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    Baby Cartoon Dragon View File This is a SubD model of a cartoon baby dragon. If someone decide to texture or rig it please share. Submitter carel Submitted 12/11/2017 Category Models  
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    Nice render, but I think there is much room for improvement. - The textures on that wooden chest don't look very convincing. - The lamp on the right looks like you have cut out a piece of your image, it's completely flat, if you see the light on the left, you can clearly see it's cylindrical shape. - The curtain rail doesn't seem attached to the wall. - I should also have a closer look at the outside, the grass doesn't look very realistic. Just some observations :) -W-
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    Yep, good stuff, and I particularly like what you've done with the duvet and the bedding. Would be nice to see some rucks in those rugs though - have never seen one of those that is 100% flat :) CBR
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    Was asked to do some abstract illustrations of the letter B for the cover of Bedrockk's new single, more on the link!
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