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    Attached is a scene file that uses spline dynamics and hair colliders. You'll need to play with the collision radius on the Spline Dynamics tag though to get the collisions right. Hope this helps. String Rig 01.c4d Also see these tutorials by eyedesign, it features some dynamics and softbodies, but it might give you some ideas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owIjKJU-jsw
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    I feel really flattered. Joren Kandel at The Pixel Lab used some of my files for freebies this month. They are a little ways down with scrolling. Some of them might be good learning files for those studying Mograph, Hair, Xpresso, and other topics. https://www.thepixellab.net/blog-page
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    You could scale down your emitter and clone it onto a circle spline.
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    Painting in 3d is a path of trial and error and when you don't understand basics about how materials in C4d work or uv mapping concept - it might be frustrating. Without much dwelling on all those intricacies, try this.. Copy your beloved blueish material Go to color channel ( forget about Paint Setup Wizard for a moment) and create new texture manually - by clicking this tiny triangle, choose – Create New Texture. Copy values from overall colour of the material to get the same blue and click OK Now, assuming that there weren't any shaders driving your color channel, you should get exactly the same looking blue material. Colour of the texture overrides “general” material colour as long as you don't toy with mixing modes and strength. Activate this new material and create new layer by Right-click on blue square. From now on you can paint your stripes on that layer. I hope this short tut will help you get the hang of it..
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    10 ^ -8 is effectively zero. What you are seeing is the so-called floating point error. Python doesn't store numbers the way humans think, and so you sometimes get these little quirks. I guess you could fix this 'error' with something like round(x, 2), but it's not usually recommended. There's discussions at stackoverflow if you google 'floating point error'. I only clean up numbers for display purposes - not in calculations. from https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/floatingpoint.html LOL, as they say...
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    Hi @3DKiwi Thanks so much, the deformation of the reflections is down to a very nearly unnoticeable level and the small bevels that are now being added help the reflection flow around the hole cut. thanks
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    I dont find this surprising, your scenes are great! :)
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    Watch all of them. 3D content creation is hard work.
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    Watch this. If you have any problems after that come back. Vimio link
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    On the chess challenge the following are the results. 1st place goes to Vertex Helix 2nd place goes to Vizn 3rd place goes to Unstable Congratulations everyone
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    Getting a bit more realism on the paint
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    Hello c4Dcafe! I tried to display 213 Million containers (with 1 standard instance cloner object + 1 multi-instance cloner object in r20) and put this crazy number into a context with a small info-graphic in the end:



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