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    i use a much simpler setup for the eyelids, very easy to set up and comfortable to animate. https://gyazo.com/241bf599366d436b290546eb17cd66e3
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    KVB is correct in the setup. However, you have turned off 'Seen by Reflection' on the Floor.1 object in your image. It is the Floor.1 that is making the shadows on the rocket lighter because it is bouncing the sky light back up at the rocket.
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    Make a plane under the model then put a bake tag on the plane. Click on Displacement as what you want to bake, select the high geometry surface with the boot print as the Source, hit bake. 3Dcoat could also be used.
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    Yea im sorry being unclear, i just didnt understand it how his result could look different while i followed it step by step. Thank you!
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    OK, I see - I didn't get what aspect of it you were unhappy with. So now I guess you might be talking about the shading difference ? That's probably a phong tag thing. At some point he will have turned his phong angle way down, or deleted the tag entirely from the object. That will give you the faceted look. Is that what you mean ? CBR
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    here's a screenshot of the xpresso setup and the hierarchy, maybe it's more clear then... https://gyazo.com/f31d7607aaeed3b515424d5d1130fdb0 https://gyazo.com/fdf3f6c781b17ff63efeb9247f7a0e4e
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    Also, thank you so much for doing this. It works! And now that I know what went wrong, I can try a simpler setup
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    i do use spline ik... a lot. for arms and legs... and tails. but spline ik never comes without headaches in my experience. it's much more stable when your chain and spline is perfectly straight initially. but there are tricks to overcome the twist issues. up-vectors can help to prevent the unwanted twisting... take a look at the file, i added upvector constraints for the left upper eyelid chain, no shifting anymore... in a perfect world we could have a spline ik where the joints just wouldn't twist if set to none and where the twist is perfectly controllable with handles if it is set to be able to twist, without any hacks. ShiftingVertices_fix.zip
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    you are correct. no need to parent the skin object to your mesh. your issue is with the spline ik most probably. i'll take a look at it later, but to be frank i think a spline ik for the eyelid is overkill, you can get every thinkable eyelid pose with 3 joints for the upper lid and 3 joints for the lower lid, without having to deal with a clunky spline ik.
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    Try teamviewer. You can control your machines remotely :)
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    See the screenshot... do you have that option in R19?
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    Thanks, I will have a look and be back to you later.
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    oh wow. that's really cool. I'll study the file you provided. thanks.
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    If you use Thinking Particles you can make them do all kinds of cool stuff: TP PDeflector 2.c4d.zip
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    wow that's awesome everfresh, thank very much @Visn ,I've attached the file and linked to Hrvoje's response to my earlier question vertex_map_standard.c4d
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    You want an HDRI that is pretty much black and white - I'd use Uffuzi from the content browser, in a filter to make it greyscale ( -100% saturation). But that might not be the only issue. It looks like you have the default light turned on. If there is no lighting in the scene that will be there until you turn it off in render options, or until you turn on GI, which replaces it. CBR
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    Soooo, just incase anyone is looking, i achieved success by taking my head mesh and projecting maps via xnormal to the body mesh, then blending between two maps in photoshop. For connecting meshes, i aligned both meshes vertexes on the same position, then used connect object to merge phong. Now, the blendshapes were still affecting vertexes that were connecting with the body, so i used 'Morph' deformer and restricted it only to the vertexes that are connecting to the body (via vertex map). Then you have to make sure that the vertexes on the connection part weighted the same as the ones on the body. Took me awhile to get it right, but oh well :)
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    Created for fun.. Software used: Zbrush, Rizom UV, Substance Painter, Cinema 4D and Redshift
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    couldn't resist, these things are just too much fun ;) play with the noises in the displacer deformers to your liking, if you need more details up the subdivisions for the spline and the extrudes cap grid. rock_grass_island.c4d
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    You just need to turn off "Align Clone" in your cloner settings, then add a Target Effector. Make a null in the center of your cell and make that the target object. Then you'll just have to rotate the axis of your Receptor so that it points out. Finally, add a Random Effector to randomize the rotation. See my file: receptors_minimum v2.c4d

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