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    @BigAl3D Have you tried the base80 wheel ? You just make the wheel the same size as the vehicle wheel, and make the real wheel a child. You can also link rot P in XPresso. Works in any direction, as long as you move the parent. base80.c4d @HSrdelic that looks a lot like Roll-It
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    Second request for rolling this week. I built this and works only on XZ plane but it seems right.... Currently it uses a simple sphere. Select the sphere itself and transform to automatically roll it. You can change the roll object in null user data link but then you will have to change iteration values for points of loaded object (best to do on frame 0 with all reset) or automate that too. There is an issue with undo or resetting but that can be solved also and I am low on time :) EDIT: I edited the first post, was asked via pm for this roll_0006.c4d
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    If anyone is curious about the genesis of this quest of mine, it's based on a jewelry piece I had made for some artwork (attached). The project was album artwork for the band I am a part of, and I've been wanting to create a model in c4d to be able to create additional visuals with the window motif. Again, thanks for all of these replies!
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    Do you mean something like this? picture, https://www.dropbox.com/s/8jxhqsk5a1dhlug/Rose.png?dl=0 scene, https://www.dropbox.com/s/zoagc2hv3sa1mxf/Rose.zip?dl=0
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    It doesn't look like that's possible with the Shatter deformer. You will have to find a different method of turning an object into particles, such as a Cloner, Thinking Particles, or X-Particles. I doubt either of those are options for you with Lite, however.
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    thanks mate that worked a treat sorry if its a stupid question im learning.
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    Sure thing! I'll stick up a few screenshots of the settings I played with. I'm unsure which one of these actually resolved it though, but hopefully you can compare and see if there's anything you could apply to your setup. Just be careful if you do change anything, what works in mine might not necessarily work in yours. Right click on the Nvidia icon in the tray thing to bring up the Control Panel option 3D Settings Manage 3D Settings - Global Settings Manage 3D Settings - Global Settings
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    Just did a quick test with a rotating cube, if you are in Animation mode (button top left, click the Arrow for model mode to see it) I could change the Axis with Mesh -> Axis center.
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    Thanks for explaining! It is a bit finicky, but I did finally get it to work! I found out that when you delete the keyframes on the Cloner that are used to create the Tracer, you have to make sure that the P.Y is still set to 120 and not 0. This lead me to try some experiments where I tried using the Tracer live without making it editable. Somehow it still worked (it was still connected to a copy of the Cloner which was still animated). Then I completely disconnected the Cloner from the Tracer... and it still worked! So, I deleted the Tracer and replaced it with a single point spline at 0,0,0. Still works! What I think is happening is that the Spline Effector is placing all the clones on the point spline, and as we move it downward, it's actually turning the effector off, so they are returning to their original positions. I've attached a scene file showing this working. I also added a Delay to give them some nice bounce. @Octopodo this should make it much easier to duplicate and change to make all your 50-odd cloners! spline_effector_movement-No_Tracer.c4d
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    It's hard to tell without a test file, or knowing what you're animating (figure? object? complicated? simple?), but most likely, no. Animated properties such as Position, Scale, or Rotation (PSR) is oriented on the object's axis. Changing the axis would result in altering the animation. One possible solution would be to create a null object, and set a keyframe in all PSR properties you have animated. In the timeline, copy the keyframes from the original object, and paste them to the null object (this copy/paste is done in the timeline's Edit menu). Now delete the keyframes from the original object, put the original object as a child of the null that just received the pasted keyframes. From there, you'll have the ability to adjust the original object's axis, tweak its position, etc. See the attached c4d file. animationTransferred.c4d
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    100% problem was with the GPU. I performed a deep uninstall of Nvidia. There were some registry entries from AMD/ATI that the uninstall tool removed. Then done a clean install of latest Nvidia driver. (This actually freed up 10GB on my OS drive!). Unfortunately I made a bunch of changes in the Nvidia Control Panel from watching a few YouTube videos, that I don't know exactly what fixed it. I was browsing internet when both screens went black and then back , except the Windows theme changed to Basic I went in and changed theme to Aero. Opened C4D again and the tool was working like normal with OpenGL on. I was floored. Unless there was a delay from when the new driver was installed for that to take effect, so it could have been an old driver causing it. Since the issue began occurring when I had the Radeon AMD, it must have been an incompatible drive there. Doing the normal uninstall didn't clear it out until using the uninstall tool last night. Totally chuffed about it now though. It's like getting to use C4D for the first time again.
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    Yeah, they even took on idiots like Hrvoje, Igor or me ;)
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    I am planning to add the possibility to control the radius of the circle, but for now I just made a quick conversion of the original COFFEE code into Python. <file removed> Edit: Just to point out, the original COFFEE script is not mine. I don't want to take credit for this plugin, just provided a rewrite into Python. Edit 2: I have removed the script file in this thread, as it has now been uploaded into the download section of the forum.



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