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    Hi fellow artists, let me introduce some of the plans we are planing to do in 2017, at least we are going to try. For the start, we are bringing back our Xpresso tutorial because lots of you was interested in old VP tutorials even tho we don't sell them anymore, so we decided to at least bring back Xpresso tutorials because in reality, nothing changed on that field in last few years. You can check the STORE for more info about what is included in that tutorial serious which is by far best thing Hrvoje ever done for C4D Community!! NOTE: Prices are adjusted depending on your status on the forums! I am also planing to STREAM via (probably) YouTube simply because all of you are familiar with the platform and Twitch is platform more for gaming then anything else. My plans is to stream mostly my modeling workflow, basic and complex stuff. If you guys have any suggestions about what software to use for streaming, that would great to know, I am not very familiar with it, so I will have to do some Googleing. Also, if any of you is interested to do the same thing via C4D Cafe, please let me know. If anyone wants to upload video on our You Tube channel, please feel free to contact me, Ill make sure you get all the credits for the video. For now only @westbam provided me with few nice tutorials for which we are very grateful. I also want to say big thanks to our C4D members who helping us and without them, forum wouldn't be the same. Most engaged members are : @Cerbera, @bezo and @Rectro. One big thanks has to go to @teknow and his enormous 30GB of C4D files which are more than awesome. NEW LEADERBOARD We will also try to make some cosmetic changes of the forums, maybe even migrate to another platform, simply because we dont have much options with IPS when looks of the forums comes to question. Any suggestion for 2017 is more than welcome! Stay well fellow artists and happy 3D modeling, rendering, texturing...and so on and on! Cheers, Igor
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    Hello, I am kinda new here and starting a wip thread now. I am working on my showreel that will be "presented' by an 'audio visual robot type of character'. I moddelled and rigged the robot and this is what it looks like now. All my projects will be shown on all the screens of the robot in the final movie. More will follow soon!
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    Wasn´t used manual selection... When opened plugin (window and tool), switched to regular polygons, selected group and applied command Outline selection. When switched back to plugin tool mode, automaticly will be created separated UVpoly islands. Inside cuts are only clicks with plugin tool...
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    I understand what you mean, but I still cannot imagine a workflow for this. The whole point of creating seams is to unwrap what is "inside" the seams. In your example you create a seam and only want to unwrap a portion of the polygons. Why don't you then simply create seams as boundaries of the polygons you want to unwrap? The cut in a loop fashion is because YOU select the seam to be a loop. The whole point of Seamilar is to create seams, but it's up to you to create them. You are not limited to loop selections.
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    Top Tip: When you get to the softbody dynamic droplets on the face, make the spheres icosa type; this works best with dynamics because of the even poly size. Also there are ways to do that without dynamics at all. You could project a load of splines on to the animal's face, and then animate your droplets following the path of those splines using the 'align to spline' tag.
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    What a good man. Hey, here is a link to some music I just made and you might like, especially if you like a good rhythm section (and in case anyone else might like it): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6oErO8ecP3_MGJtMXQyZ0tReGc/view?usp=sharing
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    wow , very nice ! I am glad it is not huge :D
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    thanks a lot, cerbera
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    Guys as promised, now we have new front page gallery. @VECTOR, I hope you are happy now! ;)
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    @SIgor Hi. This is totally random. But is it also possible to add a feature in the forum to delete attachments in multiple selection? Correct me if I'm wrong but currently, deletion of attachments is only for individual basis.
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    NICE!!! Throw that in your portfolio and apply for architecture school!
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    W.r.t. the poll, I should note the answer I provided was in the context of a Mac version being available.
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    you can check this script that I made some months ago :) http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/94520-correctional-pose-sculpting-script/