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    The problem I faced was I dont like and will never like any rental system for software unless its a rent to own, Im fine with that. Vray unlike almost all other render engines does two things well, Skin, and Hair. Apart from a even more expensive option Arnold there is no other engine that can do both well, I will be looking at other options during the next year and hope I find one before r21. Dan
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    the physical correct keyword is called chromatic aberration, often referred as CA in photography and film. you can do that with cinema if you have the physical renderer, i am not sure to which extent the rainbow color will come out but just experiment. of course you need something behind which will refract, for example lines, letters anything dark on bright or bright on dark, it works either way and some transparent object in front a sphere for example -> create a material with transparency, set the refractive index to anything above or below 1, i recommend 1.3 - 1.4 to start with. then go to render settings and set the renderer to physical. activate depth of field, set the sampling to low for now, later to high for less grainy out come of course. now create a camera, under the object tab set the sphere as focus object, under the physical tab take a low F-Stop maybe start with 1 (higher f stops will diminish this effect again) and set the chromatic aberration to 500 %. that should get you started. chromatic aberration.mp4
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    Yep, 100% correct. As fastbee suggests, you need to stop the floor reflecting with the compositing tag (see my screengrab below.)
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    It looks like the reflection from the ground. You could put a composite tag on the ground and tell it to not show up in reflections. You still need to decide what you want the bottle to reflect and put it in the scene somewhere.
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    For a long time I was want to try Vray since at the beginning (as I start with c4d) wasn´t too much other external renderers in the market. I missed it... And with this news looks like not try. With new owner and changed price politics it is not for hobbies (like me)... ...everything changes (and not everytime for better)...
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    Its very good news for those who can afford to rent it, very bad news for those who cant, and sure way to divide their customer base pushing out the hobbyist, and pulling in the big studios. Good luck to them. Im sure Vray4C4D will get its due attention to its development. Im still glad I got in on Vray when it was affordable, but sad to be stuck at v3.6 as I was looking forward to Vray Next, this also means Ornatrix is off my books now which its a great shame as I quite liked the beta, my Vray 3.6 will never see the additions needed for Ornatrix. Dan
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    If you have exterior scene with clear sky and bright sun, type of shadow that should be used is hard shadows with physical falloff, in order to get same look like in nature. If you have overcast sky, sun intensity will be lower, and therefore shadow type that should be used is soft shadow. Look at real life photos, study them, and you will learn a lot about these things ;).
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    Google did help: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/siggraph_2015_rewind_josh_johnson_vfx_for_indie_films
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    Hi Noschii, Good work! You will certainly gain a lot of skill from that project. But I have to agree a bit with spiralstair. The film would benefit from cutting it short as he mentioned. You would get the same feeling in a more streamlined version. It is all about killing your babies in the editing room as painfull as it sounds. It happens to all of us and everybody has to learn it the hard way. Everybody hates to throw away the hard work put into it ;) Here is a VFX breakdown of an indie feature film made with C4D: And here an older one :



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