possible always make and keep backups NOTE +++ I have noticed that I have been using a free plugin for the star-field which is no longer available you could try to use Welters Cinema 4D plugins (welter-4d.de) and look for the extended st
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  13. Version 1.2.0


    TrueSplit is a modeling tool helper plugin that allows you to split the polygon selection from your object but with more advance option features list that you see below. Features: Split Multiple Objects in Selection Split Object as a Child Delete Poly Selection Optimize Split Object Optimize Base Object Center Axis To Split Object Apply Color To Split Object Remove Unused Materials Remove All Materials Stay In Polygon Mode Split All Polys on Object NOTICE: By clicking DOWNLOAD, you will be redirected to
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  14. Version 1.0.0


    This Cinema 4D scene file is available under as “open source” concept. This is intended for educational use but really can be used for whatever you want. You don’t need to credit me for commercial or non-commercial use. This scene file is Cinema 4D R21 based fully rigged and editable project. Just download the scene file, open it and add your object as a child of the OrganicReveal null object. After adding as a child wait a moment to calculate. If nothing happens just change Point Count or Seed parameter to refresh. For change one material to another just copy vertex map from the Ver
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