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    Some workflow info: I really like the Volume builder and mesher for creating these smooth surface body parts. - Some retopo in 3D Coat - Marvelous designer for the neck part - Modeled and rendered in C4D off course - Redshift for rendering Still a lot to add
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    natevplas, Wow, you did it! You have totally saved my day. I was starting to think it wasn't possible. The Deformers portion of my brain seems to be impaired because I sure have a lot of trouble with them! They are an art in my opinion. I am demonstrating a "trombone loop" getting repeatedly larger and smaller (like on a trombone) with a DNA Replisome and this will be SO perfect. When I move the 2nd Bend deformer the trombone slider goes out like I wanted to demonstrate. Your Linear Falloff was very clever. That was really nice of you, thanks. Lonchaney, the Spline Arc tool is an excellent idea which I had not considered. I am set for this problem now but I will see if I can do it your way too. Thanks! (The Cafe in general is SO helpful)
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    I was ment something like here https://www.dropbox.com/s/mi95rxxkgt17l9t/boole_bevel_intersections.zip?dl=0
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    Are you animating this and need to use bend deformers? If not, it seems like the spline arc tool would work for this.
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    Ok, I wasn't able to keep it parametric. I don't know of a way to disconnect faces parametrically. I made two scenes- one using a Mograph Color Shader in the Alpha of a material, the other just scales the faces in. Is this close to what you were looking for? Matix_Plain_Test_Scale_v03.c4d Matix_Plain_Test_Texture_v02.c4d
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    So, you want the faces of your Platonic to appear when the matrix objects appear on them? Can you make the Platonic editable or does it need to stay parametric? Can they appear via a texture in their material, or do they need to scale in or something?
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    @SKaiser I've been working through the one on Lynda.com. It's tedious but thorough when it comes to the interface and basic concepts/workflow. Along side that I'd recommend playing around with the shelf tools too otherwise you'll end up feeling like you aren't getting anywhere. They also have a Houdini engine tutorial but I haven't looked at it yet. Still working through the Houdini Basics one. Here it is : https://www.lynda.com/Houdini-tutorials/Houdini-Essential-Training/571627-2.html?srchtrk=index%3a2 linktypeid%3a2 q%3ahoudini+ page%3a1 s%3arelevance sa%3atrue producttypeid%3a2 And the Houdini Engine one : https://www.lynda.com/Houdini-tutorials/Houdini-Engine-CINEMA-4D-Maya/183381-2.html
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    There comes a time when it is more efficient to just give you the model. I suspect we reached that point back on Page 1... Cutout done.c4d Also fixed some poly weirdness at the front seam... Here's a tutorial about it, showing just how quick it can be to do this... CBR
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    If I have to insert a circular shape, I always take a disc object, set the parameters, put it where I want it, make it editable and then do a 'connect and delete' from the attributes manager. I find it a bit faster, and you have a bit more control in 3d space. You can also see the polygon better, because they're already there, unlike a spline.
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    Yea, Houdini is a pig to learn but rewarding. I think it really depends on how far you want or need to go. One thing I've been finding though, is that I save a lot of time with caching and can run much larger sims when trying to learn Houdini where as I burn out the clock and my ambitions doing the same in XP. I don't regret upgrading XP and buying Cycles but I'm not sure I can give it the full recommend either. Another thing to consider is the job market. There are way more positions available for Houdini users than C4D/XP
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    Hi everyone, I'm sharing my Cinema 4D library of more than 1800 architectural profiles with you. It used to be a commercial product for a while, but as of now it is available for free. I made this libarary about 7 years ago in Release 13. It will NOT work in versions older than R12. All profiles are based on real-world references and scaled to real-world dimensions. You can downlaod the library here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4pshf0wast7919/arch_profile_collection.7z?dl=0 I hope you'll enjoy this huge collection of architectural profiles! Cheers, contrafibbularities
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