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    Here's a little test I did using a hi-res model of a Honda Pilot. The model is over 600,000 polygons. Not the best model to use for a wide shot like this, but with Multi-Instance it's not a problem. This is a simple grid of 1,000 cars with a little randomness. That's over 600 million polys! Not to mention it's fully textured including chrome, glass, rubber, etc. Setup using Corona and only took 3 min. to render. All lighting is from the HDR you see in the background. Very impressive.
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    Here is rough/test example. Don´t know if you have CV plugin, so converted to connectors... https://www.dropbox.com/s/vrdesirxyvz7jwa/bracelet_connectors_scene.zip?dl=0
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    Sort of makes you wonder why we still have Thinking Particles in C4D. I almost wonder if MAXON should bite the bullet and remove TP then drop the price of the Studio version and then do a deal with Insydium where when you buy the Studio version first time round you can add on X-Particles at a discounted price.
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    Many adaptions have it raining, but since it "was the bleak December" snow was more likely I thought. The snow is a bit of an issue with the shadows it casts from the hard shadow light source outside. Unless you see the snow in the window I turn it off so avoid it looking like there are bugs are something running over everything. I am at the point where he will open the window and let the raven in and I think a blast of snow will look more dramatic. I also forgot to turn off volumetric lighting my last render when it wasn't needed and it rushed the render time to 17 hours for a 16 second clip! I started it before bed and it was still going at lunch the next day!



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