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    Nice job with the model man, looks really good!
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    Not sure if this is what your looking for but it may help https://elementza.com/bevels-booleans-cinema-4d/ https://elementza.com/tutorial-series-introduction-modeling-cinema-4d/
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    Baby Cartoon Dragon View File This is a SubD model of a cartoon baby dragon. If someone decide to texture or rig it please share. Submitter carel Submitted 12/11/2017 Category Models  
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    Printed few more things over the past week as I'm getting familiarized with S3D. Still having problems with adhesion on clean surface. Hairspray is must and bed at 65° does the trick for now. Currently printing Viking warrior and waiting to see if my supports are going to hold up like they should.
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    That looks likes a pretty decent job of it so far. I think you should make your vinyl surface with materials - that is way too small a detail to contemplate modelling them in. If you look at your turbosquid link (6th pic from the end), you can see the material channels he used, and the type of maps he put in each one ! Having said that, I bet you could also do a lot of this using just the bump (v low delta) and reflectance channels, with anisotropy. CBR
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    Hi all., This took a while to model, I appreciate all the opinions that were made regarding modeling this. It's still a ways off but I'm getting there, slowly... My next question is what would be the best the way to model a vinyl record. I've been looking on Turbosquid: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-vinyl-modeled-realistic-model/920660 to see some examples, but I can't determine if they used a texture/material or is it modeled (regarding all the groves). Any ideas, thoughts? Thanks in advance. catnap
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    Thank You guys soooooo much. I am a total noob at C4D. I really appreciate your help. I will work on my hard body modeling. LMFAO
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    Hiya All seems fine for me, tho it does render different from your screen shot. Anything to do with frame rate / frames. Your rendering 270 frames but have 600 in your scene. Not my area of expertise but like I say, seems good on my machine in R18 Deck
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    Nice render, but I think there is much room for improvement. - The textures on that wooden chest don't look very convincing. - The lamp on the right looks like you have cut out a piece of your image, it's completely flat, if you see the light on the left, you can clearly see it's cylindrical shape. - The curtain rail doesn't seem attached to the wall. - I should also have a closer look at the outside, the grass doesn't look very realistic. Just some observations :) -W-
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    Yep, good stuff, and I particularly like what you've done with the duvet and the bedding. Would be nice to see some rucks in those rugs though - have never seen one of those that is 100% flat :) CBR
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    could be a good one for an Elite challenge some time down the road
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    Was asked to do some abstract illustrations of the letter B for the cover of Bedrockk's new single, more on the link!

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