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    Here is an interesting one (thanks to pm suggestion) where you can visualise various math functions and what result they produce :) I suck at math so I kindly ask anyone that is good in it to showcase some stuff! Math_stuff.c4d
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    My paper boat is afraid of heights... (rendered with Octane)
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    Its really hard for me to imagine the exact effect your after and i haven't seen EJs tutorial for a while either. Getting the order of travel right is usually down to clone weighting which you can set up with effectors, or the order, i.e. Random indexed etc. If the clones were set up on the spline it would be easy to weight them so the come off in order, or you could use the align to spline tag on the effects and run that along the spline with some falloff which would also trigger the movement. There are so many ways to move things around in mograph, I don't tend to use the matrix much myself, cloning on a spline with the rate perimeter works quite well for a flowing style motion, maybe a few keyframe transitions might get what your after. Deck
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    How about this option using a 3rd object, Ive had to keyframe it and you would have to further keyframe the visibility of your objects, but you can see the principle of it. I quite like it myself, very flexible set up, not the "flowing" along path style, but more moving along it, Think Im gonna have to go and play with some delay effectors on that now. Ive used a sphere here but obviously could be another cube. I also wonder why you don't just align the original Cube primitive to the spline, that would seem to be what you describe. Check the grab for that Nonetheless i like the transition from 1 object to another. Deck press play when open matrix 3rd object.c4d
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    Hi you can export the entire meshed animation into one file and then copy that in your network. I don't know if that is possible with all versions of C4D/RFC4D but I just have tested it in R20 and RFC4D2.6 1. First cache the entire simulation including mesh, check the result 2. Select the mesh, then export as alembic ogawa with the "merge final result" option and using all frames
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    Downloading and using Filter Forge program might be a good place to get a ton of different node combinations for the new C4D nodes system. The nodes would only have to be rebuilt in C4D. Cycles does a great job with things like this. As HSrdelic said BSDF layers, or in cycles what would be called a "Shader", can only be added at the end in C4D. Everything needs to be done before the last material node at the end. Having more than one material node at the end is also a big no no in C4D as there is no way to tell C4D which to pick. I'd recommend you get Cycles4D also known as Cycles for Cinema 4D from insydium if you want to use cycles in c4d. Combined Filter Forge with Cycles and you will have way more options than are available in C4D nodes.
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    The issue as introduced with the NVIDIA 39x.xx drivers and - depending on the timing of your machine - the issue can happen in R20, R19, R18, ... . If you're running into this issue, then besides reverting to a not crashing driver is disabling the threaded viewport redraw to work around this driver (crash) bug: To enable the workaround a command line parameter needs to be set for Cinema: g_threadedRedraw=false It will - as the name implies - disable the threaded redraw in the viewport (which is triggering the NVIDIA driver crash). This parameter can either be set via the Windows command console or - easier - by creating a program shortcut and adding the parameter to the target field. These are the steps to create the program shortcut: 1. Select the CINEMA 4D.exe in the Explorer and press the right mouse button. 2. Create a shortcut for the program. 3. Open the properties of the shortcut. 4. The first editable field of the shortcut contains a line called "Target" which contains the program path and name enclosed in quotation marks. Add one space behind the last quotation mark and add g_threadedRedraw=false (without any quotation marks) at the end of this line. The resulting "Target" line might (depending on the install path) be something like: "C:\Program Files\MAXON\R17\CINEMA 4D.exe" g_threadedRedraw=false 5. Confirm your changes with "OK". Regarding how MAXON tracks bugs: It happens (of course) in a database and the crash reporter (that 's popping up in case of a crash) is used to submit them - in case you submitted a valid email address, support or development will use this to get in touch with you. Best regards, Wilfried



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