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    You are welcome to this file for free. It doesn't have flat bottomed clouds however. I couldn't figure out how to do that. Cloud_sun.c4d.zip
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    nano capacitor - Version 2
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    This is springy delay.c4d
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    To add: another thing you could use with Volumes are MoSplines, that way you could get cool shapes more easier! :)
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    Here is a quick example of how you can do this with Volumes and Splines...its a really quick one because I have no time to refine it, but you should get the idea. Unfortunately its a mostly manual work but its doable! Plus, on top of that, after making object editable, you can use Sculpting tool to refine it more, you dont have to have Sculpting tag on the object to use those tools!!! What I would do for texturing is. Once I make a model that looks good, I would make everything editable and make a good UVs, then you can do texturing with a few layers of material! The downside of Volumes would be a topology, so maybe you could try to retopo it to some extent and then make a good UVs. uglyExample.c4d



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