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    please let me know any bit of improvement that needs to be done download here: pending approval
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    for hobbyists like C4D R19 Bodypaint version there should be Dynamics, Prorender and hair and toon yeah, leave out MoGraph as a PRO Feature - no issues with that (I think of something like the Unity 3D buying option if you can proof that you earn below a certain amount of money and that you are not a registered studio) and this as free upgrade for existing version users of the previous version (oh gee, yessss) there is no real loss, in fact it drives more customers toward MAXON than away from it not sure if there are actually many going away from C4D because of it, but hey it would mean new customers - be CREATIVE right... remember the announcement of Unreal Engine and then Unity - wow what a leap forward in the right direction, and NOBODY in the world thought this possible EVER and yet there it is FREE Unreal Engine and Unity3D to blow your mind for EVERYONE my few cents but I don't make the decisions at MAXON (thank goodness) my setup is Bodypaint, Cycles4D, a lot of free plugins, Poser 11 that makes it a Prime Version on high heels "Rock'n'Roll" I knew exactly what I can afford to pay with what MAXON has on offer and compared it with other software (a very close candidate was LightWave but modelling wise Cinema 4D all over it was a tough one to make this decision, trust me - somewhat I regret not buying LightWave but modelling in lightWave sucks badly) I'm not at all unhappy with what I got and still get things done one way or the other so in a sense, no moaning about the Prime Version and it came with offline USB installer and... I love that MAXON pen
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    Maybe like this?Put your clones in one line,to get falloff working,,next use Inheritance Effector to collect them in one position.So you can use your falloff this way. circles.c4d
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    Play with Fresnel shader in Transparency & Luminance channels.. xRay2.c4d
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    Beautyful... Thank you very much Wolfgang
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    Conversion of my plugins to R20 is completed. I have recently informed existing customers of Seamilar and PolyGnome about the news, and am giving them now priority to upgrade. Soon I will make an official announcement here at the C4DCafe, after which everyone will be able to purchase Seamilar, PolyGnome and/or Dials. And this for R16 - R20, Windows and/or macOS. Edit: Plugins are now available at https://toolspixels.be During the month of February 2019 plugins are at a 15% discount.



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