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    For those of you who haven't yet heard, and miss the old Ask GSG sessions, they are back, tomorrow, under Chris Schmidt's latest Project, Rocket Lasso. Bring your questions, and show him we appreciate his efforts by turning up to the first one. Kicking off 2 pm CST / 7 pm GMT this Wed on Twitch. CBR
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    Looking great, Yes UV unwrapping is painful , nevertheless, you made a very neat edge loop selections.
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    Maybe something like the attached would work for you to get the shape of the fat cell tissue. In this I used a Displacer set to noise to get a faux soft body look. A real soft body sim would be better if your machine can handle it but this is way lower rent and might not matter to you. You could bake it (make editable) and then run the sim @Cerbera suggested over top. Fat Cells.c4d
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    The above makes sense to me for the connective stuff over the spheres, great idea. I'll definitely keep it in the bank.
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    My guess is that you're using a 3D gradient with the wrong 'space' option. The shifting of colors is only happening when the character moves towards the camera, so it is likely you're using Camera space. Check out the help file under 'gradient shader' for more info and see if you can get it sorted.
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    You have 5 in the 'editor' field, not the 'renderer' field. Two separate settings allow you to work/edit on a simpler form and render at another level. Edit: You also have two identical Boole objects at that third location.
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