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    I do see relationships in how the core is being implemented. For example, with OpenVDB implementation and the complete lack of any improvements to C4D's native particle system, I would not be surprised that a fluid simulation capability is somewhere on the roadmap with a new particle system capable of supporting it. But all that WON'T happen until the core is turned lose and C4D can handle massive quantities of objects. But fields had to come first....and just imagine what would be possible with fluid simulation being governed by fields. I would say it would give Realflow's daemons a run for their money. Unfortunately, August 20XX is such a long way away....so please MAXON, give us some insights!!! Dave
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    Hello everyone, wanted to share one of my latest images, this is a tribute image to one of my favorite childhood cartoon, Done in C4D, body textures in Substance Painter and rendered in Arnold.
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    I usually render mine directly into a psd so they come with their names and blend modes applied to the layer, all in one single file. Maybe you could re render a lores test and all should be revealed. Deck
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    if you have any specific questions, just ask me, I'll make a video or 2. here is nodes like you were five :) ( someone asked to explain on a forum, i think here)
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    What's up guys, so it's been about 2 months since i've done any 3d outside of work stuff, so i thought i'd break that little dry spell with a bit of sci fi hard surface modelling, currently a wip, been playing around in cinema for a few hours fleshing out the design for this fuel cell, it's starting to come together now, modelled with sub d, the whole body is a single mesh, the only separate parts are the handle assembly, updates to come, cheers ! V
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    Need to use different mode of ending (plus created n-gon for correct end) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2cs47sjl5p6oxtu/BOSSDS1-0002.zip?dl=0
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    Don't sell yourself short....I still learned a few things and aspire to that "nothing special" level. Dave
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    I wanted to share this in case anyone was looking to upgrade. AMD 2990WX 32 core 64 theads $1799 retail At 3 GHz is is said to get a Cinebench R15 score of 5099.3. Overclocked to 5.1 GHz it gets a score of 7618! As a reference my 4 year old i7-4790K gets a score of 840. It's just crazy to me that it's almost 10x faster when overclocked. AMD is doing some great work. To get an idea of how fast that really is here is a video of it running Cinebench while massively overclocked. Cheers
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    For Bezo :-) One of the files is too big to upload But here is a link, I hope that it will work...: 1/2 Moon wheel modeled with FreeCad Petit pignon.FCStd
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    Well, who would have thought. It is a funny coincidence that R20 does have this feature. We've been years without this ability and now suddenly solutions pop up in my mind as well as in MAXON's developers ones. There must be something in the air ... or we must have been smoking the same stuff. Oh right, I don't smoke. I don't know if this feature was already available in R20 betas, way before I dreamed up the solution. But I want to believe that MAXON's developers were inspired by this thread, and implemented their take on it. That way, the whole orphan point project at least wasn't "pointless". Still am jealous of @JLeaburn coming up with this terrific plugin name ... ROFLMOPO. My hat off to you, sir.
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    A classic question, which gives headache to many 3d artists. Linked below are 2 video tutorials for vray, but hopefully you can make a use of them. This issue is not software specific, as other 3d apps (maya. 3ds max) have multipass option too. Feel free to explore further.
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    Hey Everyone :) Well, I'm not sure how I did it, but I finally finished my latest short film :) The production on this was much different than my last short film Two Worlds, as I faced a few different challenges. Regardless, it's finished and now I can sleep :) http://www.fatchancefilm.com Cheers, Andy



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