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    Just when I thought I was out, C4D pulled me back in. without going into reasons I sold Studio, I had a few extra dollars this month and when MAXON had their 30% off sale I picked up Prime and got an additional reduction with sidegrade from Rhino it was an attractive offer, yeah it is a long way from Studio but I feel more comfortable modeling in C4D. when I feel the urge to have dynamics, VFX, cloth, hair etc I can fire up Houdini. so I have seen my wayward ways and have returned to the flock. ;-)
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    Hello, check out our latest work with c4d/octane. Its been since September that i decided to go to c4d after many years in 3ds max and i think i love this transition.
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    SDS Excercise 04: Shader Ball (Time Lapse Version) SDS excercise 04 currently only is available as a time lapse video without sound. I'll do a full tutorial with narration when I find the time. In this subdivision surface excercise I am modeling a shader ball that is based on a similar shader ball created by Grant Warwick. Enjoy!
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    yeah the same. when I asked about doing something simple like a helix, I was told "just use VEX" (which would be something else to learn), yes VEX is powerful but I don't want to have to use it every time I need a non-standard Houdini tool. for instance I started modeling a Star Wars AT-PT, it was straight forward to get basic shape but then to extrude a poly, I had to go into menu, select extrude, then extrude . . . . repeat process for another poly and their knife tool is a nightmare however the ends results are similar to C4D but a bit clunky getting there and to do something quickly. A positive aspect of Houdini modeling is the procedural method, in C4D, unless you save at each major step, you have to undo then lose things where in most cases in Houdini you just go to that node make the change and it propagates throughout the rest of the nodes. For hard surface modeling, C4D is by far the better choice. Modeling in Houdini requires a lot more forethought and planning than in C4D. I do believe SideFX is starting to make inroads into modeling tools (nodes) but their bread and butter is VFX as is the bulk of their users.
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    Uv Terrace did the trick! Now is smooth. Thanks!
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    You need to recreate UV´s for an eyes. When I create new UV´s all went fine... Use edge selection for restrict "visible" eyes and apply unwrap mainly for them
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    Great to hear that, welcomen back! :)
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    Bezo i couldnt thank u more! cheers to all u in this forum, ur all very helpful !
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    Here you have 2 scripts. One enable null object only, second one enable all...Unzip file, open preference folder, navigate to library/scripts and put all 4 files there. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/see6e9dzz5pf45u/AACyRo9h0pIezWUEbqGRbuqva?dl=0 there is also attached small image how icons looks like. You can create your own if you wish. For scripts you can assign shortcuts also...
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    In Vfx for realtime you create a flipbook with rendered effects which is thrown into the effects shader in the engine. The shader is applied to planes with alpha, right. In your example it seems like the uvws do not match the texture...hence the screwed up stretching. As first step Create a lenghty plane with correct uvws and model the plane around the object in the way you want the effects to appear. Be careful not to stretch the plane to preserve uvws
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    I don't think the industry is in any kind of decline. It's shifting and will always be shifting. Sounds like your general area isn't showing any kind of force to keep work coming in, which is always a factor for smaller communities. If you need to relocate, you don't need to live in LA or NY to do mograph. Theres Detroit, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Denver, SF. Lots of different choices. LA is expensive, but I don't know any freelance mograph artists struggling to survive. Most are driving pretty nice cars, so there is definitely money to be made. Don't call yourself a multimedia generalist. Sounds desperate. Hold true to what you are. Go buy the School of Motion Freelance Manifesto book. I think you'll find the inspiration in that to keep you going.

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