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    Selection Tag enables you to use different materials on different parts of the same object. However, Some of the Objects in Cinema 4D has Invisible Selection, That allows as to apply different materials on the object, without creating any Selection Tags. Name of Invisible Selection Should be entered into Selection field of Texture Tag, Invisible Selections - Bool Select Bool Object and enable 'Select Intersections' to create invisible Selection tag named "I", which can be entered into Selection field, and will only bevel the cut edges. Invisible Selections - Generators You can apply different materials to the hull, caps, and rounding. If you want similar materials for both sides, you can duplicate texture tag and change selection input, instead of duplicating entire material. C1 = Start Cap (Cap 1) C2 = End Cap (Cap 2) R1 = Start Rounding (Rounding 1) R2 = End Rounding (Rounding 2) Invisible Selections - Voronoi Fracture If you want to assign different materials to the fragment surfaces and to the overall surface, use Invisible Selections to restrict the materials accordingly (this works without making the Voronoi Fracture object editable). Inside Faces = fragment surfaces Outside Faces = overall surface Also, you can use these Invisible Selections in combination with Bevel Deformer. Edge mode: Surface Break, Edges Edge Vertices Polygon mode: Inside Faces, Outside Faces Point Mode: Inside Vertices, Edge Vertices Invisible Selections - MoText You can apply different materials to the hull, caps, and rounding. To do this you can utilize invisible selections. C1 = Start Cap (Cap 1) C2 = End Cap (Cap 2) R1 = Start Rounding (Rounding 1) R2 = End Rounding (Rounding 2) Invisible Selections - Explosion FX With Explosion FX, you can quickly create and animate explosion effects. It creates 3 Invisible Selection Tags that allows us to restrict different materials to them. C1 = Inside C2 = Outside B1 = Edges You can also set time to 0 and use it as Thickness generator.
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    Adding a well working plugin for C4D from any render engine is a huge amount of work that takes a huge amount of time. With them adding support for ProRender I'd expect there to not be much more because of the huge amount of time making a plugin for a render engine takes. I see adding support for ProRender and a bad move for many reasons. 1) C4D had a ton of render engine available for use already. Of all the 3D programs out there C4D might have the most render engine plugins available. Yet another plugin is not what C4D needs. 2) ProRender looks slow and new. There is so much work that goes into making a good render engine having a new one is probably bad unless they have a huge team working very efficiently on it. 3) The time wasted on adding support to ProRender could have been used adding features people would actually want and use. Other things that will probably be added is real time painting preview in bodypaint and some tools being multi core. It probably won't be integrated well with steady stroke and other features that would make people actually use it, so again a waste of time. I'm sure most have switched to useing 3DCoat, zbrush, or substance painter at this point anyway. If they do have things like steady stroke in there it will be a huge feature for me. For the new core I would hope it means at least all tools would use multiple cores and everything would run faster. At the very least I'd hope the bool tool would use multiple cores. To help answer 3D-Pangel's initial question in the past we might have seen the mograph tool use multiple cores, a faster startup of c4d, and some other tools using multiple cores as a partial integration of the new core. They probably have been working on it for a long time so this for me will be the most interesting thing. Seeing how much they actually get done next year with that crew not having to spend so much time on the core will be more interesting. MAXON switching to a system where you don't have to update every year for your copy of C4D to not become worthless would be great from my perspective. Their list of updates per release have been so ho hum that I could save a lot of money by skipping several releases and then pay $650 to upgrade. This would be bad for MAXON as so many people would do this, they would lose a ton of money. C4D has not have a I need it or really want it update for a long time. They know this, and are keeping the you must update every year policy because of it. There would be some money in the large number of people that might upgrade from really old versions to the newest one for $650. They would also be able to keep some users from switching to other programs because they are tired of paying $650 per year for features they will never use. To know if it would be overall positive or negative cash flow would be hard to determine. I could be wrong. Maybe they make more money by changing their upgrade policy. That is the way I see things. I could be wrong. If they have anything like VR or something I'd be really surprised.
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    MAXON has said they are working on improving the UV tools and/or making a whole new workflow for them. They just haven't said when those are going to come.
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    @SKaiser you can just buy Redshift right now. It gives you access to all the plugins, including the C4D one when it's officially out. Otherwise just keep working with the alpha for now. You are allowed to use it commercially. No rendering from me while I'm on (a very short) vacation. With these views, it's hard to justify sitting in front of a computer for too long. :) too bad I have to get back to NYC tomorrow. :'(
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    Good Stuff @DanLSK. I'm a Resident Evil fan too! I really love the Jewel Render. Here's a few more from me. I'm starting to get the hang of the nodal system now, though not all nodes are documented....need to experiment more. Does anyone know how much the renderer will change when it goes to beta?
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    Thanx Igor, and yes I love the old RE games. The Umbrella scene is nothing special to look at really, but it served me well to get grasp on few things. The IPR is so great I just cant stop playing with displacement or better yet refractive materials with displacement... Here is few quickies from this morning
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    Played some more with Redshift tonight Lessons learned: 1- RS does not like SLI configuration. Must disable SLI so RS can correctly utilize all of the vRAM from both video cards. 2- Save often, 16gigs of RAM just might not be enough when you get crazy (not knowing what you doing) with some of the settings... 3- Bake your own complicated C4D shaders into textures then pipe them into RS texture 4- Good time to start learning XPresso One more from tonight
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    That's because all you are hearing is speculation. Other than the small demos of ProRenderer, we haven't really heard anything official from MAXON. I am withholding judgment until MAXON officially says what's coming in the next version. Speculation is fun sometimes, but it's not the same as knowing anything. Siggraph is coming up in a little over a month; we should know some stuff then.

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