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    The problem I faced was I dont like and will never like any rental system for software unless its a rent to own, Im fine with that. Vray unlike almost all other render engines does two things well, Skin, and Hair. Apart from a even more expensive option Arnold there is no other engine that can do both well, I will be looking at other options during the next year and hope I find one before r21. Dan
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    I don´t think there is a general rule. You have to think about your scene and figure out what makes sense in your Scene. Its allways about control in AE. If you have different Images you can control them easyly in AE So think about what you want to control in AE (talk to your Friend) and plan your Takes and Multipasses accordingly In Case you don´t know what Passes, Object Buffers and Takes are watch some tutorials on Youtube. And its a perhaps a good Idea to make a Testrender with passes, Takes and so on and hand it over to the AE-guy: Learning by doing
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    you can do without the effector and just use the fractures transform tab, seems to work fine. Effectively the same as dropping them all in a cloner and setting the count to the exact number of clones. Deck
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    No perpetual license? For those like me on Mac, rendering options are getting really scarce: physical is terribly slow, octane/redshift won’t work with AMD cards, Arnold costs an arm and a leg (rental only)....Another reason for me to jump ships, buy a PC and a redshift license... please prove me im wrong but this feels like bad news for Mac users on a budget.
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    Notice each viewport (perspective, top, front, right/left) has a dedicated menu bar? Change the setting in the 'Display' menu as you like and you're good to go.
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    I'm not sure whether you want each object to to have it's own seed and flicker the same way over the time or maybe just make an impression of that each of them flickers differently..If the latter, then - as Jed mentioned..Mograph and Shader Effector could be helpful. Place your objects under Fracture object. In material luminance channel put Mograph Color Shader. Add Shader Effector- turn off position scale and rotation Transforms and make sure Color Mode is ON. Also, turn off Use Alpha so the effector would use Strength instead. In shading tab choose some Noise shader set it's speed and also tune contrast ans brightness. flicker.mp4
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    I will be uploading the plugin here shortly. Here's already the "documentation" how to use it. No fancy interface, as it just gets the job done. Here's the plugin: Ringloop v02.zip



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