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    ....It's the most wonderful time of the year There'll be much C4Ding And screens will be glowing When renders are near It's the most wonderful time Yes the most wonderful time Oh the most wonderful time Of the year...... All, It is that time of year again. As I find out about special deals and promotions that always seem to come forth around Black Friday, I will post them here. So far, I only have one (but it is early yet): C4DZone - 50% off all plugins on 11/24/2017 ONLY. I also certainly invite others to do the same as well. Just a few things to remember when you post: Include a link to the site. Be sure to specify the dates of the sale Be sure to include and coupon codes (if any) Mention the amount of the discount Thanks, Dave P.S. And in case anyone is wondering: Black Friday is traditionally the day after the US Thanksgiving Holiday (always held on the last Thursday of November -- which for this year is 11/23/2017) and the biggest shopping day of the year as people ramp up their spending for Christmas. That is why it is called "Black" Friday because sales on that day put most retailers into the financial "black" (or profit) for the year.
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    Trust me - the bicycle's hierarchy is about as crazy, if less sophisticated. That said, I ran a PSR constraint to R_Leg_Foot_cont+ (not before constraining the wrong bits beforehand resulting in very painful looking contortions) and it works perfectly. Haven't rigged the right side yet, but I have a bit of work to do on Wordpress beforehand. Can't thank you enough. -Kurt

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