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    Hi guys. After seeing Redshift was on sale I thought id give it a go with the demo. I picked my last render to compare it with so used the same scene. It took me a good while to translate things which its still 100% but I think it makes a comparable render to Vray Alsurface. Vray Alsurface took 5hours, Redshift took 2hr 3min. Same multi pass setup and basic post. Cpu 5930k 6core "4.3ghz GPU GTX 780 g6b Dan
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    made in C4D and Filterforge fan art
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    ok need more time for this but Thank you
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    That looks like just a regular plane, which has a material applied (flat projection) containing a black and white bitmap of the text in the colour channel. That plane has been given a reasonable amount of segmentation, made editable, and then can be given a cloth tag, in which you can use various forces to make it fold like your reference. If you do go the cloth route, you might need to fix some cloth points, or even belt your cloth to some 'helper geometry' that will not only hold it up / stop it blowing away, but can also be used to more precisely control the folding if suspended from multiple points. You'll also need a Cloth SDS as a parent of your plane object, and a regular SDS as a parent of that. Or, as the folds are not very complex, you could also make it entirely without the cloth engine, just by selecting edge loops and manually moving / rotating them to give you the folds in your plane object. You'd need just the Regular SDS here to produce smooth curves from your base mesh. CBR
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    I know you setup playlists and that's great to have, but that's not how everyone uses YouTube, especially those who will stumble onto videos through search. Each video should have a descriptive title, keywords, hashtags, description, timestamps, thumbnail image, if you want maximum viewership with YouTube's search algorithms. Understandably, all that takes time and effort, but something to work towards.
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    You could maybe select all polygons and merge them into one big N-Gon (with U-Z command) ?
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    Maybe try this? https://www.dummies.com/computers/macs/mac-operating-systems/how-to-assign-a-file-type-to-an-application-in-mac-os-x-lion/ I am more of a Win guy, hope that someone else with more OSX knowledge chips in...
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    Just got the info about OSX. Are your c4d files associated with quicklook?
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    Did you try reinstalling C4D?



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