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    For any of you Python fans, especially Jed, I thought you might appreciate this gorgeous file: Python Effector.c4d.zip If only I were good enough to have created the Python Effector for it.
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    There is a bit of Python in our TD master class section on youtube, but we don't have any Python specific training. Your best bet is to check SDK at first and deconstruct small scripts...
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    Hello, Don. ... Great work. And you offer us a file with your project. That's amazing. Thanks a lot. ... What @Hrvoje means is that it was really nice if we could see a glimpse of your work, I think. ... Keep working on that... I'm waiting for more. ... Cheers. ... João Marco ... Teknow's project:
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    well, that's pretty impressive! I remember trying to smooth stuff after the fact back in the day and it was horrible. sure this still isn't perfect since i still have to go manually select a bunch of those faces later on for texturing but still the fact that it can do it that well just by dropping it in there and adjusting a number is pretty impressive. before and after images included!
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    Subdivision Surface. It will take some getting used to, but there is info in the help files as well as many videos and tutorials online.
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    could be you only need some transform tab adjustments, usually some rotation will get things lined up.
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    Hi, I am sure there is a better way of doing this but i used two spline Effectors to adjust the rotation top and bottom.
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