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    So, whilst waiting for an animation to render I started doodling in 3D which I haven't really done in ages. Although the scale is all over the place and it probably has some huge realism problems I thought I would share my doodle here. I now plan to clean it up a bit. Add some more detailing and then texture and finally make a short animation cutting through waves in the ocean (using displacement deformer and a collision deformer. The sails already have jiggle deformers added to give it some interest and the flags a cloth objects pinned to the masts. I may even add some simple characters to walk the deck to give it some life. If you've got a few moments spare and can give me some feedback, criticism welcome or some advise I am happy to hear it. thanks all Simmy
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    All I know is that after a decade of stagnant development, BP user experience is today completly outdated in comparison with the competition. If MAXON update just the BP core for the next C4D release, they will face a backlash, it's better to wait one or more years for a complete overhaul before leaving the beta program IMO.
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    What do you call an object that has only points, with no polygons? I don't know, but I do know it can be a useful object to control placement of plants using a Cloner set to Object mode with Vertex distribution. Makes spreading plants around pretty quick, and the use of a Cloner makes mixing plants together, changing plants, and fine tuning placement a cinch!
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