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    Because without them you can't model anything without having random triangles popping here and there. Yes, worse than triangles, since they aren't as stable. Good models have no triangles or n-gons, it is so terrible to use with subdivision surface. Learn about upscaling and downscaling models, I attached a screenshot showing the upscaling and downscaling in a simple object.
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    There is a beta Demo for testing... May be next week they will be announcing it publicly. I installed it... reacts and renders fast... for Previz might be very useful to someone. https://u-render3d.com/get/downloads/
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    I didn't expect it to have a converter, but if it did, that would be a much easier sell. I'm not going to add another renderer to my system (and my brain) unless it makes my life easier or better. That could still be the case without a converter, but I just wanted to mention it.
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    To use a model in Element 3D, Make sure: You convert your sculpture to and object, you could achieve this if your right click on your sculpture>>Current state to object You Also need to Unwrap the UVW, which is not going to be easy with a high Poly, So, you may probably need to use retopology, to get a low Poly Object of your Mask. After you have the UV's you could paint your texture and get it inside Element 3D. Good Luck
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    Ngons causes issues for the modeller when wanting to loop slice. It cant slice as you would want as it has no single opposite edge. There are many Im sure that do use Ngons, and if you feel staying within C4D to do all your work has no issues when rendering, or modelling then go ahead, but its bad practice as often many will not keep a model just within C4D, its not a shareable file, it dont look very professional, and certainly wont look great in your portfolio. Your only get away with ngons on flat surfaces, but its just dam sloppy to use them. https://www.pluralsight.com/blog/film-games/ngons-triangles-bad https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/89/when-should-n-gons-be-used-and-when-shouldnt-they
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    First, I think you mean "sleigh" or "sled," not "sledge." :D You have a great start here! I think most advice will be somewhat subjective, but here are a couple thoughts: Try a different, more contrasting color for the outer body of the sleigh. The copper kind of clashes with the red seat. Also, I'd love to see that leather seat pop more saturated with red. The snow/frost on the body is decent, but maybe a little too evenly distributed. I imagine in real life you'd get more snow built up on the front and underside, not much on the back or the railings. The skis have very hard edges for the model and the texture mapping. Try beveling them slightly and blending those edges a bit. The lighting is not bad, but maybe could be enhanced with a little backlighting. It wouldn't hurt to cast a real shadow onto the snow rather than the PS drop shadow. FInally, the ropes are not very believable. They need some texture and bump/displacement to give them a braided look. The knots look extremely loose, like they would just fall apart. Hopefully that's all helpful! Like I said, you're doing great so far, just needs some tweaking.
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    I think when they are children or even an instance it becomes hard to access them with an effector or whatever. If they weren't children then you could possibly do something with mograph selections, but not practical as you would have to have exactly 3 times the object count to get the 3 objects appearing together. To be honest Ive never really used children. I used the plane as its a dynamic way to change all the cloners at once, but no doubt that could be controlled with xpresso, I know nothing of expresso Im afraid. One other option would be to use the cloner in blend mode, and inside it, put different versions of the table with the salts in different positions, you could use just two but it will work better with more variations, then you could use like a regular cloner and the salt positions would be blended from clone to clone, a more limited solution than the full control you have over single cloners but could be more suitable in some cases. If anything else comes to mind I will post it, you could also clone out the tables and then again using cloner in object mode, clone the salts onto the tables by putting the table cloner in the object field of the salt cloner, again you would have to do salt and pepper separately. Blend would be better I think. Deck
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