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  1. Here's Part 2, in which we make the base using a nice easy lathe... If this post gets more than 5 likes I will make Part 3 - the difficult scroll top ! ;) CBR
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  2. My Gif Tips are like buses. nothing for ages, then 2 rock up at once. Today, we're modelling Corinthian Columns in this 2 part extravaganza, and we're doing it properly. First we'll do the main columns with lovely SDS poly modelling... So enjoy that... part 2 next. CBR
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  3. that could happen if I could get a good price . . . .
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  4. Heigh Map Generator View File Height Map Generator The Height Map Generator is a free Xpresso tool that optimizes the making of Height / displacement maps. It's concept is based on a Blender plugin called Easy Height Map (https://www.blendernation.com/2018/02/21/easy-height-map/), and it's a tool that i think it is very usefull when you need to create simple or complex displacement maps in a fast production rate. The plus in this tool is that we can create both single or animated sequences and use them in displacement maps, displac
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  5. Time for another one I think. This time let's make a diamond-cut whiskey glass in just 23 easy steps :) CBR
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