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    They made a "politician's promise" that we'd see some type of substantial update between R18 and R19 but that never happened. They'll probably use it as justification why they can never share information with customers again. heheh "See look! We promised something but didn't deliver then there was disappointment. From now on, you will endure the veil of secrecy until each new SIGGRAPH session!" :)
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    Class 01 - Double_Constraint Summary: Building a dual way ball and chain constraint with automatic switch based on active selection with Python node. Using comparison logic to activate constrain once chain is fully extended. Duration: 25 min File Size: 161 Mb -end result-
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    Modo is a lot more stable now. My guess is updated UV tools are 1 year away at best case scenario. Don't expect much in R19 apart from a token gesture minor enhancement that they are working on the UV tools. Updated UV tools could likely be tied into the new core so you won't get one without the other.
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    About priority I know is not like you but you can do a left click into object which are stacked. And select the one you want. For other thing you can do it in python ;) About tag I don't really udnerstand what you mean but I have no doubt you can do it in python ^^ Even if you can't do it directly in python you can display it in the viewport or anywhere you want throught python. About preset you mean for UD creation? Again it can be made in python :) New projet can be easily done in python excepted for texture path which are global :/ About Nitropose I currently developped one And I will release it as open source when finnished ! About material creation I 100% agree but again you can make a simple button which gonna create your material. And since you speak about redshift I point you to the script I made for rs script creation => https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/10457/P30/#69130 For the background color you can change it into preference color. And you can also easily make a python plugin for switch beetwen them. Anyway I don't have a lot of free time due to my school animation project + work but when finnished (in 2months), and acording the update from R19 I will make thoses plugins ;)
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