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    Hi folks :) In this topic I decided to share many of my files for you to examine. All of these were small setups, rigs, contraptions, prototypes and fun projects that I made over the years for clients or for myself. There is a lot of them but I will post them in small groups over time in order to avoid overload :P Feel free to use techniques and whatever you learn from them to your advantage. Each file will be enumerated and with hint of what is used in the scene in parenthesis. Files will vary from simple to quite advanced setups, in no particular order Have fun! 01_Airplane_route(MG+constrains).c4d 02_Atom_array_attractor(MG+XP).c4d 03_Ballon_procedural_anim(CA+Cmotion).c4d 04_Barb_wire(MG).c4d 05_Beast_in_box(CA+Cmotion).c4d 06_Box_fill(Dyn).c4d 07_Burning_match(MG+XP).c4d 08_Butterfly(CA+Cmotion).c4d 09_Cell_tissue_penetration(MG).c4d 10_Build_up(MG).c4d
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    i wouldn't necessarily do this with cloth... very tricky to get right... you could also do it via softbody or just a simple dynamic joint chain. each solution is giving different looks of course. for the cloth solution you might wanna belt a selection of your geometry to the head, for the softbody you'd have to attach it with a connector. also a constraint tag for the bobble to follow the tip won't work in any case, a constraint looks at the axis of an object, not the point location (except for clamp constraint set to surface mode, but unfortunately it's a rather buggy constraint which i haven't seen anyone get to work flawlessly in a more complex setup like this)... if you're going for softbody you could make everything one single piece of geo and work with vertex maps to set different degrees of stiffness to the object. the easiest way to do it would be the dynamic ik-joint chain route, but that won't give you proper collisions of the surface (in case you really need that)... although you could also combine that with a collision deformer. here's all 3 approaches, you might wanna dial in the settings a bit better though.... santa_hat_ik.c4d santa_hat_softbody.c4d santa_hat_cloth.c4d
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    I saw this link on youtube, I haven't watched it, but i'm guessing it uses the new Fields/Volumes functionality to achieve the effect.
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    Maybe with a spinoff of this general technique? Erosion.c4d.zip
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    I have been collecting your example files for quite a while and they are uniformly clever and didactic. Thanks for these additions!
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    ...maybe too much tiny polygons (0,070 high) for SP baker. In result (UV´s versus texture resolution) it´s few pixels only...
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    The UV map itself is fine. Could be you need a higher resolution texture map to paint on e.g. 8000 x 8000

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