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    Hm,video,I have never made any explainer video,so I don't think it would be fast,especially I'm at work and I can't spend more than few minuts for you now. Maybe Saturday I could prepare some explainer files. Nitrobake is not necessary.I used it to bake Mograph objects to PSR only.This is some ways to do this without plugins,you can find many tutorials and presets to do this.Personally I prefer export Mograph cloner as FBX(check "Tracks" and "Bake all frames") and import back into c4d.
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    @BLSmith see pm about 719 degrees
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    Try this... preview2.mov Top Peel 2.c4d Hit play to see it run and switch off the deformers to see where it starts as a flat plane. I think this will work if you just shape the ends of the plane.
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    It's an interesting problem, for sure. Might be one of those things who's difficulty is out of proportion to its apparent simplicity. And if you want it very realistic then the outside edge has to stay stuck to the jar lip until the circular upward pull arrives at a given point as it circles the lip. Jesus, it's even hard to describe! Lol!
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    Hi Yes you can make what you want with the muscle system, it also has a material for it so it looks more realistic. You can shape 3 different stages Relaxed, flexed, and extended. The only thing with this system is it has no tendons so your have to fake it a bit. Dan
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    You can get that effect with this plug-in... https://code.vonc.fr/?a=67 I used it to make this element that was part of a medical animation...
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    New Eevee demos: New Disney Zootopia hair shader implementation, which is also available in the latest 2.79 builds. And the new version of Blender's 2d animation tools are about to be merged in time for the August V2.8 beta release. For those who aren't aware of the new 2d animation Grease Pencil, the Blender Foundation produced a 2d short animation to develop the 2d animation tools to "production ready" level. "HERO" showcases the 2d animation tool set and its capabilities quite nicely. There's is nothing equivalent on the market today: 2d and 3d animation tools are completely and seamlessly integrated. More info about these 2d animation developments here: https://code.blender.org/2018/07/grease-pencil-status-update/ https://code.blender.org/2017/12/drawing-2d-animation-in-blender-2-8/
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    Here's roughly what I'd do, topology-wise, in the first 3 stages of making this... CBR
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    Mograph Cache and then Current State to Object
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    I wouldn't hold your breathe for a R20 review from me. But hey, anything's possible. Things are looking up for MAXON going by the Day 1 blog post from the new CEO. One of my criticism's of MAXON was communication with their customers so it's very good to see something from the person at the top.
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    Made some changes here and there. Preparing for a release ...
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    Or select objects, then select material in material manager and from Function menu select Apply command...
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    Selecting all the objects, then dropping the mat on just one in the viewport seems to work.
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    latest update of last mentioned generator... https://www.fuchsundvogel.de/blog/2015-03-04-screw-generator-update
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    Thanks man. they are really cool ^^
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    The “plastic decal” node should be another RSMaterial node, with all of its own parameters, including roughness, etc.
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