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    If there's one video I can make which will save you more time working than it takes to watch, it's a video about takes. So here's a video about takes.
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    This is one of my on-going projects - a unicycle on some landscape. You can manually steer the unicycle in the viewport, but in this video it's switched to random. Uses the Base80 wheel. A breakdown (of sorts) with info about the Base80 wheel here (video). scene omscenes.zip if the scene plays too slow (eg on a laptop), disable any shadows or reduce landscape segments.
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    Barry Barbecue is the next in the line of new characters, he loves to drink beer,and bbq, and not much else because he's a bit stupid
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    Those basic animation principals are based on physics and locomotion which predate the rules created in 1981 and will never change. Those basic animation principals are also based on the way organic life actually moves and that will also never change. Only the devices we use to execute such movement is updated. That said, I'm biased because I don't really like this sort of hyper surrealistic (Cool3DWorld) style.
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    just as well... I don't know where that link came from! LOL It looks like a science podcast i listen too so maybe that link was somehow stuck in my clipboard. I find I get lots of weird things going on when I'm rendering in c4d and doing something else at the same time!
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    If you are a master modeller in C4D (with about 10 years experience), then you will most likely also be able to model in pretty much any program, after an initial period where you learn all the specifics and methodologies of the new software. If you want maximum employability across all of 3D then you need to know what you are doing in Maya most principally, as that is the industry standard in a lot of areas, but particularly character work. But be aware that it is also considerably harder to work in than Cinema, so you should start getting the practice in now if that is your main goal. CBR
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    The classes you would take at a school are arguably the least important thing of participating in a formal program. Most of your learning is from practice, and, as others have said, the little bit of direction you need can be found online for free or very cheap by comparison. However, the thing that is extremely difficult to recreate outside of a formal program is the means to gain experience. In school, you've got classmates who are equally dedicated to spending all their time learning and creating. Outside of a program, people are either already working in the field and don't have time to work on a "student" project, or they're hobbyists who have full-time jobs and can't commit the way that another student would. For example: I pursued live-action filmmaking in college and didn't turn to computer animation until I graduated. I never found people to work with, so I did everything by myself (while working full-time). 10 years later, I had learned enough to launch a short film and completed it 2 years later. So it takes a great deal of focus and effort to either learn by yourself or to find people to learn and practice with. If you decide to go that route, you really need to treat it like a full-time job and really dedicate yourself to the endeavor. When you get stuck with a full-time day job, and try to do it on the side - that's when it takes 10 years. Lastly, a school can also provide you with a lot of connections. You form strong relationships with teachers and classmates, which often turn into future opportunities. Depending on the program, alumni may remain fairly loyal, and be more willing to hire other alumni when given the opportunity.
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    Hello JustBegun, I make Cinema 4D tutorials, here's a link to my site Digitalmeat.uk There's plenty of video tutorials there dealing with a wide range of aspects of Cinema 4D. I also have a Patreon page in which i provide more in-depth tutorials such as "Hard Surface Modelling" and "XPresso" Here's some links to tutorials I've done on this subject Motion Tracker Projection Mapping Object Tracking Pt1 Object Tracking Pt2 Here's one on Global Illumination Global Illumination
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    It really depends on what you intend to do. If you intend to learn 3d and have a related job in the industry Some art directors/studios hiring talent will want a university type degree in 3D animation / CG etc. Some won't care, if you can make awesome art, you can make awesome art, it doesn't nessisarily matter where you gained those skills, as long as you do indeed have those skills. Places like Pixar, frame store, the mill etc will hire some talent straight from uni or offer internships to students currently taking associated university degrees. So in that respect getting an official shinny university degree sticker will help you get on your way in some amount, but ultimately it I'll come down to more than what's technically on paper, more your portfolio, and arsnel of assosiated 3d skills that make you valuable. As far as just learning goes. I think teaching yourself could potentially offer alot more advantages over a class room. It will allow you to taper your learning around other things like time constraints and work commitments aswell as give you the opportunity to focus your learning curve on something you specially want to do, rather than learning things you may not need like rigging etc
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    So exactly what I suggested in my first post then ? CBR
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    Hey, @Beefdoctor! I'm not sure it's possible, but I'd love to hear if someone knows how! My guess is Xpresso. Could you maybe explain what you're trying to achieve? Maybe there's another way outside of using "Follow Position" etc. XParticles comes to mind.
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    Thanks for the comments guys... Now who wants to know how to make this Ionian Capital ? CBR
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    Here's Part 2, in which we make the base using a nice easy lathe... If this post gets more than 5 likes I will make Part 3 - the difficult scroll top ! ;) CBR
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