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    Hi C4D Cafe folks, I am here to announce a long wishing project that C4D Cafe will undergo with everyone willing to participate. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner, hobbyist or a pro, you are more than welcome to join us. We want to move from challenges and introduce something more appealing to everyone. We want you to feel excited and not intimidated when entering this kind of project. For beginners challenges was not appealing because most of the beginners are just too afraid to enter or don't see a point as they have little to no chance to win. But we want to change this with these projects and if this become successful, then we are on a great path to do something unique for forums in general. Our goals: Our goal here is to give everyone the opportunity to work on a project that requires more than one or two people. We tend to go big, but for the first project, we will take baby steps. We want everyone to learn regardless of you being a beginner or not, don't be afraid to join us. How are we going to do this: We will have a hierarchy and team leaders (TL) who will guide you in projects and give you assignments (depending on which group you choose to go, e.g. Modeling, UV/Texturing etc.) Beginners are more than welcome to join us as they will get feedback on their work and guidance on how to improve Same goes for hobbyists More experienced users are also more than welcome to join and apply for not yet defined TL roles and give us their insight into the project and help us improve where we can, after all, we all want to learn from this Team Leaders and their assignments: Concept Art: Everfresh Modeling/UV: Cerbera & Vector Texturing: Bezo Scene Setup & Rendering: Eric TLs Assistants: Rectro/Marco We are still searching for UV/Texturing and Scene Setup & Rendering TL, if you think you can do this, let me know and you will be assigned to one of them and you will lead a group of people and give them assignments and lead them in this project. Once TL is assigned, you will get access to Google Drive Organizational sheets etc.. If you are willing to join, you will have to have these on your disposal: GMAIL account Skype Cinema 4D RXX Why are we doing this: For a long time, I wanted to do something that could change things around here and that could actually help everyone to improve, regardless of your skill level. These kinds of projects will give you experience that many 3D artists lack. Working in a team, taking constructive criticism from your superiors sometimes aren't so easy to grasp, we tend to be to attached to our work in the beginning, so this should serve to realize that being to attached to your creation is not good for you, especially when you work in a big team. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and move forward and strive for better quality of your work etc.. We pretty much know @Cerbera, @VECTOR, @Rectro, @everfresh , @bezo and others, I can assure you they will be your golden leaders and they will make sure you improve. And in the end, they will improve too just like I will. This is also my first time doing something like this but taking into consideration my experience I am more than confident that this could work if we all power up and bring our best into these project. Who knows where this could lead us in the future if we manage to be successful. End goals: The end goal is to make super realistic, story-driven images that will make us proud. Everyone involved will get their names attached to these projects. And we will make Trophies that will be shown on your Profile page once projects are done so that everyone knows that you were part of something great. Hopefully, we can start today and slowly and boldly go where no one has gone before. So if you are willing to learn, guide others, help others, work in a friendly environment and in the end be part of something else, please don't hesitate to join us, we just want to get better and have fun in the process! :) To join, send me an email (vpteamigor(AT)gmail.com) with your name, things you would like to learn and brief info in which area you excel, you can put a number from 1-5 Example: Name: Igor Area of expertise: Texturing 4, Rendering 3 I would like to learn: Modeling This should give us some insight on where to put you in this project. VERY IMPORTANT thing to know is that we go into this without stress, without deadlines, without pressure...no one will get shamed for their work but everyone will be praised for being bold. Note: This topic could change in time if we find that something can be better explained etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 01: Hey folks, I've decided to write down updates on our progress. So far, only the Concept Art team is working, others gives ideas. We are going to brainstorm about ideas tomorrow and see where we want to go with the Steam Punk theme. So far we gathered 15 members who had the courage and time to join us. A great number so far. Down below you can find a link to inspirational images that we gathered so far. CONCEPT ART Progress: Link to INSPIRATIONAL IMAGES for Concept Art and Modeling Team UPDATE 02: Today we started with a Team Lead meeting over Skype and our task was to determine in which direction we would like to go with Story Script before we give our Concept Artists a task. After brief Introduction between TLs, we wanted to make sure everyone understands this concept and what goes with it. So far our communication is great, we talked for one and a half hour. We will try to keep these meetings once a week. After all of this, we started to brainstorming with ideas. Not everyone was on the same page but we managed to make step forward. So far we have small story script where you can read more about the story in this project. While seems like a small script it would be enough for our purposes. Now Concept Artists needs to go through the script and make a living image based on the story. So its up to them to make something creative and fun so we can move another step forward. STORY SCRIPT is work in progress!! UPDATE 03: Crazy Scientist WiP For the 3rd update we wanted to show you our first WiP of our main character. We are really grateful to have my friend Nemanja from Serbia in our team as a Concept Artist. He is excited and motivated just like we are, so in that regard we would like to show our progress so that far. With Everfresh being in charge for our concept art, we expect nothing but greatness with those two. Here is the 1st WiP : The Crazy Scientist Nemanja Bubalo portfolio : https://www.artstation.com/nemanart UPDATE 04: Crazy Scientist Body WiP In this update, I would like to present you a work in progress of the whole body. Nemanja is already going through 2nd iteration of the body, but for now, we agreed to go with the 1st example Nemanja made. As you can see our main character will have a robot arm which will give him a unique look and feel. We aim for the super detailed main character. Hopefully, we will not have too many limitations so we can do what we intended to do with this character. We hope you like it! :) The Crazy Scientist Nemanja Bubalo portfolio : https://www.artstation.com/nemanart UPDATE 05: Interior Lab Scene Finally, another update and a few things to share. For this update, we finally managed to create a decent interior scene that now we finally can start working on 3D asset. We had a few versions of that scene but we decided to go a bit toward modern steampunk theme and feel. Big part of this project is the actual organizational sheet that should help us organize this and successfully push this project to completition. If you wanna check how organizational sheet looks like, visit HERE! Concept #1 Concept #2 Final Concept ...will be continued!
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    please let me know any bit of improvement that needs to be done download here: pending approval
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    for hobbyists like C4D R19 Bodypaint version there should be Dynamics, Prorender and hair and toon yeah, leave out MoGraph as a PRO Feature - no issues with that (I think of something like the Unity 3D buying option if you can proof that you earn below a certain amount of money and that you are not a registered studio) and this as free upgrade for existing version users of the previous version (oh gee, yessss) there is no real loss, in fact it drives more customers toward MAXON than away from it not sure if there are actually many going away from C4D because of it, but hey it would mean new customers - be CREATIVE right... remember the announcement of Unreal Engine and then Unity - wow what a leap forward in the right direction, and NOBODY in the world thought this possible EVER and yet there it is FREE Unreal Engine and Unity3D to blow your mind for EVERYONE my few cents but I don't make the decisions at MAXON (thank goodness) my setup is Bodypaint, Cycles4D, a lot of free plugins, Poser 11 that makes it a Prime Version on high heels "Rock'n'Roll" I knew exactly what I can afford to pay with what MAXON has on offer and compared it with other software (a very close candidate was LightWave but modelling wise Cinema 4D all over it was a tough one to make this decision, trust me - somewhat I regret not buying LightWave but modelling in lightWave sucks badly) I'm not at all unhappy with what I got and still get things done one way or the other so in a sense, no moaning about the Prime Version and it came with offline USB installer and... I love that MAXON pen
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    Maybe like this?Put your clones in one line,to get falloff working,,next use Inheritance Effector to collect them in one position.So you can use your falloff this way. circles.c4d
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    Play with Fresnel shader in Transparency & Luminance channels.. xRay2.c4d
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    Folks, make sure you visit topic now and then because I will share our progress now and then so you guys and gals can see where are we standing. Everyone who sent me an email will join with the project (15 people), but we still need to figure out the best possible way for this to go smooth. So far things are fine and we manage to do some progress within Concept Art team. I will write down updates within first post of this topic, so always check there. Another thing is that everyone involved will share their WiPs here so you guys also can see how they are progressing and hopefully learn in the process.
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    Beautyful... Thank you very much Wolfgang
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    @IgorKirdeika I tried to understand but I don't see any point in your comment, so it will be deleted. If you have positive things to say do so, but dont come here and rage for no good reasons!! ;)
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    Conversion of my plugins to R20 is completed. I have recently informed existing customers of Seamilar and PolyGnome about the news, and am giving them now priority to upgrade. Soon I will make an official announcement here at the C4DCafe, after which everyone will be able to purchase Seamilar, PolyGnome and/or Dials. And this for R16 - R20, Windows and/or macOS. Edit: Plugins are now available at https://toolspixels.be For a limited period of time plugins are at a 15% discount. (the order form at the website shows to original price, discount will be added on the invoice)