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    Hi everyone, Today, I'm releasing my free jigsaw puzzle library for Cinema 4D (R12 or newer). The library contains 150 different jigsaw puzzles, sorted according to their shape. All puzzles are based on photo references and 2D graphics images I found on Shutterstock, Printerest, etc. You can download the library here: Jigsaw Puzzle Library File There's a short video on the library you can watch on Vimeo: I hope you'll enjoy the jigsaw puzzles! Cheers, contrafibbularities Some examples from the library:
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    Have you seen this? https://www.codeworkers.de/garage-plugins-reeperx_eng.html Pretty cool. BTW, the I just updated last example file because one formula spline had somehow become a spline.
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    Hi everyone, I'm sharing my Cinema 4D library of more than 1800 architectural profiles with you. It used to be a commercial product for a while, but as of now it is available for free. I made this libarary about 7 years ago in Release 13. It will NOT work in versions older than R12. All profiles are based on real-world references and scaled to real-world dimensions. You can downlaod the library here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4pshf0wast7919/arch_profile_collection.7z?dl=0 I hope you'll enjoy this huge collection of architectural profiles! Cheers, contrafibbularities
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    20 years ago I started out with Cinema 4D, a few years later I would found 3D Fluff with Janine Pauke so that we could start producing training videos, that makes it some 16 or so years of teaching Cinema 4D either in person or through our many free and paid tutorials. Well, the time has come for a bit of a change. 3D Fluff won't be going anywhere but new videos will be on hold for the foreseeable future as I concentrate on my new motion graphics artist role at BoxFX. I would like to say that I would be making some new content in my spare time but I suspect that will be taken up with planning a wedding for next year! So for a bit of a blow out sale, I have decided to make all of the 3D Fluff video content 80% off for the next few weeks. Just enter the code "congrats" when prompted for a voucher code. https://www.3dfluff.com/video/ I will probably be back at some point in the future and will still reply to emails when I have time, but for now, I hope you have all enjoyed our videos and I thank you all for your time and support over the years.
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    Deck this is absolutely perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Don't need to worry about the the sparks etc, I have that covered. Ran this on my r16 and it works perfectly. Thanks again!
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    Here is something I stumbled upon in my wanderings: https://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/?thread_id=2751275 It shows how to parametrically model a braid using Formula Splines. Very interesting. Here is the file from it: Rope Braid 1.c4d.zip Now to try and make this apply to my original image. The fun never ends!
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    heres my take on it, timing could be better on animation but its not too bad. Thought originaly to add pipe either side but could probably extend this one starting from scratch. needs some extra bits and sparks etc but I thought it was working reasonably well. Finer detail with more segments etc, but my old mac says this is enough for me. Sliced cylindrical falloff is the key here for me. Deck play for the effect, maybe stop at end and cut in half for the floor drop. bit square on the fall off ends but ok with certain noise. A few extra effectors stain maybe to take out some more random chunks If you had R18 you could have done something similar and probably better with the voronoi fracture tube melt_0003.c4d
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    By the way, I think this is relevant to the conversation:
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    Hi Hrvoje Many thanks for this it is just what i was looking for as a starting block for what I want to do. The other good thing about this is that I actually understand the code - which is a good sign :-)
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    Hi everyone, I've just finished an object library filled with 330 Chinese patterns I modelled on the basis of photo references and 2D graphics images, and I'd like to share this library with you. Each of the 330 patterns comes both as a polygon object and a spline object, so you'll have 660 objects to play around with. You can download the free library here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xeddl0y42j2knb/chinese patterns UD01.lib4d?dl=0 All objects as well as the library were done with Cinema 4D R18 and will work at least in R14 or better. I hope you'll enjoy the library! Cheers, contrafibbularities



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