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    Hello all. This is my first project for 2019. My aim is to create a digital double of the actor Charlize Theron. Im in no rush on this one, so will be updating as I go. I will also be happy to answer any questions. Comments, critiques welcome. Im a bit ahead already so here is the start stage modelling the head. I place down the core loops then fill the gaps. Eyes, mouth, muzzle, jaw line, and head centre line along with the big neck muscle Sternocleidomastoid. I will be making the whole entire body, clothes as a complete finished asset.
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    Howdy, So I peaked at the file. A couple of things: I'd reccommend never putting stuff at generators priority level. There's really like...no point. Unless you're doing crazy junk, with sds' and like deformers then maaaaybe, but generally speaking, for a standard rig, you never need to leave Expressions mode. In general if everything is in Expressions mode, then it's just an order of operations thing. So it first looks at the priority number. If everything were at the same number, then it solves top of OM down. And then on an object, the tags would solve(i think) left to right. So assuming all the same priority number, you can fix lags by adjusting the OM order. But having said that, it's generally just not going to be as simple as that. Really, the simpler thing is to just adjust the numbers. That way Expressions 0 solve before Expressions 1, which solves before Expressions 2, etc. So, when I open your file here's what I did to remove the lag: 1. I moved the mesh and deformer below the rig itself. I think it's generally better to have the rig and everything above what you are deforming. 2. Switched the SplineIK tags from Generators to Expression When you do those two things, there's still a lag. The reason is because those tags reside under BD_Head_jnt. BD_Head_jnt has a constraint tag on it set to Expressions 60. Ok So 0 solves before 60. However, the positioning of the joints are a child of BD_Head_jnt. So right at this point the Behavior is Solving the SplineIK, Solving the head....which would put the splineIK not in the right spot. Hence the lag. So to solve it: 3. You can either Set the SplineIK tag's to Expression 60 or higher. So if it's set to 60, because it's below the head, when c4d solves everything in Expression level 60, it solves them top down. So even though they're both 60, Since it's under BD_Head_jnt, it will solve after it. Or you set it higher than 60 it'll solve after. Hope this helps and makes some sense.
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    I'm stuck with the ocean shader (made from scratch native C4D shader) the model is from CG Trader or something and lacking detail but good for now water.c4d
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    don't have time to make a file exactly like you want but here is a file which shows you how to do what you want. Xpresso Ray Collision 10.c4d.zipI
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    I could have probably have made a better scene where an effector fall off shape moves (ie no object). Same idea though.
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    A volume effector object moving in the light plane would switch the spots on/off when the cloned light is within the object. In this file I copy the XY position of a 2nd object to the XY of the lights object. When the 2nd object intecepts a spot, it turns it on. spots.c4d might work...
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    good to see you back :) you do realise you're responsible now for me probably watching this film soon. that's time i'll never get back. :D would have wished for a more in depth look at the actual rig though, but i guess riggers were not the target audience for this clip.
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    Actually Blender is very capable and some of the modelling add-ons are amazing. A few of the built in modelling tools are rather basic but generally what can be done in C4D modelling wise can be done in Blender.
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    Blender it is, well, fair enough. I did look at the latest Beta version; I'm too comfortable with C4D modelling-wise, Blender would have let me down so many times I can't be bothered with Blender anymore. Why not simply call off the MSA and you still have a flagship at hand when you do 3D. Believe me, you will regret it to give up C4D for Blender. Keep it for the time being. I'm also just a hobbyist, that's why I got the Bodypaint version without MSA (that's basically Prime with sculpting) and Cycles 4D for shadow catcher and to render splines there are no rentals with Cycles 4D on top of that I didn't need Mograph or simulations or character rigging stuff for that bit I use Poser 11 for cloth sim or basic characters to fill a scene with some people Don't give up 3D because of that or because you are staring at an empty viewport. We all been there.
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