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    Hi folks :) In this topic I decided to share many of my files for you to examine. All of these were small setups, rigs, contraptions, prototypes and fun projects that I made over the years for clients or for myself. There is a lot of them but I will post them in small groups over time in order to avoid overload :P Feel free to use techniques and whatever you learn from them to your advantage. Each file will be enumerated and with hint of what is used in the scene in parenthesis. Files will vary from simple to quite advanced setups, in no particular order Have fun! 01_Airplane_route(MG+constrains).c4d 02_Atom_array_attractor(MG+XP).c4d 03_Ballon_procedural_anim(CA+Cmotion).c4d 04_Barb_wire(MG).c4d 05_Beast_in_box(CA+Cmotion).c4d 06_Box_fill(Dyn).c4d 07_Burning_match(MG+XP).c4d 08_Butterfly(CA+Cmotion).c4d 09_Cell_tissue_penetration(MG).c4d 10_Build_up(MG).c4d
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    I had another look at animating the Windows spinning dot thing today with Python. In this version I animated one obj and made 2 history lists for position and visiblity. The other objs read off 5th, 10th, 15th value etc and so follow the 'master', but with delay. I tried using 'c4dcafe', and it kinda works - but too many letters maybe cafespin2.c4d I did the gifs in Photoshop.
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    topology-wise that area is fine... the effect is very minimal, by fine tuning the y values of the edge loops in that area you can get it even a little less... but i think as soon as you slap some shoe sole material on it, which usually has a slightly bumpy surface, it will go away completely, so i wouldn't stress too much about it. the problem is that the spacing and y values between the loops don't form a perfect curvature, for stuff like this it's much easier to work with a deformer, or a plain effector in deformer mode with a spherical fall-off driven by a spline. that spline gives you the opportunity to introduce a perfect curvature into the mix, without fiddling with loops forever. it needs a few more edge loops to work perfectly this way though... AF1-107b_new.c4d
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    Still need to figure things out before making the official announcement, but probably all my plugins being ported to R20 will be available from 1st January 2019. As I planned a less feature rich sibling of Seamilar (announced as EasyUV), I am also planning a less feature sibling of PolyGnome. It's a little early now (and still haven't figured out an appropriate name), but I soon hope to be able to announce this "EasyMeshblender".
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    Oh my!!! That worked wonderfully. Here's me opening your file and seeing the result. Thank you so much! You made my afternoon :) Solution: Go to Emitter > object > Change 'H Angle,' and 'V Angle,' from 0' to 90'.



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