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    I thought I would share my recent coup on making blood vessels using Hair. It is incredibly customizable. Hair Blood Vessels Growing.c4d.zip
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    Recently when logging in I was presented with a Terms and Conditions agreement that I had to accept. Could you please add this to the bottom of the website. It should be accessible at all times. Also you should probably add a Privacy Policy as well. Thanks, Kent
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    A good while back, a member of the Cafe asked for a solution to have an arc always pass through three points. At the time I wrote a COFFEE script, which was quite hairy, but did the job (in most cases ) After the release of C4D R20 COFFEE did not work anymore and decided to give a go to that script using Python. To get better equations on how to locate the arc, I got to this page, which had the math to get it always working. So I coded the script, and today as a gift for the C4D community, I want to make it available for you all. Just open the file and move the points A, B and C around. The arc will follow the points. Point B is always the middle point. Have fun with it. If you find the script useful, please let me know. ThreePointArc_R20_python.c4d
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    Simply use point node... https://www.dropbox.com/s/s6zzagdxxx6i4lr/Null2point.zip?dl=0 You could add some nice userdata interface to direct assigning point indexes etc...
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    I had to go through the signup process again to find it. Here is the link for those interested. https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/terms/
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    @vanderleden Her Gumroad link is still working, you just have to "pay" $0 and it should work. Can't remember if an e-mail is required. I'd PM it to you, but it's a little too big for the Cafe. I could Dropbox it for you if you still have problems getting the scenes. Can't imagine that would be a problem with Janine since it's free, but let's see if she replies here first.
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    You could trace the car and activate trace part way through the journey. trace me.c4d
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    Oh yes GI might help things as well. It should work with C4D prime because it's just a library but you can also look at images of studios that they have up on their website to see how they light their scenes, of course if you don't want to buy it. IMO, they're a set of really great lights and studios...they look amazing. You should check them out.
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    Hi It wont matter so much that the mesh in not evenly divided as your issue is down to the Uvs. You haven't shown a image of the Uvs so cant say much other than they are wrong if the image your showing is using the Uvs for that checker pattern. Next step would be for you to either send me the model and il take a look or show me the Uvs. In either case your need to select the seams if they are not already done so well, cut them unfold and relax the Uvs. Dan
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    Thanks for the clarification, I always use the powershaders myself as it wasnt long after I got C4D than I started using Vray so got used to the vray set up. Dan
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    Don't mix c4d procedurals inside a vray shader as it will cause vray to be unstable and is often the cause of crashes. It also can cause unpredictable results with DR. If you use a power shader you cannot use one of the c4d shaders inside it. Adv bitmap gives enough options to be more powerful than filter, for layers you have Tex Layer Max. There's little reason to use fresnel filter as the inbuilt fresnel options are excellent in vray. The most common limitation with vray shaders is the noise - which are far less developed than native c4d. You can in this case texture a model then bake the noise and import to vray as an adv bitmap
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    If you only want color coated glass it should be made like this.
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    How can we read it again? I can't find any link to it anywhere on the website.
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    I use that TP Tendril a lot. Very cool. Here is a free tree: https://www.c4depot.com/sdm_downloads/mospline-tree/ And here is a Turtle tree: Turtle Pattern 36.c4d.zip
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    Hey, I'm cannot access my c4d machine right now so I'm not able to see nay of the files sent here but from the original image you sent here, I would say that you're off to a great start. Using a cyc may improve reflections of light instead of an infinite plane I think you're using right now. Also, changing the camera angle to something a bit from the top might improve the look as well. Try adding a very light greenish tint to the fill light it'll give a nice accent to the image promoting the color of the object. (Do not do this if you don't want to ruin the white bg). Also, I'd suggest having a look at some gsg studios you can make one on your own but there a great source of knowledge of how to go about lighting your scene: https://greyscalegorilla.com/downloads/light-kit-pro/ You could also experiment with a reflectance on the floor depending on your needs. To end it, I'd say export a tif to PS where you can do your compositing to make it look awesome. I apologise if this wasn't extremely helpful but I just told you what I think could be improved. Maybe I'll pitch up a render once I'm home. Edit: You could also try to put the box in a particular (tilted) position as one would do in real product photography.
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    Hi, Try this, some quick setup. Cheers, Example.zip
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    Probably, this tutorial could help you to start: https://vimeo.com/295514710 Good Luck
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    can you try this? as Vizn said I also don't understand the double lens unless it would be slightly smaller and have a different coating perhaps, but maybe you can explain I noticed your color was checked, but I recommend to do this in the transparency itself and check off the color entirely your reflectance channel has the missing component Layer fresnel > Dielectric > Glass which gives a bit more realism to be honest or you could add also add Dielectric Pearl which gives the illusion of coatings glass.c4d coated glass.c4d
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    Hello and welcome to the Cafe! I think it is very doable when you divide it into multiple mospline objects and choose a right formula, you can check the attached file for a rough example. TreeSetup.c4d.zip
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    Thanks for sharing. Very inspirational even if you don't use Octane. So I grabbed your files and did a quick go with Corona. I had to guess on the light colors since I can see any of your materials. It actually came out pretty nice I think. I'm still learning Corona, so I'm sure there are ways to make it better and faster. Interesting how the engines differ in the refraction of the drops. One thing I couldn't get exact was the nice glow you have on the petals beneath the little inside light. In Corona, if I crank up the light material very high, I get batter glow but more fireflies.
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