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    My new personal project , A fairy tale.
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    bismut crystal download the c4d file from my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/dn0naymanqrvzdj/bismut.zip?dl=0
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    In theory, yes, this should work. But when I use your low-res fbx with the high-res obj I'm getting the same results as you...my computer locks up and never finishes the bake...very strange indeed. I suggest you try creating a high-res fbx to bring into SP for your displacement instead of an obj and let me know if that works.
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    how about "comesherequiteoftener" or "haspostedabuncher"... ? jokes aside, why not keep it simple and call new members new member and regular vistors regular member? looking at kiwis title i have to say i'm a bit disappointed that i am not considered an honourable member tbh i think those titles shouldn't be taken so seriously, i couldn't be less offended if anyone here is called king of the jungle or whatever nor do i care about my own title. But maybe that's just me.... wait, what does "TDMSC" actually mean btw? Tremendously Dumb Moronic Shitbox Cleaner?
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    Nah. Pretty sure we didn't have corny member titles like this. We had the following titles from memory which were the defaults for the forum: new member (under 2 posts), regular member (more than 2 posts), moderators, administrators Then we had the bronze, silver and gold Cafe supporters club badges.
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    whats up guys, so the next update, I've been working on the head, namely unwrapping it, and painting maps for the hair, as well as several maps for the skin details ( darkness around the eyes, redness of the cheeks and nose, freckles etc) also adjusted the skin tone and tweaked the eye brows, and lip colour, i'm not sure whether i'm keeping the Mohawk or not but either way i wanted some shaven stubble type effect going on for the rest of his head, i also built an additional little prop for fun which i may or may not lose, lol
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    New batch :) 50_Xpresso_Ship(XP).c4d 51_Worm_rig(CA+XP).c4d 52_Stacked_Weighted_and_traced(MG).c4d 53_Unfolding(MG+CA+XP).c4d
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    Here are some new ones :) 44_Polyfx(MG).c4d 45_Progress indicator(XP+Cmotion).c4d 46_Rainbow_Road(MG).c4d 47_Turtle_fun(MG)R20_fields.c4d 48_Spider_web(MG).c4d 49_Triangle_globe(MG).c4d



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