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    Whats up guys. haven't done any personal work in a while, so this should be fun, more to come soon :D
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    Not too sure on that scenario - one of the more experienced animators could probably advise here.
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    Yes it has my friend, hopefully i'll be posting more regularly again :D
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    You can simplfy your XP with a bit of iteration. Just point hierarchy at the cube's parent, D = down 1 level, N = next same level. Object index gets the cube index in the list. lag2.c4d
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    Setting the XP tag to generators 0 seems to work
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    You can still create the clouds from the emitted particles, then they only intersect with an object that gets the volume tag. But the cutting may be to clean, looks like a boolean operation and not like a fluffy cloud. Cloud_sun_intersection.c4d
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    Awesome stuff Vector! I remember seeing your work when I first started hanging out here and they were always a source of inspiration. Great job as always!
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    viewport/options/default light... https://help.MAXON.net/us/#45030
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    Give me a +1 over here! https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/22863/
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    Yeah, I think you're right. I wish there was a way to check "animated" for a C4D shader. We should both put in a feature request!
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    without that default hdri you wouldn't be able to see any reflections at all if nothing else is there to reflect. so it does makes sense that it's there. you either can disable reflections in the viewport menue under "options" all together or change the default hdri by hitting shift + v for the viewport settings and under the enhanced open Gl tab twirl down that little arrow right besides the word reflections, there you can specify another default image to show up in reflections. to make that permanent you need to save an empty file with that change in your program directory as "new.c4d".



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