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    MAXONians just won an Oscar Award folks and we have a XMas party today to celebrate! https://www.oscars.org/news/9-scientific-and-technical-achievements-be-honored-academy-awards?fbclid=IwAR38kPbaP4BJiuW-853jcZpp53L4vIbpnscuuY_v79OMGhiXQ57eIbF6ACU
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    Thanks for the replies! The Point Level Animation worked, but I think I'm going to animate the logo in 2D with the Grease Pencil or Adobe Animate. Thanks!
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    Cinema 4D’s cloth sim system isn’t the most advanced in the world, but i did find a way to simulate a nice top with it. So here is a tutorial about it. https://ace5studios.com/cloth-sim/
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    It's pretty dynamic but if you start it at 100 for y and let it quiet down a little and then change it to 200, it goes right in and through. I'm working on a version for the tendon (?) and sutures using 2 different hair objects and I will post it when done. Hair is fun and full of surprising uses but it can get a little frustrating when it comes to collisions.
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    this absolutely amazing so well done with love to detail thanks for sharing
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    More and more I think the blue light on the raven was good idea.
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    Salvatore Maesano has also this kind of plugin in his portfolio Check caleidos4d.it and in section c4d plugins search plugin Dimension
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    "To Per-Anders Edwards for the initial design and development of the MoGraph toolset in Cinema 4D for motion graphics. MoGraph provides a fast, non-destructive and intuitive workflow for motion designers to create animated 3D graphics, as used for title design and fictional user interfaces in motion pictures." Per-Anders Edwards did do a great job with MoGraph.
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    Wow....no one responded to this news after almost a month? When you consider past winners of the Academy Technical awards (Ed Catmull, Houdini, Nuke, Photoshop, etc.), MoGraph stands with some pretty notable contributors to the industry. This is quite the achievement. Hopefully, in time, they post the awards ceremony on YouTube. That would be kind of cool to see. Congratulations Per-Anders Edwards! Well deserved. Dave
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    Yep, I figured out how to align the cloner to the circle without Align to Spline tag. So now it works...but, it doesn't show the long streakes for each particle. I put Sweep under the clone too but it seems it doesn't have any effect. PS Actually, I just added the emitters into the Trace Link from the tracer and now it seems all of them are working.
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    If its quite fine detail you might try a displacement map in the texture, you can go up or down with that. Deck
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