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    Having CEO posting on Cafe is very reassuring and shows that MAXON is indeed changing for better. To reiterate, whatever is done, please don't kill perpetual license!
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    The vector and the angle is converted for quaternion. that are the values that represent this axis and angle, so v doesn't represent given vector
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    I think what makes the Houdini pricing model inherently more fair is that many of us are learning outside of official educational institutions. Everything that I know about CGI, I learned online from forums like these, tutorial videos, and friends — in short I don't have a student ID but I don't know any other way to describe myself than a student. When I saw Houdini's Indie license model, I almost got tears in my eyes at the excitement of discovering a company who finally understood that the market is changing and there are many like myself who prefer to use a legit product but who, for various reasons, don't qualify for the student price and can't afford to pay the full price. Regarding the topic of subscriptions (and Houdini Indie is a subscription), I don't really understand the aversion. In such a fast changing tech world, ownership might not be what it once meant. The MAXON "service contract" is for all intents and purposes a subscription…a pricey one at that. If C4D were to have a reasonable yearly subscription price (similar to the Adobe model), I think they would gain a hell of a lot more legitimate users. At the moment, I think C4D holds the dubious achievement of being the most-pirated DCC app out there. Perhaps MAXON is ok with it similarly to the way Adobe was ok with it for a long time — but to me that's another short sighted way to look at a rapidly changing market and user base. I don't think that MAXON should give away their product for free, but I do hope they revise their pricing structure to offer a more appealing option to people who are still learning and/or are doing very low/no paying indie type of projects.
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    Maybe like this CAMERA_DOLLY_RIG3.c4d you can adjust the noise params (freq etc) in attrib manager
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    You have "Use Color" On, you need to turn it Off in that objects. Good Luck
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    While I support the request for more affordable educational software licenses, I find nothing in your argument that justifies pirating software. A starving person stealing a loaf of bread to survive is one thing, but C4D is a luxury. Having it fulfills no basic minimum human need. By itself, C4D does not provide warmth, shelter or food. It is a want, and not a need. No one is "entitled" to it...plain and simple. If they are stealing it, it is through greed and nothing more. And don't give me the argument that they could use it to make money. To be able to earn some income from it requires weeks if not years of training, dedication, practice and skill. You don't just steal it on Monday, open a business with it on Tuesday and start eating again on Wednesday. Sorry, they are not stealing it to put food on the table. They just want it and as such I cannot justify any reason that makes its theft acceptable. Now, I firmly believe that in all options for providing hobbyist or educational licenses, MAXON needs to generate some income. I posted previously that hobbyist licenses should be resolution limited and there was push back. Honestly, as a hobbyist, the most you should hope for is being able to render something that looks good on your PC's screen. You do not need print or HD resolutions if you are a hobbyist. If you want higher resolution, buy the full license. Asking MAXON to offer the full package at a reduced price without reduced features is not a long term path to financial success for MAXON. ...and believe it or not....I want MAXON to be financially successful. I want them to have enough cash to be here for the long term and hire top notch developers to continually grow the program. Yes...I am a hobbyist and about 6 to 10 years from retirement. C4D is going to be a big part of my retirement years so MAXON better be around for at least 40 more years until I am either too blind to see the monitor or too arthritic to hold the mouse! if not, I am coming for you Dave....I am coming for you!!!! Dave
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    Ok I see, it behaves a bit different in R19 than in R20. It seems it doesn't loop backwards. Go to the Effector tab on the Random effector, and in the Min/Max set the Maximum to 0%, so it won't offset the animation forward.
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    The emitter seems to get detected with dynamic collision node. xpresso_button_flip2.c4d
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    There is a setting at the bottom of the reflection channel where you can choose to up the sampling for that reflection in particular. This is way better as it's not upping it for the whole scene. It still slows it down quite a bit. If you want better render times with blurry reflections and GI definitely go with another render engine like Cycles, Redshift, Octane, Corona.
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    For previous version there was plugin from anoanoW (coffeestock plugins) named SelectSave (I think), but currently not available... Another one from fieldcreatorsstudios named SelectN´Go http://www.fieldcreatorsstudios.com/selectngov2/
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    R20 has build-in option for exporting selected objects...
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    Let's throw a few tips and tricks in here for those getting started. First off: RENDER SETTINGS: A few findings from @Fastbee: I'll also add a couple of things I've learned can make your renders faster: Redshift's unified sampler definitely benefits from applying sampling overrides. Allocating sample overrides prevents the unified sampler from getting overworked by trying to clean up stuff like reflections, refractions, etc. So... 1) If using Brute Force for GI, take the ray count up to at least 2x your max unified samples. So if you're doing 256/512, use at least 1024 for GI. 2) Do the same for Individual overrides. So, for the above, it's also recommended to try at least 1024 for lights, refraction, reflection, etc. as needed. This is some of what I've learned from Saul Espinoza's and Jesus Fernandez's tutorials on youtube. They are Maya-based, but the same theories still apply and are quite helpful, even for C4D. Saul: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUNokXBHp-7b_E6cDG4UA6A Jesus: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0jeJu-5pm2W9wNDZeUBJg ANOTHER ONE! Never, ever trust progressive mode for your final render. The IPR (when set to progressive) doesn't always show you what's going on. For example, Multiple SSS is not visible in progressive mode. Neither are caustics. Also the IPR defaults to brute force mode, so any tweaks to GI will not be visible in progressive mode. So, if you're working with Multiple SSS, caustics, etc. and you can't really see what's happening, make sure you go to Redshift's render settings, and in the Basic tab, turn off "Force (progressive) Enabled for IPR." This will take your IPR into bucket mode and show you everything exactly how your final render will come out. Of course, bucket mode will be slower than progressive, so you may need to turn down your unified sampler for relatively fast updates. You can always switch back to progressive mode when you want to work more quickly.
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    AND ANOTHER ONE! Ever wonder why your refractive materials look kind of weird by default? In order to be SUPER FAST, Redshift does a little bit of "cheating" and turns off certain things by default. Sometimes you can get away with it, but other times, things can sometimes not look quite right. This is especially true for refractive materials. See how this glass cube renders by default: Not quite right, is it? Let's see what happens when we turn on caustics: Better, but it still looks wrong. There should still be some shadowing going on. Go to your RSMaterial, and under Advanced > Refraction, turn up the Shadow Opacity - you may need to play around with the values to get the desired look. Here it is with Shadow Opacity turned all the way up 1 and caustics turned off: Alright, we got the shadowing going on now, but we need to refine this. Now turn your caustics back on and do a bit of tweaking: Ta-da!
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