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    Hi folks :) Here are some important news from us. From this point onward, all trainings from C4DCafe, both existing and future ones are free. Yes, you read that right! Given that we are now fully committed to make Cafe even greater place and universal Cinema user hub, we felt that this is necessary step. Free access to knowledge will have positive effect on the community and whole C4D eco system. All training content is being uploaded to our youtube channel as this post is made. Here is a list of trainings that will be available: 1. Introduction to R18 and modelling (currently on youtube already) 2. Introduction to R19 Fracturing 3. Xpresso volume 1 and volume 2 4. Introduction to R20 MoGraph fields 5. Introduction to R20 Nodes We would like to thank all our former customers and hopefully they won't resent this move, because, after all, this benefits them too for future content we make :) We expect to finish with upload in a week since shear amount of videos will take long time. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_MRjD4IdPtvYLo2dLC-POw Additionally, we also started providing very valuable scene file repositories like this: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/91711-c4d-cafe-lost-and-new-filesfree-to-use/ https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/104415-node-based-materials-repository/ https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/104962-hrvojes-free-file-pit/ Last but certainly not the least, is our new community based project https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/105210-c4d-cafe-steam-punk-project/ We hope that with these moves Cafe will grow to be even better, help you even more to promote your work and skills, assist you in finding gigs or full time positions, or simply be a happy place for you to hang out. As a part of the staff here I try to help as much as possible and I can see incredible effort from many members to share their time and energy to help out others, which is truly fantastic :) Cafe has grown so much that we have members from all kinds. From students, hobby users, 2d artists, VFX guys, hardcore coders, to talent scouts, managers, CEO's of large companies and various other industry professionals. Have fun and for being a member!
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    Hi there, I made a little tutorial about how to use the procedural tools in C4D to model a knife. I hope you like it :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHbrX_-qxbA
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    Sry for the delay on the respond but thank you very much for the comments. I have resolve my problem.
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    I think I am done! 4-5 solid months of work. This time I added both English and French subitles. https://youtu.be/W9KWKgqZvb8 Mostly Cinema 4D basic stuff used, but I did use Xparticles for the snow and embers. I made the spectre effects by rendering the woman seperately, using buffer objects to make sure her image was blocked by anything in front of her and added her in After Effects. I kept with my sort of stop motion look I use for all these gothic horror tales. I had issues with the cartoon character object Everfresh made, I think it's just too flexible for these sort of solid characters and will likely go back to Cactus Dan's toools no they are aviable again for less cartoon-y moving characters. At nine minutes it's double my usual short length. Editing in Final Cut X had become so easy and fast lately and it made adding the subtitles super simple. Keeping it interesting was not easy, it's just a guy yelling a bird in a room for most of it and i didn't want to go all abstract and pyschdelic as I had seen in other versions. I hope people like it, it was a lot of work and I think it's one of my better efforts.
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    whats up guys, so the next update, I've been working on the head, namely unwrapping it, and painting maps for the hair, as well as several maps for the skin details ( darkness around the eyes, redness of the cheeks and nose, freckles etc) also adjusted the skin tone and tweaked the eye brows, and lip colour, i'm not sure whether i'm keeping the Mohawk or not but either way i wanted some shaven stubble type effect going on for the rest of his head, i also built an additional little prop for fun which i may or may not lose, lol
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    ..also you might try to change camera projection type to Parallel with zoom value 1
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    Came here to say that, but Fastbee lived up to his name and got there first :) You'd think a Cerbera would be faster than even the fastest bee wouldn't you, but not today ! ;) CBR
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    @Frokito I was having that exact same issue with a project I brought from R17 to R20. It looks like you can simply open your project in R20, copy the objects, then paste into a new R20 project file and it will start auto-weighting properly.
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    Hi I had a look and from testing it I can say its nothing to do with the geometry as I put the good geometry into the other scene and vice versa. I checked against the paint settings they are the same. At this point all I can suggest is it may been a corrupt scene and unless you can replicate it its going to be hard to put it down as a bug. I cant reproduce it. In mean time the obvious solution is to make a new scene and bring the geometry into that for now. If you can replicate it let me know. Dan
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    Have a look at Pepakura Designer. It's not free, but I think it may be what you're looking to do. There are probably more manual ways to do it in C4d. Possibly a well planned UV map, but those can have a distorted polygon surface area from your actual mesh. https://tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/
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    Depends on the object. If you could post some screenshots, or renders, that would be helpful. Most objects that mimic packaging can be unwrapped nicely as packaging is always printed flat then folded together. More complex objects with lots of small edges or curved/round surfaces are more challenging and you would really want to start with this in mind in order to model for simplifying the unwrap from the beginning. If you are unfamiliar with unwrapping and advanced modeling you will almost always model it wrong for this purpose. But, please show us what you have for more specific answers.

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