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    I am working on a new project and want to share my progress here. As I attend a new job where I will work more with Cinema 4D I want to practice a bit with lighting and rendering and for that I need a great scene. It will also later be exported to a game engine, most likely Unity. The scene is the lobby interior of The Grand Budapest Hotel which I stumbled across just recently but which instantly became one of my favorite movies. Original: I want it to be quite accurate so I collected many screenshots from the movie and making-of clips. Some of them I projected with a camera using Cinemas Camera Calibration tool which is just magic. It was blessing to see numerous camera projections fit in nicely with previously created geometry. In addition I use a blueprint used by the set designers. So here is the current Blockout: Using a fairly accurate camera projection is great as it allows you to model rough shapes quickly at correct position and size. Of course the projection is only a guide, it won't be part of the final result.
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    Been a while since I've been here, guess my topic and all posts got deleted when the new forum came so here I go again ^^ Just posted some new work for Jean Paul Gaultier, more highres angles on my portfolio.
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    Great use of camera mapping there :)

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