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    Thanks man!!! Just posted the first commercial work I've done with Octane! More shots on the link.. NIKE • Air Max Day '17
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    "You can't please all of the people all of the time" somebody presumably wise once said. MAXON do OK because they keep most of the people happy most of the time*. *Except R17.
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    I was out looking for a 3rd party UV application when I had a V8 moment - I have a license for modo and scanning the boards over there I see that used licenses sell for less than I'd have to pay for a UV app. So I'll keep my modo license until MAXON gives us mature UV tools and use that to do my UV work in. And that is be a tip for anyone looking for an alternative to C4Ds UV tools - modo's UV tools are excellent and you can get a license for around $250 so consider that before you spring for unfoldUV or something similar .
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    You have to consider another thing. If you go look at the outcry against Autodesk, I would say that 90% of the people complaining are Max users. Why that? Because generally speaking, Maya users are employees, not employers or freelancers. Like it or not, Max users were always generalists and prone to open their own freelancer careers. So what Autodesk affect them a lot. I have a friend who I've been talking about Cinema 4D as a option and he can't accept because he feels MAXON will follow Autodesk, since Nemetsch or I don't know how you write it, introduced rent even before Adobe. So it would be nice to see MAXON publicly address this kind of concerns because it could lead to more users. As for the current state of C4D, it's a great tool. We just want to it be even greater faster. :) I mean, wouldn't you guys prefer to do most modeling and UV inside of C4D? Lots of people here use Modo and that's valid, but I bet they would prefer to stay the most inside one application and only use one that's way way ahead, like ZB for sculpting or Houdini for FX.
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    it is quite complex , if they added the ability for user modifications it would be hard to keep the rig working . but I think they should add more rigs , or at least make more rigs and add them as an optional update , so problems like this won't happen .
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    With regard to Octane, what size was the second shot run at and how long did the render take? Great, great stuff, as usual.
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    The hardcore critics are a small percentage of the community. I think it worsens this time of year. It's been 7 months since MAXON updated and people watch the glitzy demos of other apps with their new features. It all seems so enticing. I agree with Arail...MAXON's user base has, if anything, exploded in the past 5 years.
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    Be aware that Win 7 home edition does not support more than 16gb of ram hence what you need Win 7 Pro or Ultimate. Dan