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    I'm trying to improve the accuracy and quality of my topology and model more components from the same polygon. So far it started with a disc.
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    Hi There. I did the same thing - purchased Cycles for use with X-Particles. I'm also a Redshift user. I think it's okay deal at 50% off but after testing a few things out I think I'm going to move to Houdini Indie for Particle based work within the time that it takes for my Maintenance to run out. Cycles is much slower than Redshift in my testing so it feels a bit backwards. I'd say if you are going to use X-particles exclusively for SIMs then it's probably a decent buy, but if you are in it for the long run and are interested in learning Houdini, save your money for that.
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    @natevplas There is many way to select like this, practically any pattern. Downside is that it works mostly on uniform geometry where you can know amount of polygons in a row...
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    If you are looking to make some animations then you can have fun with formula field and selection tags. Here is an example :) Field_selections.c4d
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    I had it in Uniform but I wouldn’t have thought to raise the number to 100 in 100 years. I did raised it but not that high. Thank you again for your time.
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    This happens when there are not enough points in your spline to describe the new shape you try and add with the tool. Change spline interpolation to uniform, and give it loads of intermediate steps - 100 or so; then it can retain the spirals you make... lastly, make sure you are not ALSO smoothing with that tool at the same time. Having said that, there is usually some tidying up to do after using SplineSmooth in this mode. CBR
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    Yep, there is no need to get a boole out here. Just inner extrude the top 4 polys, rearrange to make circle, inner extrude a few more times, add additional loops where you want the indent then move poly / edge loops down to create it, lastly add control loops, and you're good to go... You'd take more care over indent size etc, but the principal is there... CBR
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    Thanks for filling in the gaps for me, @Cerbera! I had tried to reply, but must not have hit "submit" or something. I've been a bit out of commission the last couple days. Is this working well enough for you, @bnine? I noticed there is still some subtle bending of the geometry, but maybe it's not noticeable enough in a render to bother fixing? One idea I just had if you did need to fix it is to use three linear splines- one for each row of links. Then you'd just carefully subdivide your spline to only have points between the links of the corresponding chain, so it wouldn't be a smooth curve. Maybe even 2 points for each gap in the chain? Not sure. You'd have to make sure to keep all the other parameters for the Spline Dynamics tags exactly the same though. The only other option I can think of, which would probably be the "proper" solution, would be to link each of these pieces with a Connector object in Hinge mode. You'd get rid of the Spline Wrap all together and have zero deformations of your mesh. Sounds like a pain to set up though... I was messing around with Cerbera's file and did find a way to at least allow for some slight twisting of the band if your collision geometry isn't uniform. Just using a second dynamic spline as a rail (had to adjust some orientation and stuff to get this working). Setup Better V2.c4d
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    They are nice at insydium, so chances are good. Cycles can give top quality renders. Cycles is way faster than Prorender. I'm not really sure what you mean by normal scene renders. You can make materials that are incredible in Cycles. Cycles nodal material system give a huge amount of freedom. You can even do dispersion through a prism, which I see they have a mat for now, realistic gold, and other metals. There is a ton of information online about things people do with the nodes in cycles and some of it is really crazy cool. Look up cool materials for Blender Cycles to find them. Recreate the nodes in Cycles 4D and it works perfect. For a super fast render that don't need the best quality turn down the depths and bounces calculated as well as setting the clamping to 10 or so and turning off caustics and reflection. I don't want to put a huge damper on the whole Redshift thing, but I read this recently in a tweet from Ton Roosendaal. " Optix is now compatible with GPL, a well integrated version for Cycles is being worked on. I wait for something to show, before announcing anything. Grant: contact me for more info? ton at blender org. " " Yes, and not only for RTX, also GTX. Optix raytracing is used by Octane and Redshift, it's why these are so much faster than Cycles on GPU. But not for long. " I feel like Redshift will still be faster than Cycles, but those tensor cores used right could potentially make Cycles faster than Redshift around the release of the RTX 2180 ti. I say this because Redshift uses tricks to get faster speed and Cycles uses more raytracing. The more the raytracing used the more the boost from the Tensor cores.
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    May I direct you to the venerable Mr. Walmsley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqfi4ZNJ8Y4 ExplosiaFX support starts at 24:45 but the whole video is worth watching. Definitely contact Insydium about getting the bundle deal retroactively. Argue for either a refund or have them throw in the Cycles 4D starter back for free (which is about the same difference). When it was first released, it was rubbish which I think is a stigma that may be out there for people who have yet to give it a second look. But Insydium was quick to fix those issues and overall, I find its results are pretty good. The main developer was sick for the past year (which is very unfortunate) so progress was a bit slow in that time but he is back now (and I hope doing well) because this latest release has some really good features. I am not sure how the feature list of Cycles 4D compares to Redshift or Octane, or even how it compares to Cycles for Blender. But from watching some tutorials, I would say it would fare well in a comparison. My only concern now is this: How many nodal material systems can you learn without getting completely confused? There is C4D, Cycles and in the future Redshift. Will I be lost trying to remember which nodes belong to which renderer? Hopefully, the command manager helps me keep everything straight. Dave
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    This solution is just a quick fix. Cerbera's is the proper way. Yes what Cerbera said is true. Planning a model and creating the proper polygon flow is critical, depending on what you need to do with it. I took your shapes and combined them, then selected all the points and hit Optimize. This cleans up a lot of weirdness. Then I deleted the polygons on the top. Now when you choose Close Polygon Hole, it seals it up nicely. Repeat for each set of polys. Now, in my file, I duplicated the model and selected the new faces, right-click and selected Remove N-gons just to show what is really going on. I also enabled the Phong tag which fixed some shading issues. If you are going to deform this shape or drop it under a Subdivision Surface (still want to call it a HyperNURBS), then this solution won't work well. If you just need this as is and drop a material on it, then it works. Gap2.c4d
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    Run - do not walk - to Bob Walmsley's tutorials at the Insydium Youtube page. He will have you caching particle advection to influence a grain solver which is then passed through an OpenVDB modifier and Cycles4D to render glass bubbles knocking down a brick so quickly, clearly and simply it will make your head spin. I don't know which is more impressive: his teaching ability or the power and ease of use of X-Particles!!! I would probably say both. Question: Did you get Cycles 4D with X-Particles? Given the sale, it would only be another $86.50 USD and the latest release of Cycles 4D has some really nice enhancements for handling ExplosiaFX simulations from Insydium….they made it very simple. Dave
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    You could also use custom initial velocity + spin, a hidden collider pushing from below, or keyframe obj then enable the dynamics a few frames in - I suspect the video maybe uses #3. 3ways.c4d
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    Idk what this tut shows, but u can animate follow position and follow rotation of ur object to either stick to keyframes or go into dynamics setup. I d say use a null for ur animation and not the object directly.
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    The Connect object does work as you surmised - you can dump any group of old whatnot under it, and other systems in Cinema will treat them as a single connected entity. But that is not to say your geo couldn't be slightly more suited to purpose, or that this is the best way of doing that as we first may have thought... I've almost got it working on your file, but am also watching NAB so keep getting distracted :) I'll get it eventually if Captain Nate doesn't beat me to it. The issue I am trying to circumvent is where you have extra edges in your strap that need to be there because they define curvature, yet we have to stop those bending on the spline - they must remain solid as they follow the path, if you see what I mean, otherwise it'll just look wrong... This is surprisingly difficult to do with overlapping objects ! I think the mesh deformer in conjunction with what we had before might be the answer. CBR
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    Very cool indeed. Funny since the industry we're in is so good now, at first I was asking myself if that was animated. Ha. I will always have a soft spot for Animusic though:
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    MAXON has a history of keeping things close to their chest. Even when I was on the Beta team they were very tight lipped. I think part of it is they are a German company and up until recently the management were German. This is how they think and subordinates just follow orders. And if sales are good and increasing then why change anything. Sure I would love them to be a lot more forthcoming with their customers and I've been very critical of the way they communicate with their customers. UV editing for example, they really should say which version the long awaited update is coming. Don't hold your breath though. I gave up waiting on them.
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    Or even easier... https://www.codeworkers.de/garage-plugins-reeperx_eng.html One of my favourite free plugins : )
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    some more :) 85_Cone_peel_rig(MG+XP).c4d 88_Time_format_display(XP+MG).c4d 89_Dorito_effect(CA+MG).c4d 91_Collision_color_change(MG+Dyn).c4d
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    New batch :) 77_Reinventing_the_Wheel(XP).c4d 78_VP_Female_full_rig(MG+CA+XP+Hair).c4d 82_Shockwave(MG).c4d 83_Toothpaste(CA+MG+Cmotion).c4d 84_MoSpline_creature (MG+CA).c4d



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