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    Hello, you all! ... Noises are not easy to understand at first sight. Al least, no for me. I needed to train that. I've done hundreds of exercices and now I think I can speak maybe a little of this noisy language, voices of an infinite world. After some work, nothing was the same, again. Noises are 3D artists best friends for modeling, for texture, for animating, for every level, even for pleasure - I can watch them for hours. I've learned for free and for hours, for years, in this chair. Watching videos in youtube, in cineversity, in vimeo. Now I want to share my workbook with you all. More than 600 pages - I could not believe it!! - with CINEMA 4D renderings, about possibilities, about learning how to see, to understand all of them. ... Just follow this link that will redirect you to a simple site I've done in sites. The file is on Google Drive, no email required. ... Hope you like it! ... If so, please let me know. Thanks a lot. ... João Marco
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    Just wanted to thank and share a wee animation with you. This has had great feedback on Facebook. I have been around the Cafe for quite a while asking for help and advice. It amazes me that guys in here at the top of their game take the time to respond to us all. I have even had people write scrips for me. This might not be of your taste and perhaps not technically 100%, but where I live it hits the mark. Enjoy… https://youtu.be/Fznppt3gA38
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    Lols . Helping is sometimes its own reward, and often you can learn a lot by trying to help, so it's win-win for everyone. We are lucky we have such a generous community though - not all forums are like this... Glad you're getting somewhere with Cinema, and keep up the good work. Particularly like the soundtrack on your vid... and the animals :) CBR
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    Here is a tutorial for similar setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwUa-olnPV0
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    Like this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/xqr1smmhp8s06ry/Fields_Shader_Issue_0001.zip?dl=0
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    Set all you need and Window/Customization/Save As Default Scene (new option since R20) For older version set all you need and save as "new.c4d" into install c4d folder...
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    Hi folks :) As you may know, we are now offering massive amount of training content on Cafe Youtube channel. Content is free and available to anyone. Please consider subscribing to our channel, this will help us run Cafe, keep trainings free, and enable us to create more quality content for you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_MRjD4IdPtvYLo2dLC-POw Thank you!
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    Try using several IKs. For instance one IK for every arm. So it can fold properly.
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    @bezo YES! I swear i tried that exact same thing and got nothing before:/:/ Thanks for clarifying Bezo!
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    Like this overbalanced wheel contraption ? my current obsession is epicyclic gears, eg this one I've already posted this on the Cafe - there's some different gears for some reason, a rack + pinion seems to be in a lot of my clips
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    It's link is in the downloads section from quite some time, but i think that i've forgotten to make a topic here :D https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/1103-group-object/
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    This is not a platonic solid, you will not bve able to create a regular body from this. If you happen to achieve it you might apply for the fields mdeal ;) What comes closest is an icosahedron.
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    Yea im still playing around with all the materials , i already have my next project lined up, made a female base mesh some time ago that has up till now been unused so that should be good :D
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    Ctrl~B (edit render settings)/Options/Level of Detail (increase to 100 instead of your 90 percent)
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    Thats what I mentioned in my post, thought maybe you tried that already? "if the mesh is the same the putting a copy of the pose morph onto the imported model should work fine"
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    Hi , maybe this will help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE0c-MQmBmc
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    wats up guys , so felt like ass last week so didn't make any progress on the Jedi, feeling better now though so moved on to some look dev for the body materials :D (click for full size)
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    Yes, Takes are really powerful with this kind if workflow.

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